June 2017 Posts

G2.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

Securing funding is one of the most difficult, yet necessary steps for a startup. No matter how great the idea, proper funding is needed to get any business off the ground and into market. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a platform that helps startups raise capital by connecting investors and entrepreneurs from across the world –

g2xyz is an online platform that connects Chinese investors with American startups. streamlines the entire funding process for startups, including incorporating a business, finding funding, and managing equity and profit shares. For investors, provides a list of over a thousand startups to explore, as well as their financial management and communication tools.’s portfolio includes 10 startups that have been fully funded through their platform. Additionally, they’ve gathered a pool of innovators consisting of over 300 PhDs and other post-doctorates from top ranking schools like Harvard, Yale, and MIT, to assist aspiring entrepreneurs getting their ideas off the ground.

It was important that was able to secure a memorable 2 character domain on an internationally recognized extension, .xyz. G2 stands for a group of two, hinting at the relationship the company is building between American and Chinese investors. G2 is also colloquially known as “getting the lowdown” / gathering information, which is exactly what does for potential investors. Both .xyz and G2 are built to bring together an international community fostering innovation and looking for a better future. Their name was a great and instinctive choice for their business and we can’t wait to see which other startups will use their support in getting off the ground.

Skybox.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

One of the best experiences while using a virtual reality headset is viewing video content through them. VR goggles allow you to enter your own movie theater and be fully immersed in whatever content you are watching. To do this efficiently, however, requires software to be able to stream straight to your device. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday allows you to stream any video on your computer to multiple devices with ease –

skybox is a streaming software for both Mac and PC, which allows you to stream both 2D and 3D video content directly to several of the most popular VR devices including Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift, as well as some mobile phones. Skybox organizes these videos in an attractive dashboard, allowing you to select videos with ease. The best part of Skybox is that you can stream 4K videos over WiFi without any loss in video quality or resolution, meaning your videos will be as clear as if you were actually there.

No matter what device you have to view virtual reality content, makes it easy to stream video for you in crystal clear quality. When it comes to VR video content, Skybox has you covered, from X, to Y, to Z.

E3 2017 was an exciting new experience for XYZ, drawing just under 70,000 people from around the world. Industry professionals, gaming journalists, and passionate fans alike gathered in the Los Angeles Convention Center to get hands-on with the future of video games. But the real star of the conference was the #XYZsquad, who danced their way into the attendees’ collective hearts.

The XYZ purple people were on site to hand out some limited edition XYZ swag, inform the gaming world that .xyz is for every website, everywhere, and challenge all those die-hard fans to a dance off. But between dance sets and posing with cosplayers, #XYZsquad managed to take in some of the best sights E3 had to offer.

Check out some of our favorite moments from E3 2017 below:

The #XYZsquad took home first, second, and third at Forza Motorsports

Instagram post of XYZsquad at Forza booth

Dance-battled the Hip Hop Storm Trooper

image of purple people

Experienced Pico Interactive’s new VR headset demo…

image of purple people

Met with one of the dinosaur robots from Horizon Zero Dawn


And shut down E3 with a set at the Shadow of War booth.

xyzsquad shadow of war

The #XYZsquad had such a good time at E3 2017, we’re already looking forward to next year’s convention. With the gaming conference down, the XYZ Team is looking ahead to the summer. Not just for a chance to escape to the beach, but for all the exciting events we have in store. Want more details about our events and dance battles? Stay up-to-date with all the XYZ news by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Playground.xyzGandi customer (Australia)

There are more mobile devices than people on this planet; a person’s phone is their most likely window to the world wide web. Yet we’ve all visited websites on our mobile devices only to be greeted by poor UI and content obscuring ads. What use is a beautiful desktop website when a poorly optimized mobile site can kill traffic completely? That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is working to make the mobile ad experience more user-friendly –

playground is an Australian ad-tech firm that specializes in creating a user-friendly mobile experience. allows designers to select from several different ad-delivery layouts, all of which integrate into mobile websites in an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive way. All of the designs are reactive and keep out of the way as a viewer browses a website. Not only does this make for a better viewing experience, but also integrates metrics into their ad platform, so the success of each campaign can be measured.

“Playground is, of course, a popular name so we knew we had to augment it to make it unique to us. As we were searching for options the .xyz domain came up. The connotations of the extension are perfect. We like to think xyz means a variety of different things to different customers of ours – width, height, depth, variable 1,2,3 and so on. Ultimately it’s added an extra dimension to the overall brand.” – Rob Hall, CEO at

The name choice of this awesome domain stems from a tool which they call their ‘Playground’. Designers can create and preview in real-time what their ad will look like on the final website through These layouts can then be easily saved and delivered through’s platform. found the perfect home for their intuitive ad delivery platform on .xyz, and even incorporated the xyz brand into their company name and social media branding. We love both the name and the innovative technology behind

May was another fast-paced month for Team XYZ. We spent the month giving members of #GenXYZ more creative freedom than ever before with their domains, by introducing the new 1.111B® Class. But before our June 1 announcement, we got to meet face to face with businesses and individuals around the world and hear about all their dynamic ideas and projects.

Product Forge Local Transport Hackathon – Edinburgh, Scotland

We started off the month sponsoring the Product Forge Local Transport Hackathon in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hackathons are one of our favorite ways to connect with #GenXYZ and support their entrepreneurial spirit. Product Forge’s Hackathon featured creative problem solving from innovators and future leaders. 8 teams composed of tech, design, business, and transport industry professionals competed to build the best new product that would improve transport services in South East Scotland. The winning team was Side who developed TransitTalks, a platform that allows individuals in communities to correspond directly with transportation planners and share their concerns and wishes.


As the winning team, Side was awarded a free .xyz domain, so they can get started building the TransitTalks platform online right away.

ICANN GDD Summit – Madrid, Spain

Our next trip was to sunny Spain for the ICANN GDD Industry Summit. The summit was a great opportunity to meet with many of our registrar partners and to share our vision for the 1.111B® Class. Many of our registrar partners loved the idea and marketing support that the XYZ Team had put together (look for them at We are always grateful when we have the chance to meet face to face with the registrars that allow innovators around the world to have access to .xyz, and we look forward to seeing them at future ICANN events.

Silicon Beach Networking Mixer – Santa Monica, CA


After the ICANN summit we returned to the States to connect with members of Santa Monica’s rapidly growing Virtual Reality (VR) startup community at the Silicon Beach VR Networking Mixer. We spoke to passionate VR entrepreneurs and got to share some success stories of .xyz adopters working in VR, like and We love promoting .xyz adopters at every event we attend and the professionals we met at the mixer were inspired by their stories and can’t wait to follow in their footsteps with their own .xyz VR sites.

Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer – Santa Monica, CA


Our last stop in May was the Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer, which combined hungry young tech professionals, growing startups, and even a few freelance developers for a night of networking and collaboration. After we generated buzz about .xyz inside the event, we went out onto the streets of Venice to generate buzz about the 1.111B® Class with a holographic takeover.

The takeovers are far from over, as XYZ has huge throughout June to spread the word about the “All Your Domains Are Come From Us” marketing campaign and the 1.111B® Class. Stay tuned to our Twitter (@XYZ), Facebook (/XYZ) and Instagram (@XYZ) to see what Team XYZ and the #XYZsquad have in store!

Langzou.xyzAlibaba customer (China)

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing emerging technologies on the market. From video games, to movies, and even real estate, VR is changing the way we see the future. The full potential of VR in education, however, is still being discovered. That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is bringing the power of VR to one of the places that can benefit from it the most –

langzou is a virtual reality company, and member of the HTC ViveX accelerator, that is using VR to enhance the learning experience in classrooms across China. has developed a software that allows teachers to supplement their lessons with VR without any special training. Teachers can select from millions of free 3D models that they can utilize to create interactive lessons. This means students can learn about anatomy while they are virtually interacting with the different bones. Or they can virtually travel to any country in the world for a digital field trip!


“The company was founded after I worked on a new technology called volumetric video, it’s the next generation of video capturing technology. Essentially, every frame of this type of video is a 3D model. It is taking a 2D video to the third dimension, and that is also the reason behind the choice of the .xyz domain.” – Dabo Chen, Founder of is thinking outside of the box with their application of VR and is harnessing the power of technology to help shape the future of the youngest members of #GenXYZ. They chose the domain extension that covers every axis of space, X, Y, and Z. This technology has the potential to change education as we know it, and we can’t wait to see it rolled out in every classroom, everywhere!


Tomorrow is .xyz’s 3rd anniversary, and we’re going to be celebrating the special day in style, just as the most popular new domain in the world should. Millions of .xyz domains have been registered in over 230 countries, and leaders, creators, and innovators from every industry have joined the #GenXYZ movement to make .xyz the go-to domain for the next generation of internet users. From industry icons like Deloitte ( and and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (, to creators like Point in Passing ( and innovators like, the next big thing is always happening on a .xyz domain.

That’s why today marks a new dawn for the internet, and a paradigm shift to .xyz. You’ve no doubt seen the cryptic messages that have taken over XYZ’s social media pages (and a few of our partners’ pages as well), and today the meaning of AYDACFU has officially been revealed: All Your Domains Are Come From Us. This is not only a celebration of .xyz’s success to date, but a statement of its future direction, and the direction for new internet users. You want a website to host your personal blog? Get Looking to bring your business online to the massive internet marketplace? Secure Ready to share your world-changing idea with an international audience? Grab in one of 200+ languages. No matter who you are or what you want to do with your site, ALL YOUR DOMAINS ARE COME FROM US.


But .xyz isn’t just the perfect domain for right now, it’s also equipped for the future of internet. Rising new internet technologies have created unmet demands that businesses are seeking to fill. That’s why XYZ has partnered with registrars like Uniregistry, GoDaddy, and to introduce a new paradigm of innovation on the internet, called the 1.111B® Class. Starting today, all 1.111 billion 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric .xyz domains will retail for $0.99 per year, every year to register, renew, and transfer at participating registrars.

This first-of-its-kind segment of domains are ideal as an inexpensive platform for Internet of Things device connectivity, vanity identification, digital currencies, and any other creative uses #GenXYZ can think of. With no minimum or maximum registration requirement, the 1.111B® Class is flexible enough to serve in individual uses like app testing (e.g. or as a VoIP number (e.g., or in sequential blocks to pair with serial numbers (e.g. –

And, seeing as thousands of numeric .xyz domains are already being exchanged, the 1.111B® Class also make perfect sense as tradeable assets or tools for digital currency economies. Its newly reduced $0.99 transfer fee also allows more 1.111B® Class domains to enter circulation with nominal acquisition and carry costs. Read our CEO’s in-depth thoughts on this topic on his official blog.

In the coming weeks, the #XYZsquad will be out in the wild spreading the word about AYDACFU and the 1.111B® Class to the masses, so follow us on Twitter (@XYZ), Instagram (@XYZ) and Facebook (/XYZ) for the first word on all of the exciting events we have planned!

To learn more about the 1.111B® Class, read the white paper and our official press release. Then, start searching for your favorite numbers, dates, and patterns in our new 1.111B search tool.

The next generation of the internet is here – don’t miss your chance to be a part of the revolution. And remember: ALL YOUR DOMAINS ARE COME FROM US.

XYZ invites all registrars to support the 1.111B® Class. Contact us to learn more.