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Hey there, #GenXYZ!

With so many exciting updates – from the NamesCon auction (the highlight was selling for $1000) to the .xyz Web Design Contest – we haven’t had a proper #WebsiteWednesday in quite some time.

But first. Check out this awesome video fresh on YouTube. You might’ve already heard that .xyz is the largest and fastest growing new domain extension, but how large and how fast, you ask? This video will show you exactly that – and also give you a better glimpse into all the awesome .xyz websites going live around the world.

Now for our very first #WebsiteWednesday of 2015!


For all the fashionistas out there, there’s no denying that your favorite bloggers have become daily inspirations for your #OOTDs. Julia Daoud aka Simply Jules, is not only a fashion blogger, but also a junior at DePaul University studying to complete her degree in Health Sciences.

Julia successfully juggles the life of a busy student and being in the spotlight as a blogger, but continues to focus on a minimalistic lifestyle and outlook on fashion. When asked how her domain helps represent her online presence, she said:

I chose my domain when I decided to start a fashion/lifestyle blog. My style is very simple and I strive to live a minimalistic lifestyle so thats where SimplyJules came from. I chose .xyz because I loved the idea behind the creation of .xyz and because it’s so simple and easy to remember… .xyz just makes sense.

There you have it, #GenXYZ. The first of many amazing #WebsiteWednesdays to come for 2015. Did you find any great .xyz websites in the wild over the holidays? Let us know @xyz through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Thank you to everyone who attended the contest launch party at General Assembly – it was a great night of mixing, mingling, and bouncing off amazing website ideas for the contest!


ICYMI, the night started off with an interactive presentation about the contest with CEO and Founder Daniel Negari. It was followed by lively discussions between designers, developers, curious entrepreneurs, architects, students, educators, artists, marketers, professionals, and authors. There were guests from all walks of life and with one thing in common – their interest in creating a website for their personal or business ideas.




With the successful launch party behind us, the .xyz Web Design Contest is now officially open to all!

You have until January 30 to register, but don’t wait! Claim that .xyz domain you’ve been eyeing and start designing now. Are you thinking about building your portfolio? Snatch or Have a startup idea? How about or

If you begin now, you’ll also have the upper hand and increase your chances of winning that Macbook Air, Xbox One, or Jawbone Jambox!

Learn more about the contest and sign-up today at


We all know Vegas is a happening city. The massive CES conference wrapped up, and now it’s the annual NamesCon conference.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current domain, or itching to start your new venture on the world’s most popular new extension, now’s the time to make that move.

On this especially extraordinary Vegas-day, 16 highly-marketable .xyz domains will be auctioned off TODAY, January 13 at 4:30 pm until 7 pm (PST).

It’s a list you won’t believe until you see! Comparable .xyz domains such as,,, and have been sold in the past for $8,331, $1,318, $623, and $543, respectively. And all these names will be auctioned off at no-reserve, meaning, the highest bidder will win no matter what! There’s no minimum bid requirement.

Don’t snooze and get-in on the pre-bidding action now! Here’s the full list of .xyz domains that will be auctioned off at no-reserve:


Not in Las Vegas? No problem! You might miss out on some of the live excitement, but you can still bid on these coveted .xyz domain names from the comfort of your home.

First step? Set-up your free SnapNames account and catch all the details for your successful auction. We’ve given you the inside scoop – so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Happy bidding, #GenXYZ!

Innovation is everywhere. Well, almost. It’s not exactly a piece of cake to conjure up the next big thing, but without innovative and disruptive technologies, we’d live in a much different world. Just think: what if we still traveled by horse and buggy, paid for everything in cash, or actually *gasp* had to use pay phones?

Thanks to groundbreaking, industry-shattering new technology, our world has been driven to change as a result of innovate ideas and products that we never knew we needed. That’s why our world looks nothing like the one we just described!

Even just looking back to 1985 in our Past, Present, and Future of the Internet infographic, it’s clear that a LOT has changed. And with 2014 in the rearview mirror, we thought now would be a great time to reflect on just how different things are, and what it has taken to get us to 2015.

What do you think have been the most radical and greatest disruptors in history? Read along to find out what inventions, products, brands, or innovative concepts were deemed worthy to be included in our History of Innovation:

The History of Innovation

1885 – Benz automobile

Before Mercedes-Benz was the luxury brand it is today, Benz and Daimler changed how we traveled forever by inventing the first automobile. How did people get around before that? The train if they were lucky, otherwise there was always the good ol’ horse and buggy.1

1958 – Bank of America credit card

Remember when coin purses were stylish and balancing your checkbook was a thing? Us neither. Thank Bank of America for modernizing the transaction process with the first-ever statewide credit card, which opened even more doors to ways we transfer money, regardless of currency.2

1983 – Motorola cell phone

It’s the one thing you can’t live without and chances are you didn’t even grow up with it. The cell phone, first introduced by Motorola, has been one of the most disruptive technologies for over three decades now. Rotary phones? Aren’t those, like, ironic paperweights?3

1992 – Amazon online shopping

The Dewey Decimal Classification – that’s how we used to search for books. Not sure if the novel was up your alley? Tough luck. As one of the first ever online stores, Amazon revolutionized the way we buy books (and just about everything else), by making it easier to search, read reviews, and get the best pricing from the comfort of our homes.4

1997 – Netflix online videos

Ah, America’s favorite past time. The average customer watches Netflix for 93 minutes per day and consumes 45 gigabytes of footage per month – all for less than eight bucks. Before that, we were begging Blockbuster employees to take our $20 just so we could be the first to rent some movies for a couple days. Times really have changed.5

2001 – iTunes media player

The 8-track, cassette tape, CD, and MP3. Each one was disruptive for being smaller and better than its predecessor, while also being cheaper. In fact, the MP3 was SO cheap that some people were illegally downloading them for free. iTunes changed all that by conveniently offering huge collections of music for just $1 a pop, and people couldn’t get enough of it.6

2001 – Wikipedia internet encyclopedia

Quick – what year did Evan Spiegel found Snapchat? You probably didn’t know the answer, but Wikipedia sure did. Imagine if you had to wait until next year’s encyclopedia to be published to find out. And would it be under “Spiegel” or “Snapchat” anyway? Good thing you don’t have to worry about that with Wikipedia just a free click away.7

2008 – Airbnb social vacation rentals

Booking a family vacation? Hopefully you don’t get sick of each other when you’re cramped in one room and sharing the same bathroom for a week. But what if you could rent a real home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a driveway for the same price as the hotel across the street? Enter Airbnb, the disruptive service that allows anyone to rent out their place without the exorbitant valet rates.8

2009 – Uber transportation network

If there was ever a modern technology that was universally loved and hated at the same time, it would be Uber. This ingenious service has changed how people get around town by hiring certified drivers using their own cars. Not only is it cheaper and more reliable than the average cab, but your personal driver is always just a tap away. No wonder taxi companies hate them.9

2011 – Google Fiber internet service

It never feels like our internet is fast enough, even when we’re dropping some major coin for the service. Google must’ve felt the same way because they started their own internet service that’s up to 10x faster than even the best broadband today, but at a fraction of the cost. It looks like the incumbents noticed, because they’re doing everything they can to slow Google down now.10

2014 – .xyz domain names

We’ve all heard of .com, .net, and .org. Why? Because they’ve been just about everywhere since 1985. And that’s great if you got the domain you wanted back then, but what about the new businesses of the 21st century? Everyone deserves a fair shake at a short and memorable domain, and that’s where .xyz comes in. It’s the ending of the alphabet and the new ending for domains. Best of all, you can pick one up now and still have lunch money to spare.

Was your favorite innovation included? For your sharing ease, check-out the full infographic of the History of Innovation here. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


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.xyz Web Design Contest alert!

Due to popular demand, we are extremely happy to announce that the .xyz Web Design Contest is now open to EVERYONE. Whether you’re a web designer, developer, entrepreneur, or an individual with an amazing website idea, this contest is for you!

All we ask is that you bring your best design foot forward (and be a resident of the US) and you’ll have a chance to win that Macbook Air, Xbox One, or Jawbone Jambox you’ve been eyeing.

Be sure to check out the official contest website for full details and how to sign up:

For those of you in LA, it’s still not too late to RSVP for the Contest Launch Party! Join us for a beautiful night in Santa Monica to kick-off this contest and mingle with Team XYZ.

ICYMI: RSVP and SHARE the Contest Facebook event and you’ll be entered to win a Google Chromecast! The winner we be announced at the party. See you there!

General Assembly + .xyz Web Design Contest Launch Party
Today, January 8
7-9 PM | Free

GA Los Angeles
1520 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Happy 2015, #GenXYZ! We hope the new year started off amazingly for each and every one of you. Here at the XYZ HQ, we are bursting with excitement to finally share a HUGE announcement that we’ve been keeping on the downlow.

Calling all web designers and developers – aspiring, budding, or master-level pros – the time is now to showcase your skills in the .xyz Web Design Contest!


We’ve partnered with the awesome folks at General Assembly and GoDaddy for the first-ever web design contest where YOU design anything you’d like on a short and memorable .xyz domain name.

Do you have an app, product, service, event, blog, company, game – real or fictional – that needs a website to call its home? Build and design a website for anything your heart desires on the most popular new domain extension in the world.

And that’s not all. Thousands of dollars in prizes (think Macbook Airs, Xbox Ones, Jawbone Jamboxes plus more!) and course credits will be raffled off and awarded to the contestants with the best designed, most innovative, and most popular website entries. A free GoDaddy website hosting account, one .xyz domain name, and General Assembly course credits will also be provided to every contest participant.

Have we caught your attention? Learn more and sign up at the official contest website

In LA?
To celebrate the launch contest, we’re joining forces with General Assembly to host a FREE launch party on Thursday, January 8 at 7 pm (PST). Come learn more about the contest and mingle with our teams over some refreshments :) RSVP to save your seat now!

New year, new projects, but as always, connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, #GenXYZ. Looking forward to all the awesome .xyz websites that will go live this year!