September 2020 Posts

Amaz.xyzGoDaddy customer (Hong Kong)

The .xyz community is filled with innovative new apps and startups that aim to make everyday life better. Autonomous delivery robot company is making touchless food delivery possible at colleges all over the United States and Europe. Browser-based video service lets you stream TV shows and movies to watch with your friends online. Viral sensation creates entertaining products, stories, and stunts that are sure to make you LOL. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features another company that specializes in brightening its customers’ days by giving new meaning to the phrase “perks of the job.” is a Hong Kong-based employee benefits platform that aims to make work a better place. Through their local business partnerships, they provide employers a wide range of perks to help attract and retain their employees.

The employee benefits platform is meant to be flexible and simple. The perks offered are customizable, so companies can decide what works for their teams and culture. By consolidating the perk management process in an all-in-one platform, aims to make it as easy as possible for company leaders to “set it and forget.” After customizing the types of perks they would like to offer their employees, their work is basically done. Companies no longer would need to worry about reimbursing each employee for their benefit purchases.

For those who enjoy shopping and dining-out, grants access to special discounts with local restaurants, bars, brands, and retail stores. Employees can find working from home even more comfortable with discounts on organic produce boxes, high-quality bedding, and homemade bubble tea. If experiences are more their thing, offers tickets to concerts, wellness classes, and immersive pop-up events. Employees looking to get some exercise can go stand up paddle boarding or take a yoga class. Companies can even book workplace events with their AMAZ Events program, which offers customized events for companies to entertain their employees with. has partnerships to offer perks from a number of growing companies, and it’s easy to see why. Their direct sales channel helps these perk providers reach over 60,000 income earning clients, making the platform a potentially powerful driver for growth. By partnering with the platform, local businesses are able to increase traffic to their establishment by generating awareness of their services through benefits they offer to local employees. Through, businesses can also test the market by offering new products in limited quantities to a controlled user base of income-earning workers.

By connecting local businesses with employees, is creating a win-win-win situation. Employees get to try out new businesses, companies can entice employees with attractive and unique benefits, and local businesses enjoy a new channel to reach customers with.

If you are in Hong Kong and would like to offer perks to your employees or want your business available on the platform, go to their website to set up your 30 minute meeting. customer (United Kingdom)

Great founders often share the ability to look at an industry, see a need for change, and create a product or service that addresses that need. To reach the right audience and scale their solution in the market, founders need a memorable brand and the ability to broadcast their message globally. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll speak with a co-founder who saw a need for simplification in the property investment industry. He invented a platform that he envisions will become the future of property buying, and launched it using the perfect branded domain name: is a free-to-use property listing platform designed by property investors, for property investors. co-founder Robert Jones says his team’s vision is “to build the world’s most intelligent property platform.” He and his co-founder came up with the idea for the platform when they recognized the fragmentation in the UK property market. “There are hundreds of different websites to go to for each part of the process from search, to research, to arranging viewings,” says Robert. With, the co-founders created a software that aims to replace this fractured model with “a frictionless process for estate agents, auctions and new build developers to upload their properties for free and easily via their existing CRM.” To ensure they had the technical infrastructure to take to market, Robert and his team worked with a range of tech architects, as well as cloud and software engineers.

When creating, Robert and the team focused on building a true full-service solution that could revolutionize the property industry by covering everything from A to XYZ. “(We asked) what does the future of property buying look like? Not just in the UK but around the world. Not just residential property, but commercial, land, renting, homeowners. What does the process look like when you have the latest technology and no friction? So we imagined”

To promote this new platform, Robert and his team also knew they wanted a domain name that was bold, forward-thinking, and fit with their long term vision. “We’re creating a property platform that works for everyone,” he says. “All buyers. All sellers. All agents and suppliers. Covers all geographic areas. All property types. All property categories from residential to commercial. All steps of the property process. All available data in one place. A centralised platform. ‘Building the world’s most intelligent property platform.’ We felt (the name) achieves this perfectly.” The domain fits their mission and model perfectly, as it is a generic and brandable name. .XYZ is also a global domain name with universal reach, as x, y, and z are recognized worldwide as the ending of the alphabet. This allows to attract users from any country, helps their platform stand out without limiting it to any one market or region, and gives them a domain name that will scale alongside their global efforts.

The .xyz community is known as a home to many innovative startups looking to revolutionize their industry., an autonomous delivery robot startup from Skype’s co-founders,, a $175 million “tough tech” incubator from MIT, and driver-friendly rideshare app are just a few of the many examples. Their mission to create a global solution that simplifies property buying and selling shows they share the same spirit of innovation that the .xyz community is renowned for.

Choosing a strong, memorable name is critical for any global brand. The best brands use their website URL as an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential users and set themselves apart from others in the industry. With, Robert and his team have a brand name that makes a statement, shows their innovative nature, and sticks in potential users’ minds. and its creators show that innovation comes from recognizing a need for change and coming up with a solution that is capable of bringing it. Armed with their memorable, expertly branded, globally reaching .xyz domain, is ready to take their services to the world and revolutionize the property investment industry.

DeniDesign.xyzCrazy Domains customer (Australia)

Building a website about your experience is a truly polished way to share your expertise with others. It gives complete control over how your work is displayed and creates a great first impression for potential clients and employers. If an employer sees your website link in your signature or on your resume, they’ll likely click on it to see what you’ve built. Get inspired to create a compelling online portfolio by the refined website of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, homepage is the website of Sydney-based graphic designer Denise Ng. Originally from Hong Kong, Denise studied Multimedia Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University before moving to Australia to pursue her degree in Digital Media Design from the College of Fine Arts. She specializes in brand identity, which includes everything from website interface design, to shopfront and signage, to advertising materials.

Denise has created a standout website to display the many design projects she’s worked on. We’ve broken down how the following four characteristics help her online portfolio represent her skills and abilities in the best possible way. You can apply these key features when building your own compelling design portfolio.

1. Use a custom domain name

Having a personalized domain name is a key part of creating a portfolio website. It lends a sense of credibility and experience to your work and business. You can also use your domain as a memorable and personalized email address. This will make your communication with potential clients and employers that much more professional and polished.

For a personal website, include your name or nickname in the domain you choose, as Denise did with She smartly kept her domain short, making it easy to spell and remember for her potential website visitors. As .xyz is a popular domain among designers and creatives, we can see why Denise chose it to brand her work as part of a forward-thinking community.

2. Make your projects the main focus

With any type of design work, it’s important for visitors to be able to focus their attention on the visuals of your portfolio. Keep the design of your website simple and non-distracting. You don’t want a lot of competing images, text, and animations that take away from the projects in your portfolio.

With, Denise lets the attractive colors of her design work stand out against a clean white background. She even uses muted colors for all text on the pages. In this way, website visitors’ eyes are guided to the large thumbnail images on her homepage and portfolio pages. That way they can easily navigate to each of her projects by clicking on these links.

3. Use high quality images

If you work in a creative field, the images in your portfolio could be the deciding factor when being considered for a position or project. Include ample photos of the projects that you’ve worked on. Present your work in the best possible way by making sure the images are sharp and the subjects are well-lit.

Denise’s branding project for the Family Asian Mart is a great example of images done right. She includes clean and crisp images when displaying the many uses of the logos and other branding she has designed. You can clearly see how her work is beautifully applied in the business’ wall decal, business cards, coffee cups, flyers, shopping bags, and posters.

4. Tell the story of each project

Including some background information about your work will help to explain why it was a success. Share notes about who the client was, what skills were used, and how the project was marketed.

The page Denise created for street food restaurant De Hawker tells the story of the branding project she worked on for them. From the page’s description, you learn that the restaurant was inspired by traditional Chinese food-serving pushcarts – known as hawker carts. Denise created a slick logo that tied in the shape of a hawker cart along with chopsticks, Chinese characters, and neon signage. Sharing the logo’s inspiration makes the branding even more meaningful and impressive for her website visitors.

Utilize a custom domain name, thoughtful website design, high-quality images, and descriptive background information when building your portfolio website. These four key factors will help showcase your work in a compelling way. Head to to learn more about Denise and see her polished personal website for yourself.

ZBKPhotos.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

One of the best ways to feel greater satisfaction from working on your creative passion projects or hobbies is to share your work with others through a personal website. Even if you have many varied interests and skills, you can increase the joy you get from what you are most passionate about by creating a website dedicated to it. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, is the perfect inspiration for building a website that shows off your work and brings you closer to your passion.

Zachary Kemper is an LA-based photographer, filmmaker, and actor who uses his portfolio website to share his photography work. Zachary’s journey as an artist began with acting. He studied theatre at Los Angeles County High School and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. He also wrote and starred in “A Song for your Mixtape“, a short film about confronting difficult mental health issues as an LGBTQ+ youth. It went on to receive over 100,000 views, recognition as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and a screening in the Boys Short Program at Outfest. Now as a sociology major at University of California Irvine, Zachary’s interest in people and personalities guides his art and the expressive way he portrays humanity and relationships in his photos.

The area Zachary explores most often in his photography work is the ability of our physical bodies. His interest in sociology and human behavior is apparent in the overall style and feel that his photos convey. He favors shooting his subjects in creative, visually striking, and sometimes vulnerable situations. His photos are often compelling scenes depicting subjects’ bodies in motion. He rarely chooses to show someone in a photo simply standing or facing the camera without doing something else that is eye-catching and unique. This stylistic choice is another way Zachary’s sociology studies appear to influence his art. Some of Zachary’s most stunning work shows subjects seemingly defying gravity by floating, standing upside down, or even balancing their entire body on one arm. By centering the viewer’s attention on a human body in extreme motion, Zachary gets them to explore their own concept of what is possible for a human to do.

Zachary says he chose photography as his primary form of creative expression because he “feel(s) most in control of the work I create, which fulfills me more than any other form of art I have ever practiced.” That fulfilling artistic work seems to draw inspiration from his time spent acting, as evidenced by the photos featured on his website. Zachary’s site features vivid headshots and introspective yet revealing self-portraits that one could easily imagine seeing in a magazine promoting his appearance in a film. Zachary’s work bears a cinematic quality, as well. For example, some of his photos seem as if they are stills taken on the set of a movie in the process of filming.

Zachary recently showed his acting skills in his first feature film, “Hollow Bedroom,” which is currently in production. Though he focuses his website on his photography work, his decision to list his achievements in theatre and filmmaking in the About section helps his website visitors get a full picture of his creative inspiration. It also shows his many talents while not distracting from the photographs which are the main focus of his website.

Zachary is still early on in his career, but his art is already making waves. His photography work garnered him a profile from Los Angeles city guide magazine VoyageLA. While he is pursuing his sociology degree he plans to continue to express his artistic creativity through his photography. He is currently working as a freelance photographer, and wisely shares his portfolio link in his Instagram bio so that he can promote his work to potential collaborators, employers, and fans.

Zachary uses his personal website to exhibit his photography work and share the passion he has for it with others. As he continues to grow his career and his personal brand, his memorable .xyz domain is ready to grow with him. Whatever your passion or hobby is, sharing it with others through your own website creates a closer connection with that hobby and gives you the freedom to display your work in the way you like.

ClassNotes.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

We’ve used our #WebsiteWednesday series to highlight many .xyz community members that have expanded their promotional reach via a well-designed website. Web push notification app promotes its services with a dedicated page showing the app’s features and potential benefits. is a great example of how to use your website as the center of a cohesive online brand for your app. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll meet another app creator that boosts their reach by pairing their .xyz website and their app to create a complete online educational experience for their users: is a startup from Austin, TX that provides educational resources to students from around the world. The company lists their foundational mission as their belief that “good quality education is a basic right of every human being.” claims their service improves standardized test scores by offering exam prep that costs 10 times less than tuition centers and academies. To get this reduced cost, says they’ve increased the efficiency of exam preparation by providing personalized feedback to each student according to their strengths and weaknesses. The service also provides analytics to students about their current preparation and what they need to focus on. Then, says they can create a detailed study plan and schedule for each student to prepare for their upcoming exams. says their main focus is to help their global community of students access educational resources by digitizing and sharing materials through their app and user-friendly online platform. To accomplish this, they designed their app to work along with the site to create a flexible and complete learning service. Notes for classes in the curriculum are available on the website, and can then be downloaded onto the app. Notes are organized according to different subjects and student grade levels. even gives examples of past papers to help students with homework.

Both the website and app offer different services designed to provide a full service learning solution. In addition to test materials and guides, also features a student blog section. Here, students can share articles with advice for studying, choosing careers, and personal educational experiences. On the other end, the mobile app offers remote access to test prep materials, offline notes, downloadable materials, and flash cards, which are geared towards on-the-go learning. This dual approach and synergy between the app and website covers different areas of learning to give students test prep help no matter where they’re located.

The service already caught the attention of some notable backers. is partnered with the Public Information Technology Board of Pakistan and helps provide students prep materials for their exams. In addition, lists $4.3 billion-funded startup accelerator MassChallenge as a partner.

As shows, using your website and app together allows you give your audience access to your service no matter where they are in the world. This flexibility can then in turn make them more likely to continue using it. Of course, creating a website for your existing app starts with getting a memorable domain name, like has. Get the perfect branded domain name for your service and turn your app and website into the ultimate one-two punch.