May 2017 Posts

TimHendri.xyzHover customer (United States)

Every artist needs an online portfolio to show off their work and reach potential clients. It’s even better if that portfolio is your Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is a director and VFX supervisor that has worked with some huge names. You better sit down and buckle up, before checking out

timhendri_resize is a 22 year old director based out of Pasadena, CA. He is using his .xyz (which blends perfectly into his name) as an online portfolio to showcase his work in directing and visual effects, short VFX. Tim has directed commercials for the likes of Mountain Dew, Lego, and Mattel. Not only that, but Tim has also directed several music videos, including some for Panic! At the Disco, Steve Aoki, and Flux Pavillion.

His Steve Aoki video was viewed almost 1 million times, received over 10,000 thumbs ups, and was featured on Ultra Music’s 8.5 million subscriber YouTube channel. The “Infinite Handrail Grind ft. Josh Katz” by Mountain Dew was both written and directed by Tim and is one of the popular videos on Mountain Dew’s official YouTube Channel.


“Then it hit me. “” What a dope pun. You can’t tell where my birth name ends and my domain name begins. As someone who spends entirely too much time on the web, this is a perfect metaphor for my existence.” – Tim Hendrix, owner

Tim is another great example of a member of #GenXYZ that is using their .xyz to further their professional career. At only 22, Tim Hendrix has already made waves in the music video and commercial industries with his VFX driven style. If you’re an artist, why not follow Tim’s lead and register a .xyz domain for your portfolio today?

XYZ will launch its AYDACFU campaign tomorrow, targeted at creators and innovators. perfectly embodies this vision of creativity with his website and work.

FoodBlockChain.xyzGoDaddy customer (Switzerland)

Driven by advances in technology, some of the oldest industries in existence are undergoing transformational change. The food industry is receiving state of the art technologies to make smarter choices about the delivery chain. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday presents Food Supply Chain 2.0 to you –

foodblockchain uses a combination of secure sensors, blockchain technology and smart contracts to modernize the food supply chain. Farmers, producers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumer, can make more educated decisions about which food to buy and which one not to. By using intelligent technologies and combining them with simple QR codes, everyone in the supply chain can make educated decisions, eliminating the traditional opaqueness of this industry.

“Food Supply Chains today are fragmented, opaque and inefficient. Consumers do not know enough about safety and quality of their food, while farmers and suppliers are squeezed out of their profits by powerful buyers. Something had to be done about that.” – Angel Versetti, CEO of’s platform uses new technology to record everything about a food product, starting from where it was grown, to where it was packaged, down to where it is sold. This makes it easy for smaller operations to keep up in a huge industry and to be able to hold suppliers accountable each step along the delivery chain. This information can be viewed by consumers through’s app, which is currently in private testing. is taking the lead in transforming the food industry. They are using the domain extension that continues to disrupt and reshape its own industry, .xyz. We will be keeping an eye on as they expand and rollout their platform. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our Twitter!

LivingLifeLab.xyzKey-Systems customer (Netherlands)

Health is the result of a lifestyle. Staying healthy doesn’t only mean staying physically fit, but it also means making sure that your mental happiness is taken into the equation and you live in a healthy environment. Your personal health, the society you live in, and the well being of the planet are all connected. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday shows you how and provides solutions to improve all of these areas –

LivingLifeLab_Home’s definition of health goes beyond just our personal health. They believe that true health is a balance between personal well being, the societies we live in, and the planet that we occupy. Each of these three categories are interrelated and depend on one another to thrive. To reach our full potential, the people at believe that we must shift our lifestyles; working with nature, rather than destroying it. provides several solutions to meet the goal of a healthier and sustainable future. They regularly contribute on with their account “This is Health” and provide useful health and sustainability tips. They also have their Health Coach service, which assesses your health and reveals areas you could improve in.

“We built Living Life Lab on a .xyz domain, because we wanted to be creative. We strongly believe in simplicity and creativity regarding the health challenges in the world. The .xyz domain got our attention because it gave us that simple but creative vibe. We are very happy with it!” – Rosanne Warmerdam, Co-Founder of is seeking to change the world to be a better place for everyone, one individual at a time. For such an ambitious project, it makes sense that they picked a domain extension that not only helps them stand out, but allows them to reach a global audience.

Socian.xyzGoDaddy customer (Bangladesh)

One of the most important things a business can do is to establish a strong online presence. That means having a memorable domain name relating to your target audience, a well-designed website, but it also requires developing a strong social media presence and actively posting engaging content. That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is giving you a tool to both manage and improve your social:

Socian_Home, a clever combination of the words “social” and “analytics”, is a social media analytics platform based out of Bangladesh that aggregates all of a business’ data in one place. Socian’s platform allows businesses to track the performance of keywords, hashtags, identify leads based on these tags, and even to identify the top influencers within a company. Socian also alerts you when a business you are tracking is mentioned in the press.

In addition to these features, Socian provides robust comparison tools. Businesses can compare their social media accounts to any company of their choosing, or even their industry as a whole, to gather intelligence and improve their own social media presence.

“We believe that .xyz will define the future and .xyz will be the most widely used domain. So if you are thinking about a smart company which is technology related, then .xyz will be the best choice for your domain.” – Tanvir Sourov, Co-Founder & CEO

Socian has ambitious goals and aims to have over 500 clients by the end of 2017. They make it easier for businesses to connect with their users in a meaningful way by providing them with hard action-oriented data. Socian understands the importance of a strong online presence, so to market their own product they chose the extension that is recognized internationally – .xyz.

If you’re in Bangladesh and want to establish your online presence like, our partner EyHost currently has .xyz domains on sale for $1.21!

ElectricCafe.xyzTucows customer (United Kingdom)

A catchy soundtrack is one of the most important parts in creating a memorable video game. Even humming a few notes from your favorite old game can bring back fond memories that make you want to play it again and again. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week is behind some of those tunes and is trusted by Disney, Sony, Nintendo, and Square Enix to make soundtracks for their digital content:


Electric Cafe is a music and sound design studio that has composed soundtracks for popular video game releases like Diner Dash and Championship Manager, as well as for indie games like Aqua Kitty. The latter’s soundtrack was listed among TwoDashStash’s “Top Ten Best Indie Game Soundtracks of All Time“. Electric Cafe’s soundtrack productions are not limited to one specific gaming platform. They have shown versatility in developing music for games on Xbox 360 & Xbox One, PS3 & PS4, Nintendo DS & Nintendo Wii, PC & Mac, and even iOS and Android.

Beyond video game soundtracks, has also developed tracks used in some of television’s most watched shows, like BBC’s Top Gear, Sky Sports’ Sky Sports Football, and iTV’s Jeremy Kyle Show. Securing huge clients like these in a highly competitive industry is no easy feat, but Electric Cafe rose to work with the best thanks to their capability to produce highly popular and memorable music.

“My website acts as my calling card or showreel.  I decided having a new .xyz domain would help to represent me and the company as a contemporary business in the field of audio.” – Mark Day, Owner of

Securing the industry’s biggest players as clients is a dream for all creative businesses, and Electric Cafe succeeded in doing so. Standing out from the crowd with a cool domain extension is a common trait of #GenXYZ members, and is an inspiring model for any startup or business to follow.


Today, XYZ announced the acquisition of .Storage, the tenth domain extension to be added to our growing portfolio. We will be launching .Storage this fall as an unrestricted premium namespace for the physical storage and data storage industries.

.Storage will give all businesses and individuals the opportunity to secure short and brandable industry-specific domains to establish their online presence, much like .xyz gives the next generation of internet users the opportunity to brand themselves on a memorable and global domain.

And, like XYZ’s other domain extensions, .Security, Protection, .Theatre, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, all .Storage domains will be available for one flat price. So one-character domains, two-character domains, premium keyword names, and even URLs like Data.Storage and Cloud.Storage, which were previously priced as premiums for $100,000 each, will now be made available for hand registration for the same price as any other .Storage domain.

Here’s what Daniel had to say about the .Storage acquisition in his blog post:

“The success of the entire XYZ portfolio, anchored by .xyz, has led to an excess of cash flow for us to further our mission of bringing choice and innovation to the internet. Thanks to the end users who have adopted .xyz in over 230 countries, our registration and renewal rates have exceeded even my own expectations. We have reinvested these funds to grow .xyz further: through hackathon sponsorships for underprivileged youth, meetings with startups and press outlets at events like TechDay LA, and website design contests with General Assembly and GoDaddy.” – Daniel Negari, CEO, XYZ

We also have some BIG plans ahead as we near our 3rd anniversary in just over a month. Be sure to mark June 1st on your calendars, and check to find out all the details!

Be sure to check out Daniel’s blog post at and the official XYZ announcement. Visit to learn more about .Storage.

Q1 2017 flew by and Team XYZ hasn’t slowed the mission to further spread the word about the world’s #1 new domain extension .xyz. We went to three events in our hometown of LA and also made a trip to the Rockies to attend one of the biggest automotive industry events in the country!

DreamHost HostingCon Industry Party – Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this month, the LA Convention Center hosted the final Global HostingCon event. As part of the festivities surrounding the event, XYZ was invited to attend our partner DreamHost’s VIP Industry Party at one of LA’s hippest locations, Bar Thirteen in downtown.


The XYZ team met lots of new and familiar faces and we got to share the great success of .xyz with industry veterans, like Dave Koston from (top picture, first person from the right). The event ended sweetly for the entire XYZ office as the team brought back some gourmet chocolate bars courtesy of our friends at Dreamhost!


Innovative Dealer Summit (IDS) – Denver, CO

In between events in the warm SoCal sun, the team flew east to a very snowy Denver to attend the Innovative Dealer Summit, which was held at the Colorado Convention Center right in the middle of downtown. The summit hosts 40+ industry experts from around the country who educate dealership owners and dealership groups about the newest marketing trends and strategies in the automotive industry.


Dealers attended sessions on using innovative marketing tools and were excited to talk with our team about .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domain names for their businesses. Attendees lined up at our booth to get info on the SEO benefits of .Cars/.Car/.Auto URLs and to learn how to register their own valuable names. Even the President of the Innovative Dealer Summit, Tim Jackson, knew about the unbeatable value of these automotive domains as his own dealership uses the URL Colorado.Auto.

Santa Monica New Tech April Happy Hour

As April wound to a close Team XYZ was back in our Santa Monica home base, and we closed out the month by attending back to back tech industry happy hours along with hundreds of hungry entrepreneurs. First up was the Santa Monica New Tech April Happy Hour, where the team spoke with dozens of app developers, startups, and coders looking to get their businesses off the ground. After checking to see that the domains they wanted were available, the attendees could register them for just $1 for the first year by using the promo code on the XYZ 3D glasses. We can’t wait to see what they’ll built on these .xyz domains!

Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer


The second night of the XYZ happy hour double brought the team to the luxurious Viceroy Hotel, overlooking the famous Santa Monica Pier for the Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer. Our team met with movers and shakers from hot new industries like VR, as well as LA-original firms from TV & Film. Everyone we spoke to was excited to hear about .xyz and positively surprised by the huge amount of household name use-cases. We loved being able to spread the word about some of our favorite .xyz end users like and Many of the young professionals in attendance left inspired to build their next big thing on a .xyz domain.

We’ve got some big event plans for May already and are looking to add even more. You can stay tuned to see where in the world Team XYZ will be going to next by following us on Twitter and Instagram @XYZ!