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a0k1verse.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is growing with unique NFT-focused projects. Web3 platform helps businesses and organizations create NFT marketplaces. Decentralized autonomous organization created a platform for community investing in NFTs. Ethereum-based exploration game is centered around customizable NFT characters.

In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an NFT membership community created by prominent DJ and NFT enthusiast Steve Aoki: is the online home of a new NFT-driven membership community created by Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki. Members of, otherwise known as citizens, can gather assorted perks, such as exclusive access to live and virtual concerts. To join, you can use Ethereum-based crypto tokens known as A0K1 Credits to redeem the A0K1VERSE Passport NFT, which serves as your personal admission ticket to the community. and the A0K1VERSE Passport NFT were created in collaboration with smart contract startup, which provides creators with a means to mint NFTs embedded with smart contract technology. In the summer of 2021, Steve announced his involvement with in a series of Tweets about a project called Dominion X. Steve collaborated with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios to present Dominion X, the first episodic series to launch on the blockchain1. Dominion X was minted from a custom smart contract via with unique interactive qualities directly within the NFT.

The unique A0K1VERSE Passport NFT comes equipped with various benefits and opportunities. In addition to exclusive live and virtual concert admission, holders will gain priority access to exclusive digital collectibles, including NFTs for use in leading blockchain-based play-to-earn game Sandbox. A0K1VERSE Passport NFT holders can also be the first to hear about new music and NFT updates, acquire free apparel, and gain tokenized access to limited items from exclusive apparel collaborations. Each A0K1VERSE Passport NFT can be upgraded using additional A0K1 Credits. As members take part in community events and amass more A0K1 Credits, they will earn stamps in their evolving passport which can unlock access to new perks. The A0K1VERSE Passport NFT will also be interoperable with NFT projects from other creators.

Citizens of are helping to spread awareness of the new community by sharing their freshly minted A0K1VERSE Passport NFTs on Twitter. NFT collector MsgCrazies.Eth tweeted “Super excited about @a0k1verse. Look forward to big and better things down the road.2” The platform has encouraged promotion from their members by hosting flash contests that award a dozen free A0K1 Credits to the first citizen to set specific NFTs as their Twitter profile picture.

Web3 mavericks like Steve Aoki continue to use .xyz domains to bring their exciting new NFT projects to life. With the creatively spelled, Steve recognized that it is a good idea to register additional domains with common misspellings, or other ways people might try to type in your website. He also registered so that anyone who types in the name phonetically will still end up on You can learn more about Steve and his new NFT community by following the platform on Twitter and Discord, or by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

TheHug.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to many incredible women makers, innovators, and leaders. While March is Women’s History Month, we celebrate women all year round as part of our mission to help the next generation of internet users get online. As long-time supporters of Indonesia-based non-profit organization Generation Girl, we share their interest in inspiring young women to become leaders in the historically male-dominated STEM fields and appreciate the opportunity to provide .xyz domains to help further education in tech for woman-identified developers and website owners. We regularly highlight awesome women-led websites that demonstrate the true versatility of memorable .xyz domains. For example, climate activist and researcher Clover Hogan established her non-profit organization’s online home on to help fellow young people realize their change-making potential in the face of climate change. Australia-based digital artist Serwah Attafuah uses to showcase her digital art and NFT creations. Marketing manager and content creator Sarah Wohlner uses for a mouth-watering food and travel-themed blog. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a women-led community platform aimed at developing a more equitable Web3: is the online home of HUG, a community platform designed to embrace and empower all Web3 creators. Facebook Live creator Randi Zuckerberg and venture capital firm M13 founder Debbie Soon agreed that for marginalized groups like women, non-native English speakers, BIPOC, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people, and LGBTQ+ folks, launching a new Web3 project can be challenging. Randi and Debbie also share an interest in embracing, advising, mentoring, and empowering aspiring Web3 creators. These shared beliefs and interests motivated their development of, aimed to level the playing field for all Web3 creators to create what they refer to as “the inclusiverse.”’s original project is an application-based creator accelerator program known as groupHug. This program offers mentorship from Randi and a network of industry leaders in technology and the arts. The groupHug program also facilitates brand partnerships, provides PR exposure, and assists with preparation for institutional fundraising. In March 2022, introduced HUGHub, a more accessible review and aggregation platform for NFT projects and creators.

HUGhub is designed to amplify and reward the curation and discovery of new creators, and offers benefits to collectors as well as creators. Collectors can expect opportunities to help them discover creators and projects of interest including:

  • Concise one-pagers that provide the most relevant information about a creator or project
  • Personal galleries to curate and demonstrate which creators you are most excited about
  • Discovery of new projects based on what you’ve liked in the past
  • A helpful way to discover creators and projects through unique filtering such as:
    • Art style and/or medium
    • Founder attributes (women-founded, Black-founded, Asian-founded, etc.)
    • Mission and social causes (sustainability, LGBTQ+, etc.)

Creators can receive benefits to help them connect with others, including:

  • Simplified ways to connect with collectors who are looking for creators like you and projects like yours
  • Connection to other creators open to collaboration
  • Inspiration from other collections and detailed information to inform your own launch roadmap and community-building’s HUGhub is free to access, but you can unlock special features, engagement, and token-earning opportunities with the HUG Membership Pass NFT, which is anticipated to mint in April 2022. HUG Membership Pass NFTs are animated hugs that come in matching pairs. Members are encouraged to send a hug to someone else who may not have been able to afford one. HUG Membership Pass NFTs also act as a mint pass for the Genesis NFT, which will comes with additional utilities, including strategy sessions with Randi, Debbie, and the rest of the HUG team and their team of advisors, and monthly mystery boxes with NFTs curated by the HUG team. Genesis NFT holders can also attend the HUG NFT awards show honoring women and minority creators.

Debbie and Randi are working to ensure the future of Web3 is built equitably. Just as .xyz is reshaping the future of the internet, is working to reshape the future of Web3. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and joining their weekly on/airHUG Twitter Spaces, or by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Contents: How to Use | Inspiring Websites | Get Yours!

10 New Domains

At XYZ, we have a mantra of openness and inclusion. When we say that our mission is to help the next generation of internet users get online, we mean internet users of all backgrounds, industries, and interests. We believe that anyone and everyone should be able to make their mark online and spread their passions with the world. That’s the reason we work hard to make sure our domain offerings can serve every niche and budget out there.

Today we proudly announce that we have dramatically expanded the XYZ Family with ten new domain names! We bring you an even wider variety of domains for you to create your powerful online presence. Please welcome: .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, and .LOL.

How to use ten more domains to help you reach a global audience

Use these descriptive, memorable, and keyword-rich domains to establish your brand online and stand out to your audience. Your perfect domain can be found for a wide variety of industries. If your favorite registrar isn’t carrying these yet – let them know!


.Game logo

Have a video game or board game to promote? Launch your website with .Game to reach the rapidly growing gaming community and maximize your online branding.

.Guitars and .Audio

.Guitars logo.Audio logo

Do you create music, maintain sound equipment, or have a podcast? Amp up your brand online with .Audio and help your sound be heard to music and audio enthusiasts. Or utilize .Guitars to strike the right chord with your online presence and signal your dedication to one of the world’s favorite instruments.

.Christmas and .Flowers

.Christmas logo.Flowers logo

Looking to market your holiday gifts and services? Spread holiday cheer with .Christmas while jingle bell rocking your online presence. Or flourish online with .Flowers while firmly planting your website as a botanical destination for plants, floral arrangements, and more.


.Diet logo

Want to connect with health-conscious foodies? Use .Diet to celebrate food in all its forms and show your website has good taste.


.Hosting logo

Have a web hosting or event hosting company? Bring your idea to life with .Hosting and reach website and event creators everywhere.


.Pics logo

Are you a photography expert, novice, or somewhere in between? Create a standout brand image with .Pics and share your digital images with the world.


.Mom logo

Starting a business that’s perfect for amazing mothers? Nurture your online presence with .Mom and create a website that attracts parents and family members of all types.


.LOL logo

Looking for a quick and quirky URL? Want that “LOL” reaction? Short, catchy, and easy to type, the .LOL domain could be perfect for your website.

Inspiring websites using .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, and .LOL

Brands, individuals, and organizations all over the world are already using .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, and .LOL to build their websites and establish their brands online.

  • NFT platform Rune.Game is a blockchain game where players can create NFTs called Runewords.
  • High-end microphone and headphone brand Austrian.Audio creates professional audio tools for sound engineers, musicians, and content creators.
  • Guitar shop Max.Guitars carries new and used instruments from the leading guitar brands.
  • Canada-based Christmas show Laberge.Christmas shares the details of their computer-animated light show on its seasonal website.
  • Australia-based floral designer XavierNicolle.Flowers offers floral design services for weddings and special events.
  • Recipe database MyHealth.Diet aims to benefit health with the power of proper nutrition.
  • Web hosting service provider Touchstone.Hosting aims to make their customers’ websites fast, reliable, and secure.
  • Web exhibit platform Coten.Pics provides online photo publishing services for budding photographers.
  • Education platform TalkBox.Mom aims to help parents teach their children how to speak foreign languages.
  • Social network OMG.LOL is helping their audience create the “most fun online presence that they’re ever had.”

Use this diverse range of domains to establish your brand online and signify your devotion to your community. Don’t miss out – register your .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, or .LOL domain names today!

Choose your preferred registrar to get yours now
(and more coming soon!)

If your favorite registrar isn’t carrying .Game, .Guitars, .Audio, .Christmas, .Diet, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Pics, .Mom, or .LOL yet – let them know!

  • Namecheap
  • GMO
  • NameSilo
  • Dynadot
  • Porkbun
  • Epik
  • Natro
  • GoDaddy Corporate Domains
  • Matbao
  • Pananames
  • Enom
  • Hover
  • Openprovider
  • Hexonet
  • Uniregistry
  • Realtime Register
  • Network Solutions
  • Atak Domain
  • DomainDiscount24
  • Subreg
  • Directnic
  • MarkMonitor
  • CSC
  • Netim
  • VentraIP
  • domainnameshop
  • United Domains
  • PlanetHoster
  • nameISP
  • DomainCostClub
  • Vautron
  • DonDominio
  • Comlaude
  • Safenames
  • Nameshield registrar
  • Lexsynergy
  • Web Hosting Canada
  • cps datensysteme
  • EnCirca
  • PSI
  • SafeBrands
  • AppDetex
  • Corehub
  • nTLDs bei Variomedia
  • BB-online
  • Entorno
  • Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.
  • Global Village GmbH
  • French Connexion
  • 1&1Ionos
  • OnlyDomains
  • Alantron
  • TopNets Technology Co.,Ltd
  • resellerclub

Ryan.xyzIonos customer – (United States)

Your personal website is an online hub where you can control your online presence and share your career experiences, creative projects, and just about anything else you choose. Prior Amazon leader Juan José Delgado uses to showcase his skills in marketing strategy. 3D designer and software instructor Erindale Woodford uses to display their design work and online coursework. Austria-based Aleyda Rocha uses to demonstrate her work as a researcher and artist. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished tech entrepreneur and investor who developed his online hub on a retro-styled website with a memorable domain: is the personal website of spiritual-minded tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee. Ryan has a passion for technology startups and spent over 15 years developing and launching innovative ideas. He co-founded six companies including enterprise software company Parsable, digital health platform RxDefine, and online video platform Omnisio, which he later sold to Google. Ryan is also an active investor, and is currently a managing partner at Los Angeles-based seed-stage technology venture capital firm,

Ryan has creatively designed to look like a computer desktop straight out of the early 1990s. It features a desktop wallpaper background inspired by early computer-generated 3D art. The wallpaper is centrally branded with and the tagline “This is not a test,” which is a great way to permeate his short and memorable domain name into the viewer’s experience and help keep it at top of mind. The “desktop” even features 8-bit draggable icons. This unique and artistic design style serves to organize and highlight all of the information Ryan wishes to share. It also encourages visitors to navigate the entire website, making sure they don’t miss a single click.

The most comprehensive and informative link on is the lone “.txt file” icon labeled About Me.txt. This intriguing icon links to a Google document titled “Ryan Junee Bio.” This document highlights Ryan’s background, career history, and social media platforms, and shares links to other biographies about him on platforms such as Wikipedia and AngelList. It functions as a quick and easy, image-free press release that provides all of the most pertinent information Ryan wishes to display to the world. also showcases three links, disguised as file folder icons, creatively titled to foster curiosity and spotlight Ryan’s most prominent passions: tech startups, writing, and spirituality.

  • How to start a startup – This “folder” leads to his YouTube video titled “How To Start a Billion Dollar Business.” This link provides visitors the opportunity to discover that Ryan has a YouTube channel featuring eight insightful videos ranging in topics from leadership style, spirituality, and how to find profitable startup ideas. 
  • The nature of reality – Ryan’s blog, or “digital garden” as he calls it, where he publishes his thoughts on business, consciousness, and the nature of reality. 
  • Finding your purpose -Another of Ryan’s highlighted YouTube videos, titled “5 Questions to Find Your Deepest Purpose,” which shares Ryan’s insights gained from his own journey of spiritual awakening.

Ryan populates his “desktop” with more creative icons to lead visitors to each location he wants them to experience. He shares an icon that links to his venture capital firm, Ryan also includes an icon that links to his Quintessence Newsletter, where he welcomes visitors to subscribe to his occasional newsletter for more of his thoughts on business, consciousness, and the nature of reality. even displays icons that link to his social media profiles on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. To infuse even more personality into his personal website, Ryan features two “.jpg” icons which proudly highlight photos of his faithful furry companions, Storm and Luna.

Selecting a memorable domain name like is beneficial because they’re easier to remember, repeat, and type. Innovative leaders recognize that their website URL is an opportunity to differentiate themselves and make a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators. With, Ryan has a domain name that sticks in potential users’ minds because it’s as simple to remember as his name. He uses his memorable .xyz domain to control his online presence and highlight everything he wishes to showcase to the world. Ryan believes his .xyz domain helps signify his forward-thinking. As he explained to us, “.xyz is popular with technologists, particularly in web3, and sends a subtle message of being ‘in the know’. I personally chose .xyz because I wanted an ENS domain that was also publicly accessible in the browser (unlike .eth) and .xyz was the first to support this.” We are inspired by forward-thinkers like Ryan defining the .xyz community. You can keep up with Ryan by following him on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

XYZ Registry Domains Report - February 2022

February 2022 Highlights

  • Nearly 200 premium XYZ Registry domains were registered*
  • Most popular TLDs in premium sales: .XYZ, .Homes, and .Storage
  • Most popular TLDs in standard sales: .XYZ, .Monster, and .Quest
  • Technology companies continued to demonstrate strong aftermarket interest in .xyz domains
  • 3 letter and 4 letter domains accounted for 36% of the .xyz aftermarket sales reported at NameBio
    • Aftermarket sale for $7,300
    • Aftermarket sale for $7,099
    • Aftermarket sale for $4,850
    • Aftermarket sale for $1,390
  • Worldwide companies and individuals launched their websites on premium XYZ Registry domains
    • Premium domain ($3,000 MSRP) registered by a Metaverse conference
    • Premium domain Silk.Security ($2,500 MSRP) registered by a security platform
    • Premium domain Astrix.Security ($2,500 MSRP) registered by an access management solution
    • Premium domain** ($700 MSRP) registered by a digital artist
    • Premium domain Line-Up.Tickets ($450 MSRP) registered by a ticketing platform
    • Premium domain** ($350 MSRP) registered by a Web3 community platform
    • Premium domain** ($350 MSRP) registered by a digital art director
  • Highest premium sales:,,,,,,,,,,, ($3,000 MSRP)
  • Highest aftermarket sale: at $59,888

Discover high-quality premium XYZ domains with our helpful Premium Search and CNOX Search tools. When you see some options that you’re interested in, head to your registrar of choice to secure your domains before someone else beats you to it.

* Premium XYZ Registry domains refer to premium domains for extensions with standard and premium domains, and XYZ’s premium namespaces such as .Cars, .Storage, .Tickets, .Security, etc.

** High/Low priced premium domain. Domains in this tier have a premium price for the first year, but renew at standard pricing. All other premium domains have annual premium renewal fees.

Top 20 Premium XYZ Domains Registered

(not ranked) Kitchen.Rent** Future.College** Next.Protection** Party.Quest**** Line-up.Tickets You.Car
Vegas.Homes Sohoplace.Theatre
Sushi.Monster** Barnes.Yachts**
Allure.Skin** Fashion.Beauty
Silk.Security X.Storage

More Standout Premium Registrations** Ghost.Security Astrix.Security Stage.Rent Planning.College Web3.Tickets Hexapod.Storage** Brook.Boats**
Hollywood.Homes Hubb.Autos
Fun.Monster** Cars.Autos
World.Quest** Seguro.Auto

February .xyz Aftermarket Overview


Total dollar value: $434,767.00
Average price: $2,080.22
Low Price: $100.00
High Price: $59,888.00
Maximum SLD characters: 17
2C – 4
3L – 56 (26.79%)
4L – 20 (9.57 %)

Top 10 XYZ Domains

(Ranked by volume)

  1. .xyz
  2. .Monster
  3. .Quest
  4. .Homes
  5. .Beauty
  6. .Autos
  7. .Baby
  8. .Rent
  9. .Boats
  10. .Yachts

Top 10 .xyz Premium Domains Registered

(Price listed is MSRP)

  1. – $3,000
  2. – $3,000
  3. – $3,000
  4. – $3,000
  5. – $3,000
  6. – $3,000
  7. – $3,000
  8. – $3,000
  9. – $3,000
  10. – $3,000

Top 10 .xyz Aftermarket Sales


  1. – $59,888
  2. – $45,000
  3. – $39.888
  4. – $39,888
  5. – $29,888
  6. – $29,888
  7. – $8,900
  8. – $7,888
  9. – $7,888
  10. – $7,300 Onamae Customer – (Japan)

The .xyz community is home to many talented musicians who recognize the importance of an inviting and informational online presence. Building a website for your band is a great way to showcase your music exactly how you want to. Your band’s website is an online hub to post your catalog of music and scheduled live performances, and highlight everything that you have to offer. New listeners can discover your music and become your biggest fans. Reggae and R&B singer Amindi uses to showcase her impressive projects and unique style. Soulful singer uses his website to exhibit his boundary-pushing R&B music. Singer and YouTuber Rachie uses to share her cover music and electric personality. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Tokyo-based band that established their online home with a vibrant and comprehensive website: is the online home of Tokyo-based alternative band Za-Ningen. The band initially formed in 2008 in Kumamoto, Japan and is recognized by fans for their angst-fueled alternative sounds and thoughtful lyrics. The band has since moved to Tokyo, and is currently composed of lead singer Rio Shimokawa, and guitarists Magill Voice Child and Sota Natsume.

Rio and his band members use their website to share just about everything you might want to find on the website of your new favorite band. New fans can visit and learn all about the band’s history and any news updates shared by the band. Easy to navigate links are neatly organized along the top of’s homepage. Visit the band’s Biography page to learn about the band’s evolution from their beginnings in high school, through their move to Tokyo, to their various cycles of band members. Click over to the News page to view exciting and informative updates, such as an in-store signing of their latest CD at Tower Records.

The more seasoned fans can visit‘s discography and assorted media content to make sure they’re not missing any music or significant video releases. Check out the Discography page to review their digital singles, live DVDs, and latest releases like the limited edition CD+DVD “Distracted,” which debuted in August 2021. Navigate over to the Media page where you can find clips of the band from miscellaneous forms of media, including Rio’s bi-monthly column in popular magazine Skream.

Impassioned fans can visit when they’re ready to outfit themselves in head-to-toe branded merchandise and check out a live show. Visit the Goods page to view the band’s offerings, ranging from t-shirts and sweatshirts to knapsacks and keychains. Over on the Live page, shares important news and performance information. For example, on February 25, 2022, the band performed at Tokyo venue Shinjuku Loft and used their website to share venue and ticketing information.  

Musicians know the importance of a strong online presence. The internet is one of the most important promotional tools available, and you can use your website to control your message. Your website is your own dedicated place on the internet, and making sure to curate a website that is packed with all of the content that your visitors might want to find can help you promote your music and build a strong fanbase. You can learn more by following the band on Twitter as well as each band member on their own social media profiles: Rio Shimokawa (Twitter and Instagram), Sota Natsume (Twitter and Instagram), and Magill Voice Child (Twitter and Instagram). You can also learn more by visiting the band at

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Mojito.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States)

More and more innovative NFT-focused platforms are joining the .xyz community. Ethereum-based platform provides creators with a means to mint NFTs embedded with smart contract technology. DAO-governed helps artists mint NFTs and launch community-driven NFT universes. Crypto-based publishing platform connects writers with their audiences and helps them to distribute and monetize their minted work. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’ll introduce you to a new Web3 platform designed to help create NFT marketplaces: is a Delaware-based NFT studio and Web3 platform that designs and operates Ethereum-compatible NFT marketplaces, games, and communities. That means that any website or organization that wants to start selling NFTs or create an NFT-focused game can hire to bring their idea to life. will create, power, and help manage the newly designed NFT feature. The studio offers useful tools and solutions for custom NFT marketplaces such as the ability to help your platform’s users to pay with credit card, electronic bank-to-bank payment, or cryptocurrency for both primary and secondary NFT sales.

One of the most notable NFT marketplaces that created is for 277-year-old British auction house Sotheby’s. On October 15, 2021, the platform helped the renowned auction house launch Sotheby’s Metaverse, a marketplace for collectors of digital art. The Sotheby’s platform allows visitors to view and bid on digital artworks available at auction, as well as learn about the collectors and artists behind the NFTs. Sotheby’s initially chose to feature 53 pieces from the holdings of 19 notable collectors including NFTGirl and Paris Hilton1. Nearly one week later, on October 21, 2021, Sotheby’s made their first crypto investment by joining a $20 million seed round investment in, valuing the firm at $100 million. They invested along with Connect Ventures, an investment partnership between leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA). plans to use the capital to develop their engineering teams and continue building the Mojito platform. They aim to create more partnerships to launch brand-specific NFT marketplaces. is co-founded by early crypto entrepreneur Amanda Cassatt. Before co-founding, Amanda helped bring Ethereum to market while serving as Chief Marketing Officer for leading Ethereum software company ConsenSys. Web3 pioneers like Amanda continue to use .xyz domains to bring their exciting new projects to life. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, or by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.