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Happy February, #GenXYZ! It’s a good thing we have a leap day this year, because this month has been jam-packed with excitement. With the Super Bowl, college football National Signing Day, and NBA All Star Weekend all in February, there is plenty to keep us entertained in the sports world. So for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we decided to take a hiatus from sports and talk about the other big event on everyone’s mind this month: Valentine’s Day.

With less than a week until Cupid gears up his bow and arrow, everybody is dusting off their social media profiles and downloading the latest dating app to their phone. But with, you can put a whole new spin on the way you go about finding that perfect match – but instead of romance, it’s professional!


Recently featured on Product Hunt (a curation of the latest websites, apps, and technology products today), is a professional matchmaking service that introduces you to another professional once a month, based on your preferences (by industry, by location, or random). The person you’re e-introduced to could become a great friend, a collaborator on an exciting project, your future boss, or maybe even your future co-founder for your new venture. The beauty of it is that the options are endless (without decision-paralysis caused by too many choices)! According to their website FAQ:

Research shows that too much choice leads to inaction. Just the sight of the hundreds of people in your Linkedin, Twitter, Slack groups,, Facebook and other networks can be overwhelming. Inundated with people you could possibly chat with, you end up chatting with nobody limits the number of people its users meet by only sending them one email introduction per month. On top of eliminating the tyranny of choice – this fresh, modern take on matchmaking gives you the proper time you need to get to know somebody and make a genuine connection. This means that you can be more effective about the way you go about growing your network. Plus, it’s like sending yourself a cool and exciting surprise in the mail each month!

So this Valentine’s Day, if you aren’t feeling the love – or if you just want to take some time away from pink hearts and roses – add a little kismet to the way you meet people with a creative and fun .xyz website:!



To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.


XYZ 团队在这里恭贺大家新年快乐!虽然美国没有烟火鞭炮可以放,但我们依然跟国内的朋友一样,和我们爱的家人团圆,烤肉,包饺子,来一起庆祝猴年的到来。希望还有很多红包能拿哦!
Chinese New Year Image

为庆祝新年和我们最近的里程碑,一些我们尊贵的合作商正在举办一期春节推广活动 logo logo logo logo logo width= logo logo

想要更加了解.xyz域名想法和组合 ( 吗?请点击这里。不要等到年底这些域名可能就会都被注册完哦。


Happy Chinese New Year!

The XYZ team wishes everyone a joyful Lunar New Year! We are celebrating this wonderful holiday the same way as our Chinese friends: visiting loved ones, eating great food, and wishing everyone good luck in the year ahead. No fireworks here in sunny California, but hopefully there will be plenty of red envelopes (Thanks Mom)!

As we reset the clocks for the New Year, we would like to thank everyone who helped us reset the Internet. In less than two years, there are now over 2 million .xyz domains registered all over the world, including over 700,000 in China!

Please visit for ideas of what .xyz domains to register ( combinations are being registered quickly, and we expect all of them to be acquired by the end of the year).

For additional news about .xyz, please read our open letter to our supporters in China here.

Please also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the news about .xyz and our progress in China.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year for one of our most important markets, we have started a new blog series to honor our loyal supporters in China. Scroll down to read the full post in English.



并且,我们想趁这个机会宣布一个好消息给大家 - 我们已经得到了中国营业执照,是家批准的中国企业!我们也期望在未来的2016年会拿到中华人民共和国工业和信息化部(MIIT)的认可。这意味着不仅仅您终于可以用您拥有的.xyz域名在中国建立自己的网站,也代表.xyz会在中国越来越受欢迎。

为了庆祝与感谢您的支持,我们和一些合作商正在举办一期促销活动!请点击这里, 来看看我们还拥有的三字母和六位数吧。然后去任何我们合作商去注册您新的域名吧! logo logo logo logo logo width= logo logo

Big News in China!

The XYZ team wishes everyone safe travels as you reunite with your beloved families and friends for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

We have some very good news to share with our supporters in China: we have acquired our Chinese business license! In 2016, we expect XYZ to be one of the first non-Chinese registries to be fully MIIT accredited. Not only will you be able to host your .xyz websites in China, but we expect the popularity of .xyz should grow significantly in the new year.

To celebrate, some of our partners in China have .xyz for sale! To see a list of available 3-character and 6-number domains, visit, then go to one of our partners’ websites below to secure your new domains: logo logo logo logo logo width= logo logo

Starship.xyzGoDaddy customer (Estonia & United Kingdom)

After featuring and their creative use of virtual reality, we’ve been keeping a close watch on the anticipated technology innovations in 2016. As usual, we can expect new updates and features to existing technologies like smartphones, computers, wearable tech, and drones. However, it isn’t often that we come by developments that are true pioneers, which is why we’re excited to announce this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:

Featured in The New York Times, CNBC, BBC, and many other major publications, is on a mission to improve the local delivery industry with the use of robots. The Co-Founders of Skype, Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, are manufacturing autonomous plastic robots programmed to deliver packages right to your doorstep. We’ve been hearing talks of using drones for delivery services, but the great thing about these new delivery robots is that they are completely land based – making them safer and less costly.

starship ss 1

Here’s how it works: when you place an order, the delivery is collected and put into a Starship robot at a local hub. Using its GPS system, cameras, gyroscopes and other pre-installed mapping data, these robots can transport up to 20 pounds to be delivered to your door. They’ve also incorporated a mobile app feature with geolocation tools so users can track their deliveries from start to finish.

Not only are these robots extremely impressive from a technology standpoint, they also drive down the cost of deliveries – which saves you money. According to Starship, they cost about the same as a vacuum cleaner to manufacture and consume less energy than a light bulb. But instead of cleaning your rug, they can do the work of delivery trucks and services with zero environmental footprint. And if anything were to happen, we can all agree that your vacuum breaking is less upsetting than crashing a brand new drone. Heinla and Friis are aiming to bring the cost of deliveries down by a factor of 15 – charging just $1 per delivery.

starship ss1

Robot technology + saving money = huge success!

We will definitely keep an eye on our friends in Estonia and can’t wait as they set new industry standards. It’s always great to find yet another modern, innovative business that has chosen a .xyz domain to align with the nature of their ideas.

P.S. If you haven’t already heard the news – today’s the day for .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre domains! They are now globally available with no premium or reserved names. Check out our announcement here and learn more at www.Go.Security and www.Go.Theatre.






We are excited to announce that any business, organization, or individual can now register .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre domains. With these domains launching into general availability this morning, you can now secure secure short, authoritative names and establish yourself as a leader in your field.


Another thing to get excited about is that there are no premium or reserved names. That’s right – all .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre domains have been made available for standard registration fees. That means you can secure just about any 1-character, 2-character, geographic name, or keyword on a first-come, first-served basis. Now is your chance to reserve highly desirable domains like 1.Security, Travel.Protection and Comedy.Theatre that will take your online presence to the next level.  


During our trademark holder exclusive registration period, we saw some great names registered like MerrillLynch.Security, Intuit.Protection, BroadwayAcrossAmerica.Theatre, and TaylorSwift.Theatre. But fear not, #GenXYZ, there are still extremely valuable domains available including:


  • 4.Theatre
  • i.Theatre
  • Chicago.Theatre
  • Improv.Theatre
  • 3G.Security
  • NYC.Security
  • Bank.Security
  • 1.Protection
  • SF.Protection
  • Fraud.Protection


Are you ready for the best part? For a limited time, you can take advantage of our migration service and have your website transitioned to your new web address at no cost. To learn more, contact us once you’ve registered your new .Security, .Protection, or .Theatre domain.


You can register your .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre domains at retailers worldwide, including GoDaddy,, and 101domain. You can also learn more at and https://www.Go.Theatre.


Excited about your new domains? Show some love for @Security and @TheatreTLD on twitter and get your site featured!


Cheers! – GoDaddy customer (United States)

If you’ve turned on the news recently, chances are you have heard about what’s going on in the stock market lately. The world of money can be a scary place, especially without the tools or knowledge necessary to navigate through it. It’s clear that we need to be doing more to provide these tools and education, and its important to start young.

Children can get a sense of how much things cost as early as age 3, and the lessons built over the years will help them understand the costs of living and responsibly manage their finances in the future. We chose a #WebsiteWednesday this week that fills the gap that children have in their education, and provides families with the tools to understand finances in the modern world: provides a complete online and mobile banking solution for families, with a user friendly design for all ages. This platform gives you the ability to automate allowances, set earning and savings goals, create wish lists, and exchange goods and services while eliminating cash payments. One of the most important elements of is the educational material incorporated into the site which makes learning is an active part of the experience. 

boomerang horizontal mobile

When asked about why they chose their name, Founder and CEO Myles Binford said they needed a name that would appeal to all ages:

What I liked about .xyz was that it was simple. Its xyz – the alphabet. TLDs are changing these days;  the dot com is fading and opening the door for others. We wanted something simple, easy to remember, and makes sense for families, teens, even kids who use this solution to get out of the Stone Age of piggy banks” -Myles Binford

In this unpredictable world, the importance of responsible financial management is more and more prevalent. provides an all-inclusive approach to family financials while simultaneously empowering children to understand earning and spending money. Not only is this start-up doing big things, its enabling future generations to be successful in starting their own businesses down the line – way to look out for Generations X, Y and Z!
 – Enom customer (United States)

This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is coming to you from NamesCon in Las Vegas! Things are winding down here but we have had an amazing time. Some fantastic .xyz domains killed it at the NamesCon 2016 Live Auction hosted by RightOfTheDot and NameJet – but more importantly we had a blast. Can’t wait to come back next year!

We chose to highlight this week after realizing how much we would have appreciated using their app at NamesCon. At big, crowded conferences it can take a hero’s effort to stay up to date on the many events and meet-ups we want to attend. The ability to communicate well with individuals or groups is key to social success. With their focus on integration, has revolutionized what you can do with messaging to bring it up to speed with the 21st century.

dotell screenshot makes messaging a more comprehensive, direct experience for their users. Instead of having to leave your message window to share photos, locations, links, etc. you can do it all in the same place. If you think about how much we use messaging… this is a big deal!

Messaging is the most engaged app in the smartphone. We all use it, everyday. More than half a billion people access messaging on their smartphones every hour.” – 

Not only does this app make your messaging more efficient – it means you can be more effective with what you send. At the end of the day, finding ways to be more efficient is great…but finding ways to be more effective is revolutionary. was also able to use their new domain to align their social media perfectly with their name. When the dotell handle was unavailable, they switched from to dotellxyz – setting themselves up for an excellent marketing strategy and brand recognition with their .xyz site.

Congrats – we will keep an eye on the great work you’re doing!



We are happy to announce the long awaited release of variably priced premiums for both .xyz and .College! You can now register those short, memorable .xyz and .College names that everyone has been waiting for. In case you didn’t catch our first post about these domains, here is a crash course on variably priced premiums:

What is a variably priced premium name?

Variably priced premium domains typically have popular search and industry-specific keywords, like or community.College. Due to their value and scarcity, they’re considered “premium” names and are available to register at a price relative to their value.

Letters and numbers are also popular variably priced premium names. Since there are only 10 numerical characters and 26 letters in the alphabet, some of the most sought after domains are single-letter and single-number domains.

Long story short: these are the creme de-la creme of .xyz and .College domain names.

Why are we so excited about releasing these variably priced premium names? Because these names are an amazing opportunity for our #GenXYZ family. Your variably priced premium domain can help to advance your personal brand, business, idea, project…. the list goes on and on.

Variably priced domain names can be the foundation for your branding and marketing, while aligning your web address with your mission. Shorter, industry specific names can help your SEO and make you THE authority in your industry or region. Best of all, you’ll get a memorable, highly desirable name that no one can forget.

Exceptions to the rule

In some cases, variably priced premiums are sold by the registry in private sales (like or auctions (like for a high upfront fee. In these cases, the variably priced premium renewal rates are waived, and only standard renewal fees apply (recommended standard renewal rate is $10 USD). Customers who would like to make serious offers (high upfront fee and standard renewals) for domains designated as variably priced premiums may contact us.

However right now a – and 0,1,2,3,4,5,7 .xyz are now available for registration at premium renewal fees.

Interested in finding out what variably priced premiums were released? Head over to – we have a list of all available variably priced .xyz and .College premiums, complete with recommended retail pricing. As a bonus, we’ve included .Rent variably priced premiums too!  If you see a domain or two that you’re interested in, head to your registrar of choice to checkout.

Make sure you share to good news about these variably priced premiums…after you secure the ones you want of course ;)

Cheers! – Gandi customer (Poland)

 Happy New Year, GenXYZ! It is clear that 2016 will be a year of exponential growth and advancements in consumer technology. We’ve been hearing about self-driving cars, robots, and internet in the sky, and this year is sure to bring pivotal tech developments that will serve as the foundation for a future of innovation and intelligence.

 One of the most popular tech trends starting to surface in 2016 is Virtual or Augmented Reality. This is technology that artificially creates sensory experiences including sight, hearing, touch, and smell – which brings us to our newest addition to the #GenXYZ Family:

lune screenshot is an interactive digital marketing agency based in Wrocław, Poland, that employs new cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology to connect consumers with products. That means brands can give their consumers interactive applications and games, pyramid holographic visualizations, interactive mappings, any any other VR tools to build consumer trust and promote their ideas.

We find such intelligent juxtaposition in this choice of domain and domain extension, as the X, Y, and Z axis lines of the Cartesian coordinate system define the 3-dimensional space in which a spherical lune can be described.

vr final


To put it simply, the key to Virtual Reality Technology is to look at things in the context of XYZ – BOOM!

You may have heard about VR before, or even had a chance to try it out, but up until now the concept of experiencing Virtual Reality was mostly in the context of gaming and entertainment. is honing in on a very exciting opportunity for the new year and for this new technology… and they have their short, memorable, four letter .xyz domain to do it.  Well done,!

 Speaking of short and memorable domains, we hope you are all ready for the exciting premium domains release tomorrow! That’s right, if you have not already heard, we are releasing all .xyz and .College premium domains to the public for registration tomorrow at 14:00 UTC. Check out our premium domains blog post for more details, and hurry to tomorrow to register your premium domains before somebody else does!