August 2020 Posts

AtelierInteriors.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (South Africa)

Carving a path for your career is not always a straightforward task. There are many options, and it can be a challenge to pick the right one for you. Your own style and confidence are among the best guides you have to follow when mapping out your professional path. Success can be found when you’re able to identify the skills that make you stand out and combine them with a strong belief in your work. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a celebrated interior designer who shows this method in action. Adri van Zyl decided to make a bold choice and change her career plan at the last minute to enter a whole new industry while using her personal taste to guide her business: is an interior architecture and design studio established in 2014 by Cape Town-based interior designer Adri van Zyl. Adri drives the creative side of the business while her husband Vincent helps manage the commercial side. Though she is now at the helm of her own successful design studio, Adri started her career with a plan to study law. The week before her classes began, however, she realized that she felt a stronger passion to study graphic design and photography, despite having no previous background in the arts. Adri’s decision to follow her intuition and passion proved to be both a wise and confident choice.

Through, Adri has made a name in her industry and taken on design projects for major retail, residential, and commercial spaces. Her work has also been featured frequently in notable decor outlets Elle, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, and House and Leisure, among many others. Adri continues to display a confident spirit in her work today by allowing her own taste and morals to guide her business.

As the website explains, the studio brands themselves as a “young, innovative, socially conscious studio that believes in bold design and doing things right. The full list of design services that offers covers everything from A to Z, so their domain perfectly fits with their business approach. This includes architecture and decor, furniture design, procurement, styling, and even project management. The studio says they maintain a focus on beautiful design that is also functional.

To see this approach in action, you can simply flip through a gallery of their past projects from the projects page. Clicking on each individual project will take you to a page sharing insight from Adri into the thought process the studio had for each interior design. For trendy wine bar and restaurant Mulberry & Prince, Adri created a French retro chic design that made it unique to the Cape Town eating scene. In the retail sector, Adri designed a boutique jewelry concept store for Famke Jewelry inspired by Memphis, a 1980s design movement. Adri’s versatility in her craft is also on display in the many residential projects she’s taken on, like her minimalistic approach for a luxury loft space in Cape Town’s city center.

Another area where show their sharpness is through their branding. They communicate with potential clients through an email address branded with their .xyz URL. They also use the URL as their social media handle, making for easy brand recognition and increased memorability. This coordinated marketing strategy allows to generate awareness of their website in all their promotion efforts. It’s also a great strategy for driving more traffic and potential clients to their business.

The .xyz community is home to many creative minds that aren’t afraid to follow their own unique style. Through their carefully crafted website design and promotion, and their intrepid founder Adri perfectly illustrate the spirit of creativity, innovation, and branding savvy the .xyz community is known for. Following your own unique taste is a great way to make your work stand out, and shows it can lead to great career success.

PerryGibson.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United Kingdom)

Creative fashion professionals love using .xyz domains. Luxury menswear designer Sissi Goetze makes her modern collections stand out online with, ASOS social media executive Jovel Roystan shares his personal style at, and popular fashion influencer Egreis Gjergjani blogs about balancing work with motherhood at Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is another .xyz adopter from the fashion community who knows how to get the look online: is the portfolio website of Perry Gibson, a London-based freelance photographer. Perry graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Journalism from the University of the West of England, and now specializes in both film and digital photography. His website showcases his robust portfolio of work, and puts his special talent for fashion and event photography on display.

Perry’s knack for capturing athletic apparel is evident in the brands he’s worked with. His website features two projects with top sportswear label Adidas. He’s captured lively event images for Adidas x Stormzy, where his photos capture the excitement in the eyes of event-goers with the unveiling of the tracksuit collaboration with the popular English rapper. He also skillfully photographed the opening of the Adidas London flagship store, utilizing the event’s neon lighting to create movement in the shots. From his website, it’s clear that catalogue fashion photography is another one of his strengths. His portfolio includes modern streetwear photos he’s taken for popular London footwear retailer Tower London, and cool behind-the-scenes shots he did for the Converse One Star campaign.

Another impressive part of his fashion photography portfolio is street style photography, or documenting the outfits of real people in urban environments. He has an entire section of his website devoted to the stylish show-goers of London Fashion Week, dating back to 2018. His eye for style is evident with the polished snaps he took at the 2019 Women’s Autumn/Winter shows. Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, is among the many chic attendees he captured. Most recently, he skillfully captured the urban sportswear style that was evident at the 2020 Men’s Autumn/Winter shows. Filled with designer sneaker and statement-making puffer jackets, his shots document the streetwear trend happening in London.

Perry also shares personal images on his website as well, giving the visitor a sense of his character and personality. A section entitled Photo Diary shares vibrant images from the places he’s visited. He also shared a collection of powerful images from a Black Lives Matter protest at London parliament on July 6, 2020.

Through his .xyz website, Perry is able to share his wide range of photos in a format that he has total control over. He alone chooses how his photos are displayed and used; two privileges he would have had to sacrifice using a photo hosting service instead of his own website. Although he is based in London, Perry states that he is available for assignment worldwide, and helps him to reach that global audience. Go to to see more of his work or contact him. Stay up to date with his latest photography through his Instagram @perry_gibson.

SamLavoie.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

It’s no secret that .xyz domains are popular among members of the design community. creator Ronny Schmidt says he chose a .xyz thanks to its perfect connotations with his 3D design work for Nike and Red Bull. Fashion designer says he loves his .xyz because it makes the brand instantly stand out and get recognized. Multinational design contest platform says their .xyz is perfect for them because it connects them with design enthusiasts globally and across all generations. Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is another .xyz adopter from the design community, and he uses his .xyz to give an informative look behind his work process:

Sam Lavoie, creator of, is a San Francisco-based industrial designer, artist, and maker who says his interest lies in “developing compelling products and experiences.” As an industrial designer, Sam’s work focuses on creating products or designs to manufacture and scale for mass production. He showcases his many design skills on the impressive resume he’s linked on his website, which range from prototyping, casting and mold making, to even sewing. This is a great way to quickly show potential employers what he is capable of and helps him stand out in the minds of potential collaborators. Sam has laid out the content of his .xyz website as a showcase of his past projects, while also giving in-depth descriptions of his process from idea through creation. He shares this process in great detail via dedicated pages, a system which helps him share his knowledge with other designers and shows potential employers the true depth of his skills.

Sam’s work experience includes completing projects for a handful of notable companies. He competed in NASA’s Rover Challenge, an annual off-road collegiate race that draws teams from around the world to compete to build the lightest, fastest, and most capable 2-person off-road vehicle. He and his team’s rover placed 2nd overall from a field of 115 teams. Their design also took home the award for lightest vehicle. On the dedicated page for this rover project, Sam gives a full description of how he and his team built such a lightweight vehicle. He details their progress from initial sketching and 3D models all the way through to creating the design and putting it together for the competition. He shares photos from the creation and testing process as well which helps give a personal connection to his working process.

Many of the creative designs Sam features on his site involve items that aim to improve home life. For example, he created his lightweight indoor/outdoor leisure chair design Helium with the goal of producing a chair that is “easy to move around, easy to clean, and easy to relax in.” Another unique design Sam showcases on his site is the Mesa handheld vacuum cleaner which integrates stylishly within decorative potted plants. He’s also developed a line of glassware for glass maker Nachtmann called Erode. Sam designed the set to be simple, stylish, and usable for all ages. On each page for these projects, Sam shows the benefits of the product, how he came to the final design presented, and what steps he took to get from prototype to final product. This gives special insight into his process and is a great way to showcase his design ability.

Sam has worked on experimental designs as well, which he features on his website to show his process for his most imaginative projects. Some of the concepts include headgear made to optimize the wearer’s senses, a minimal calculator, and a modern-looking vest fitted with electricity to glow on command. He created a page dedicated to these designs to show them all in one quick and simple display. This page shows potential employers and collaborators his ability to think outside the box and the potential he has for creativity.

The .xyz community is home to amazing and inspiring designers from around the world. shows through the work on his thoughtfully designed personal website that he’s a great example of that community in action. His website is a perfect look into his process and sets him up to attract future collaborators and employers by giving a full picture of his creative process.

EchoAR.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies are quickly becoming a popular tool in many industries. To see examples of this in practice, look no further than the many inspiring startups creating AR/VR products and services in the .xyz community., launched by a former Mozilla executive, developed affordable AR glasses that turn regular smartphone content into a 3D experience. are the manufacturers of 4K VR goggles that let users stream online content through their chosen VR software. Education-focused company gives educators in China the power to teach VR-capable lessons. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday focuses on another .xyz adopter whose domain is a perfect fit to promote their cutting-edge VR/AR app development technology; is a cloud-based 3D, VR, and AR app development platform.’s mission is to make it simple for developers and content creators to build, manage, and deploy applications capable of displaying 3D images. Apps created using’s service are compatible with some of the most popular platforms for AR/VR and 3D content, including Apple and Android phones as well as Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers. According to, their backend-focused approach saves developers time by not requiring them to build or maintain a backend of their own. The goal of this process, according to, is to allow developers to go from development to testing to production quickly and get their app to market sooner. also sells its service as a means to scale AR and VR projects for enterprise customers. The company has a demonstration of their product in action to introduce its benefits to new users.

Alon Grinshpoon,’s Founder and CEO, explains the service came from a need he recognized in the AR/VR market. “ was born from a pressing problem facing the AR/VR development community. During our time at Columbia University and by observing many AR/VR projects in development, we noticed that developers struggle to create scalable and dynamic AR/VR apps. Developers struggle to onboard clients since any change in the app results in endless development cycles. In order to scale the development of frontend-heavy experiences like AR/VR apps, a cross-platform backend infrastructure is needed: ‘the AWS of AR/VR.’ We decided to build it for them.”

As an industry-pushing innovator, wanted a domain name that matched their company ideals. Alon says they knew they found just that with their .xyz domain. “Since we are dealing with cutting-edge emerging technology such as AR/VR, we believed it would be fitting to choose a cutting-edge domain to reflect that – XYZ is literally on the edge of the English alphabet. And speaking of alphabet, Alphabet Inc. chose as their domain, so it can’t be a bad choice.”’s work has garnered them some truly remarkable industry-wide acclaim both in the form of award recognition and funding/support. They made the Top 25 at Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge 2019 and the API 300 Top Industry updates of 2019, as well as Pepperdine’s Most Fundable Companies list. Their technology also came in first overall at the 2019 DevProject Awards. Their service has been featured at CES and was a pitch finalist at SXSW, as well. With so many impressive accolades to their name, it may come as little surprise that The Hill and Entrepreneur have both written about their service. has received financial backing from notable investors like the Verizon 5G lab, as well.

The technology has built is also making an impact in the lives of the next generation of AR/VR innovators. Their platform was featured at the Teens Take on COVID hackathon. Participants at a pair of Silicon Valley-based hackathons have even credited’s software for helping them bootstrap their project which won the competition.

Building the next big project in your industry starts with a vision and a goal. had the vision to create an AR/VR service that would help companies scale their apps, and set out with a goal to build a platform addressing that need. When you launch a cutting edge business, your website should match the forward-thinking nature of your product or service. That’s exactly what has with its domain. has an innovative service and they’re a stellar example of the startups shaping the future of their industries while using .xyz domains.