May 2020 Posts

Engine.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to have dramatic effects on daily life. Due to the worldwide scale of the situation, global markets, supply chains, and even entire industries are experiencing major upheaval. We’re proud to see .xyz community members jumping to action, like COVID-19 tracking system You’ll find another great example of this problem-solving spirit in the tough tech companies supported by today’s #WebsiteWednesday:


Since its founding in 2016, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “tough tech incubator” The Engine has provided funding, lab space, equipment, and mentorship to tough tech startups working to build world-changing technology. The Engine’s online home is, and we published a feature on the site back when it first came online. In the years since its launch, has used its $175 million in funding to invest in leading tough tech startups. CEO Katie Rae says MIT founded with the goal of “solving the world’s greatest problems with breakthrough technologies.”

The companies that supports in their incubator are proving that mission by turning their efforts toward addressing COVID-19. One example is Engine resident E25Bio, a biotech and life sciences company focused on rapid and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases. The company has redirected its entire team’s efforts to create a fast and accurate COVID-19 test. Testing is one of the most critical challenges in containing the spread of COVID-19. E25Bio’s solution to this problem is to create a paper strip test, which they say is an affordable solution that can be scaled for production in mass quantities. The test is currently undergoing human testing, and Boston Globe and Psychology Today recently reported on E25Bio’s work in quickly developing the test.

Another resident taking COVID-19 head-on is Biobot Analytics. The company uses data analysis to improve wastewater infrastructure and public health, and says they are convening 100 wastewater facilities to track the spread of COVID-19 through the water system. Biobot Analytics co-founder Dr. Mariana Matus recently detailed this testing process on CNBC’s Squawk Alley program. In the interview, she explains that the wastewater data they are collecting represents about 10% of the U.S. population and will help officials decide where to deploy resources to slow the spread of the virus.

Overcoming obstacles is a talent of many members of the .xyz community.’s work on COVID-19 projects shows that no challenge is too great for our community of end users to take on. An innovative spirit can overcome even the toughest problems, and we’re proud to see displaying that spirit and making .xyz users around the world proud.

PushPad.xyzNamecheap customer (Italy)

One of the most famous marketing campaigns of the digital era is the “There’s an app for that” ad. The phrase might be more accurate in today’s marketing than ever, as companies continue to roll out their new technologies in app form. With so many apps on the market, it’s important to make your app stand out from your competitors to attract users. Today’s #WebsiteWednesday will show you how one team of app developers showed their marketing knowledge and made their tool stand out to customers via its own dedicated website: is a web push notification service that delivers millions of web push notifications per hour for its users. The idea behind the service is to help brands re-engage with their target audience through notifications that appear in the top corner of their customers’ web browsers. The benefit of using a tool like this, says, is that it allows businesses to reach their customers at more targeted times than other contact methods. Major browsers listed as compatible with’s app include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as Microsoft Edge, and Android-based browsers Opera and Samsung Internet. says their service can work for businesses of any size, and they list step by step installation instructions for how to use the service right on their website.

When creating a website to promote your app, it’s important to detail how potential customers can use your service. accomplishes this through their homepage design, which visitors can scroll through and learn:

  1. What the app does
  2. Why is a valuable tool
  3. How works
  4. Who users can target
  5. Where users can deploy the service
  6. When can benefit its users

It’s helpful to keep this format in mind when you design a website for your app, as it can give potential customers the information they need to sell them on trying your service.

The main page also includes call-to-action (CTA) buttons at three different points. This is a wise design choice because it gives their potential buyers an easy way to get the app once they’re convinced they want to try it. Their dedicated pricing page gives potential customers a breakdown of the full cost of’s service and features another prominent CTA offering a free 1-month trial.

Another unique feature added to their website is a login portal for the app itself. Integrating the app with the website makes a one-stop solution for their customers to use their service. users can also contact the service team via a support page on the site, another feature that can help to improve their customers’ overall experience. even features a blog section, where the company shares best practices on web push notification strategies. The blog also provides updates and tutorials on features.

Right now is a crucial time to focus on reaching your audience via a strong digital presence. is a great example to other app creators of how you can harness the power of a dedicated website to attract customers and build up a user base. Ready to make a website that pulls in users for your app? Launch it on your own perfectly branded .xyz domain.

TwoSeven.xyzNamecheap customer (India)

If you’re anything like the team here at XYZ, you’re probably getting through the current social distancing lockdown due to COVID-19 by watching a lot more TV and movies. In place of going out to a bar or restaurant, watch parties are becoming a weekend staple in the plans of many. While web chat services are a good fill-in for face to face conversations, they aren’t built to make it easy to watch a movie or show together on a group call. If you’re looking to host a killer movie night or add some company to your TV binging, try using this week’s #WebsiteWednesday: is a browser-based video service designed to let you watch TV shows, movies, and online videos with your friends together through the internet. The platform is made to allow each person in your group to watch on the same player screen, eliminating the need to countdown to start watching together on individual devices.’s service works by displaying the show or movie your group is watching in the main player box, while you can see and talk to your friends via video chat windows. There is also a text chat feature which can be a handy way to talk while the show is on without disturbing anyone.

To use with your friends, the first step is to create an account on their site and download the browser extension to your web browser. Then you’ll be able to start watching videos from YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, and Vimeo with your friends. does not charge users to use their service and watch content from those platforms. If you want to watch content from your Disney Plus or Hulu accounts, you can upgrade to use the paid version of, available currently for $3 per month. You can also play personal videos from your Google Drive or OneDrive, as well.
The XYZ Team catching up on Silicon Valley with

Using’s service is made easier thanks to their decision to build the entire platform around their domain name. Because it is a browser-based platform, all you need to access it is your login and a web browser. There is no need to download any apps or software, which would tie your usage to a single device. When you want to start a watch party with friends, all you have to do is send them a custom link to join your watch room. Then, your friends can log in to their account and join you in the fun.

The idea for came to its creators when they were in a similar situation to the one that the world is living through now to flatten the COVID-19 curve. They were in a long-distance relationship and wanted to find a way to keep watching their favorite shows together. “When we were apart, we couldn’t watch together without the added pain of manually counting down on a Skype call to synchronize our videos. This was often inaccurate and sometimes even frustrating, particularly when one of us got to see and react to plot-twists before the other. As Computer Scientists, we knew we could do better, and ventured into building”

The team behind has a special attachment to the name of their site, and keeping that name was a part of why they chose to brand with a .xyz domain. Their .xyz domain is now one of the most important parts of their brand identity. “Although availability, affordability, and “nice ring” were our initial reasons, a couple of other reasons helped us feel more at home with the .xyz domain:

  1. Our goal is to enable people to watch videos from any website (x, y, or z.)
  2. We read about the symbolism of xyz representing all three coordinate axes, which resonated very well with our goal.

Four years later, with even our Twitter handle being ‘@twosevenxyz‘, the domain has become an integral part of the TwoSeven service.” is quickly becoming one of the most popular sites on the web. Trusted outlets like The Verge, The Signal, Gadgets Now, and TechHive all recommend’s service. ranks just outside the top 10,000 most popular websites in America right now, and is around the 50,000th most visited website in the world according to Alexa.

As shows, you can satisfy new market demands quickly and efficiently by harnessing the power of your website. When you build a web-based solution like, you also make it accessible to a global audience and increase your chances of widespread adoption. Do you have the right tech to fill needs you see for customers in today’s changing market? Follow’s lead and take the first step to success by launching it on your own .xyz website.

XYZ Quarterly 2020: Q1

7 Ways to Get Your Side Project Off the Ground with the Ultimate .XYZ Website

2020 has already presented our team with a few opportunities to help individuals launch their side projects online. In January we announced the addition of five new TLDs coming to our portfolio later this year. These new extensions will provide platforms for beauty industry professionals and knowledgeable experts to brand their projects using domain names that match their passion. In February, our .Cars, .Car, and .Auto team attended the NADA Expo with our partner Rackspace and shared how .Cars domains can help automotive businesses launch new projects with better-branded URLs. We also sponsored six hackathon events in three different countries, providing .xyz domain names for participants and giving them a platform to present their projects to potential users around the world.

We know that a website is key to sharing your project with a global audience, which is why this year’s XYZ Quarterly theme is Creating Your Ultimate .XYZ Website. Each quarter we will provide you with tips on how to build a .xyz website that serves as the perfect platform for your specific idea. To kick things off, this quarter we’ll be showing you how to turn your hobby, side hustle, or passion project into your ultimate .xyz website.

Personal hobbies and passion projects are among the biggest sources of excitement, joy, and fulfillment in life. They introduce us to people who become lifelong friends, guide us into communities that become foundations in our lives, push us to grow personally by stepping outside our comfort zone, and whisk us away to the most amazing places.

A project, hobby, or side business that you care about deserves its own home online via a dedicated website. In this article, we’ll help you get started with advice on how to build the ultimate .xyz website and share examples of .xyz users who have created inspiring websites around their passions.

Establish an information hub for your community

1. Establish an information hub for your community

Sharing your expertise on an industry or hobby that you care about is a great way to pass your experience on to others. It can help members of your community get a strong start on their journey, and create a greater sense of personal satisfaction from your work. Whether you’re an expert in navigating 18th-century literature, making homemade kombucha, or planting a balcony garden, there’s most certainly an audience that can benefit from your tips and experience. When you use your website to share what you know, it gives you the freedom to publish many types of content while documenting the information, findings, and discoveries you’ve amassed throughout your years of experience. You can start a blog and share your writings through social media and newsletters, or embed video content dispensing your advice. is an example of this kind of information hub. Red Dot Design Award winner Annie Liu created blog on her site with posts about her experience mapping a career in design, tutorials on illustration tools, and new design techniques for her readers to use in their work. She connects updates from her social media feeds on as well, making the site a one-stop hub for readers to find her tips and insights.

While has grown into Annie’s multifaceted educational tool for the design community, your information hub site could take any form you like. However you choose to build it, your .xyz site is equipped to grow along with your knowledge and the community you share it with.

Use your personal site as your creative outlet

2. Use your personal site as your creative outlet

Building a website dedicated to your creative endeavors gives you a platform to share your point of view with the world. Your website is a perfect place to share the things you make in your free time; whether that’s telling your short stories, showcasing watercolor pictures you’ve painted, or displaying your carefully curated collection of comics. Since your website can look like, feel like, and say anything you want, you also have the freedom to mold it in your image while displaying your unique style and personality.

Create pages dedicated to each of the things you can’t live without, and tell stories about your personal experiences. Generate a following by documenting your daily habits as they relate to your passions, and you could soon find yourself gathering influence in that community.

Katie Novack is a blogger and self-proclaimed lover of exploration who documents her creative journey on her website Katie uses her personal website to share her experiences and recommendations on travel destinations, health and beauty, and food and drinks. The name itself comes from Katie’s wonderment about the world. As she explains, “I created The Wonder List because I have a strong passion for learning about the world and I am always ‘Wondering’ where my journey will take me next! I love sharing everything from fashion tips to my global diary and all in between. I chose a .xyz domain because I think it’s part of a new movement of entrepreneurs and companies who want to go in a different direction than the norm. It’s part of the reason why The Wonder List is so unique. A new outlook on the world through the lens of XYZ.”

The lists, reviews, stories, and experiences Katie shares on give her readers the same knowledge she’s gained. By sharing her journey to find the wonders in life, Katie has developed an engaged following on her site.
Turning your own creative pursuit into a website is a great way to get your work noticed and appreciated.

Create a collection of your many hobbies

3. Create a collection of your many hobbies

If you are someone who tends to work on many small projects, give them the proper recognition they deserve by putting them on your website. Your website is the perfect place to aggregate all your creative pursuits and showcase them in one place. By creating pages for each project and sharing your inspiration behind them, you can also become an inspiration to countless others like yourself. Keep in mind that the more you share your projects and work, the greater the chance someone will see it and potentially pay you for that work.

Video game journalist Andy Kelly uses his website as a home for his humorous, interesting, and sometimes bizarre internet creations. Andy’s creative output on includes his award-winning short film series, Other Places and an interactive science fiction story he wrote, and also showcases multiple popular Twitter accounts he’s created like @DarkStockPhotos and the Louis Theroux bot.

As a creative, Andy always has some kind of project going on outside his daily job. He uses his .xyz site to promote these projects to a larger audience, and in turn, gives his creations the recognition they deserve.

Establish an information hub for your community

4. Document your own personal adventure

Using your site as an extra-powerful online journal to chronicle life events can help you get more fulfillment from the experience. If you are embarking on a personal transformation, you can share progress updates and track your journey. If you are taking a physical trip, you can provide updates along the way and impart the lessons you learn through your site. If you’re learning a new language or skill, document your progress so that others can look at your experience when they start down the same path. homepage

The Colebrook family uses their .xyz site in precisely this way. They visited 21 countries over an 18-month journey and shared photos and updates on their site. Followers of the Colebrook’s travels could track them via the site, and even witnessed the three Colebrook children’s first experience in making their own web pages. Now that the trip has ended, the site serves as a detailed digital scrapbook for the family and their supporters to revisit, so they can always keep the memories of that experience close to them.

Creating helped the Colebrook family document their trip and provided an educational experience for their children. Sharing you or your family’s journey online can help increase your enjoyment of it while serving as an inspiration guide for others.

Document your own personal adventure

5. Build a space that connects your community

Create a meeting place for your community with a website it can connect on. It could be a place to discuss topics you’re passionate about, such as faith, politics, sports, art, culture, travel, or fashion. Share ideas and form new bonds with like-minded individuals. Your .xyz website gives you total control to customize it to meet the needs of your community.

That’s why software engineers Mary Kate Fain and Alex Gleason created social platform As influential figures in the modern feminist movement, they faced social media harassment and abuse. The pair decided to solve the problem by creating a platform that prohibits such behavior. homepage

Mary Kate and Alex knew exactly which domain to use as a space where their community can gather to safely discuss feminist issues. As Mary Kate explains, “We chose .xyz as our top-level domain for two main reasons. First, it is short, snappy, and easy to say, spell, and remember. Second, we liked .xyz because it felt tangential to the content of Spinster. As a feminist social media platform, we regularly deal with questions of identity, biology, what it means to be a woman. Since “X” and “Y” are the human sex chromosomes, we thought .xyz was a bit of a cheeky reference to the extravagance of modern gender discourse.”

After welcoming thousands of users at first launch, is now among the leading places for feminist discussion online. A website offers you the freedom to manage your community with total control so it can flourish.

Build a space that connects your community

6. Hold competitions that push your industry forward

Competitions can unite avid fans of a particular industry or practice in a way that advances the entire medium forward. On your own website, you can create open competitions whose entries could introduce you to new ways of thinking and improving your current methods. Competitions encourage the sharing of information while also motivating entrants to think outside the box to have their submission stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a logo for your business, a new way to improve your product, or simply want to see what kind of interesting inventions could lie in our future, using a competition website gives you a direct way to solicit those ideas from many different sources. homepage

Architecture competition website presents design-related problems to designers and architects around the world. These problems range from globally impactful challenges like re-developing prisons for maximized rehabilitation, to dreaming up the most exciting interactive performance venue. The nature of the competitions invites creativity by asking entrants to wrap their heads around massive challenges.

Hosting online competitions can generate inspiration and new ideas in your community. A competition website can be a valuable tool for pushing a medium forward.

Hold competitions that push your industry forward

7. Sell what you make online

If you find that your homemade products or personal skills are in high demand with your friends and family , you may be able to grow that into a personal business via your website. Many small businesses today are born this way. Creating a website for your brand not only increases awareness, but gives you a platform to promote your products and services that you fully control. You might try setting up a company store to list your offerings and give a detailed description of what makes your business different from the competition. homepage

Utah dad Chris Blair found his niche when he lost nearly 60 pounds by following a ketogenic (or “keto”) diet. During his diet, he created a custom protein shake mix that contained the necessary nutrients to power him through his day and later shared his recipe online to much acclaim. Recognizing the potential of his creation, Chris got to work building a presence for his brand online at He grew the business through his site’s online store, and began expanding his product offerings by adding new drink mix flavors. The side hustle became so successful for Chris that he’s turned it into his full-time gig and the family business.

Your side business could get a massive boost from having its own well-built website, just like did for Chris. Either way, listing your goods and services online makes it available to a worldwide audience.


If you have an idea you are passionate about pursuing, whether it be a personal journey, a side business, a new app, or founding an entire community, one of the most powerful ways to reach your goal is making a website for it. Your website gives you the freedom to fully express yourself beyond the limits of social media, provides you with a creative outlet, and serves as a home on which to build your network.

If you’d like to stay updated on XYZ’s outreach efforts and receive the new quarterly right to your inbox, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates and news.

Yours.xyzAlibaba customer (China)

Food delivery has become a staple of the new normal. Thanks to autonomous delivery robots like the ones from, customers in select U.S. college campuses and European Union countries can get their groceries and food delivered without having to worry about interacting with a person at all. Thanks to their popularity and helpfulness, these self-driving delivery robots are starting to make their way into new markets. Customers looking to safely order food and other goods in China while isolating can try this service for themselves with this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, is a Beijing-based tech company that builds and produces the first and only team of self-driving delivery vehicles in China. The team says they use a mix of advanced technologies, hardware research and development, and a customer-focused business operations strategy to create the delivery robots. The company’s goal is to compete with other unmanned delivery vehicles already in use in other countries.

The design of’s vehicle is an important part of their business model. highlights the compact and “cute” design of their robots as a key step in getting customers to use them to make purchases. also points out that each vehicle is lightweight, compact, and built to be self-sufficient. The company claims each robot can cover a distance of up to 1 kilometer on its own, while also scaling curbs and navigating crowded public squares. programs each vehicle to complete sales to customers independently by circulating along a set route and solicits customers while it roams. Customers can purchase products from the vehicle and pay with it as well.

Getting around the outside world is a primary challenge for delivery robots. To pass this test, builds each vehicle with slip-free tires. Their website explains the goal of this design is to prepare the robots to cruise down flat roads while also being ready to transition to climbing up steps, slopes, and other tough terrain. says the shell of each vehicle can withstand rain and other bad weather, as well. Their site also features a video showing that each vehicle has a “self-driving brain” which contains its anti-collision safety devices and environment recognition tools.’s CEO, Lin Peisen, founded the company after accumulating years of technology and operations experience. He has specific interests in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and seeing the future of the “unmanned economy,” and the robots are at the intersection of all three. Lin’s intention for is to create a new retail system that uses technological innovation to solve the cost problems of the current retail industry.

The company has continued to grow since its recent launch in 2018, and Lin says they have secured more than 300 orders for their robots already. He expects the company to deploy more than 1,000 of its machines in 2020. has also worked with fast-moving Chinese consumer brands like Nongfu Spring and Master Kong, and launched logistics platforms in Japan and South Korea in the hope of future expansion into these markets.

The next great ideas in tech come from creative minds putting their passion toward solving common problems. has big plans to establish themselves as a market leader while keeping their focus on making retail faster and easier. Do you have a solution you’ve been dreaming of turning into your next startup? Bring it to life by putting it online with your own .xyz domain!