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Axiom.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to web3 developers who are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge tools and solutions with the goal of fully realizing the potential of blockchain technology. Data infrastructure firm is aimed at providing developers with an easier way of working with blockchain data. Decentralized finance platform aims to get crypto traders the best rates on currency exchanges. Blockchain software development company strives to leverage new blockchain technology to advance global economic freedom. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to blockchain technology aimed at providing developers with a powerful tool for building decentralized applications:

Intrinsic Technologies builds to make zero-knowledge accessible to smart contract developers

Tech startup Intrinsic Technologies created as part of their efforts in tackling the hard research and engineering problems necessary to make zero-knowledge (ZK) accessible to smart contract developers. ZK is a cryptographic concept that allows two parties to verify the authenticity of a statement without revealing any additional information beyond the validity of the statement itself. Intrinsic Technologies developed on the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of helping smart contracts to securely access on-chain data and perform complex computations without compromising privacy. The technology uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enable these capabilities with a powerful tool for building decentralized applications. A ZKP is a method of proving something to someone without revealing any details about it. ZKPs are useful in situations where you want to prove something to someone without revealing sensitive information, like in financial transactions or online privacy. wants to enhance security for decentralized applications is designed to extend the capabilities of standard blockchain consensus with ZKPs. They aim to help smart contracts perform computations and access data in a way that prioritizes privacy and security. Their goal is to help developers create decentralized applications that are more efficient, scalable, and secure.

An important feature of is its claim of being able to provide trustless downstream use of ZK-verified results on-chain. “Trustless downstream use” means that you can use something without having to trust the entity that provided it to you, because the system is designed to function in a way that removes the need for trust. This could eliminate the need for third-party oracles, enhancing security, and making it possible for developers to build more secure decentralized applications.

Words from co-founder Yi Sun

Co-founder Yi Sun recognizes the significance of selecting an .xyz domain. As he explained to us, “ is building a ZK coprocessor for Ethereum to empower developers to build richer applications with zero-knowledge proofs. As crypto developers ourselves, we chose .xyz to demonstrate our commitment to open-source, trustless, and community-first technologies.” We are inspired by Yi and his progress in making ZK accessible to smart contract developers with You can learn more by following the company on Twitter @axiom_xyz, joining the Discord, and by visiting As of March 27, 2023, parent company Intrinsic Technologies is actively developing their website on Be sure to visit for additional information.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to many visual creatives and skilled artists displaying their talents and accomplishments on .xyz domains. Abstract artist Octavious Jones uses to share his collection of creative work. Multidisciplinary artist Nina Fraser showcases her assortment of creative work using Contemporary artist Michael Ho uses to highlight his innovative artwork. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a contemporary artist who shares her artwork using a memorable domain:

Meet the artist behind is the personal website of Los Angeles-based abstract artist Berta Negari. As the self-taught artist shares on her website, Berta began painting in the later part of her life but has made up for lost time by creating nearly 3,000 works in the past three years. Berta painted for “hours, days, and even months” without a break. She shares that her creations are a free flow textual imagery of her own emotions. Berta explores her mind, spirit, and imagination to produce zen-like floral imagery.

Explore Berta’s world with an organized website navigation

Berta’s Paintings, Shows, and Contact information are easy to explore with a simple and informative website design. Visitors can easily navigate to each page, which can help make Berta’s information easy to find. 

A journey of colors, textures, and emotions

Berta features a selection of her colorful and unique artwork on her Paintings page. You can click on each image for more details, such as a piece labeled RED ABSTRACT. This work is made of rich acrylic paint on stretched canvas that is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It is a bold red and black textured painting with hints of gold. In the description, Berta shares the sentiment invoked by her painting: “In turmoil of life you can always find hope.” 

Behind the scenes of Berta’s first solo exhibition 

On the Shows page, Berta shares photos, updates, and news related to her exhibits. This is important and helpful because it allows Berta to connect with her audience and potential clients, as well as promote her work and increase her visibility in the art world. She shares information about her first show, “Meditative Musings,” which ran for the month of December 2022 in downtown Santa Monica, CA. The show was curated by art gallerist Deepa Subramanian, Founder and Creative Head of Galerie De’Arts, an interactive and collective space providing a rent-free and neutral platform for art and culture.

Bridging the gap between art and audience with features a Contact page, where Berta shares a means to send her an email. This is a great resource that makes it simple for potential collaborators or clients to reach out and make contact. You can learn more about the benefits of Contact pages in our previous Quarterly Report. 

Learn more about Berta Negari

Selecting a memorable domain name like can have numerous benefits, such as being easier to remember, repeat, and type. A distinctive and memorable domain name can also help establish a strong online presence and improve brand recognition. Skilled creatives understand the importance of selecting a standout domain name that sets them apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and collaborators. Berta’s choice of domain name,, makes it easy for potential users to remember her website as it is closely tied to her name. A simple and memorable domain name like this can help Berta establish a strong online presence and attract visitors to her website. As she explained to us, “I picked .xyz for my website because it’s easy to remember and it looks good with my name.”  Berta uses her memorable .xyz domain to control her online presence and highlight everything she wishes to showcase to the world. You can learn more about Berta and view more of her artwork by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. customer – (Spain)

Web3-focused developers are using .xyz domains to help foster increased participation in blockchain technology. Media platform aims to amplify diverse talent in web3 artistry. Tech startup is aimed at humanizing crypto and empowering more women to enter web3. Blockchain software development company aims to foster a secure metaverse experience across web2 and web3, while maintaining privacy and user autonomy. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a blockchain developer who showcases his assortment of web3 services on a personal website using a “” domain:

Meet Jean Ayala, freelance web3 developer is the personal website and web3-themed blog of freelance blockchain developer Jean Ayala. The Spain-based developer focuses on blockchain-related technologies, including smart contracts development, NFTs, tokens, decentralized applications, and blockchain consulting. Jean is a member of the Developer DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization committed to helping educate and support new web3 builders. He is dedicated to creating innovative websites and applications that utilize blockchain technology to give people an edge in their industry. 

Jean Ayala’s web3 services

As detailed on, Jean provides a wide range of services related to blockchain technology. His services include:

  • smart contract development and audits
  • blockchain consulting and advising
  • decentralized app (dApp) development
  • NFT marketplaces
  • educating clients about blockchain technology and its benefits

Jean shares that he values close communication with his clients and strives to help them achieve their desired results while creating custom web designs that are unique for each project. His website states that he prioritizes creativity in his work, and ensures trust, privacy, and security in all his projects. Jean offers services related to blockchain technology that are not limited to any specific industry. He works with individuals in the content creation industry such as musicians, digital artists, and streamers, advising them on how to use blockchain technology to take advantage of its benefits.

Check out Jean’s Projects page to gain an understanding of the types of web3 projects he takes on. Jean shares a brief explanation of the hiring client, the project assignment, and a link to the completed website. A couple of his projects are live on .xyz domains:

  • – As Jean details, this is a collaborative project with design studio FLOC*, where he is Lead Software Developer. FLOC* is a design studio comprised of web3-focused freelancers with a passion for NFTs and DAOs. Their work for aims to establish a leading space for the curation of digital works while promoting the possibilities of web3 tech and NFTs for creators and collectors. 
  • – Another collaboration with the FLOC* team, is a NFT-as-a-Service project aimed to help you mint various services related to branding, web3, and design.

Explore Web3 and cryptocurrency with Jean’s blog, Web3 Blog by a Web3 Dev

Visit Jean’s Blog page to review his blog titled “Web3 Blog by a Web3 Dev.” You can read posts such as How can I (as a newbie) get involved with web3/crypto?, which is designed to help beginners navigate the web3 space without getting overwhelmed. The post details the differences between web3 and crypto, the benefits of web3, and how to get started. You can also check out What are crypto coins and why are there so many?, which aims to educate readers about the wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Jean reviews the basics of the blockchain-based digital assets, and explores how different cryptocoins have their own particular properties. Code Smarter with AI: Use ChatGPT for Front End Development explores the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). Jean reviews how AI can improve website design and functionality, and details how he improved his own website with the help of AI.

The benefits of a like

Using a domain like for your personal website can be beneficial, because Jean is not limited by any third-party platform constraints. He can use his website as the hub of his web3 freelancing services and related blog, and maintain complete control over how he presents his work. For Jean, the decision to choose .xyz was strategic. As he told us, “I was born at the same time as the internet, I come from a generation more willing to go beyond the conventional; that’s why I chose .xyz. I needed my digital identity to be a reflection of who I am and not the other way around.” We are inspired by Jean’s passion for web3 technology, and his efforts to educate the public about web3. You can learn more about Jean and his freelance services by following him on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. customer – (United States)

Accomplished creative businesses are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. Creative agency works with a client roster of global brands like Google and ESPN. FOX Entertainment’s web3 studio connects creators and communities with blockchain technology. Branding agency works with world-renowned brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade: In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a successful production company developing media content across commercial, film, TV, and theater:

Discover the award-winning production company is the online home of Smuggler, a production company based in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Founded in 2002 by film producers Patrick Milling-Smith and Brian Carmody, Smuggler produces a wide range of content, including commercials, theater, music videos, films, and television shows. Some of their most notable work includes producing commercials for brands like Apple, Squarespace, and Smartwater1, and directing music videos for artists such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z.2 They also produced the Broadway production of Macbeth starring Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga. The prestigious company has won numerous awards for its work, including three Emmy Awards3 and the Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.4 In February 2023, global talent agency UTA partner Mark Subias joined Smuggler as a Managing Partner. Mark will be developing and producing projects across theater, TV, and film for the company.5

Squarespace and Apple projects produced by

The production company has produced some incredibly popular and widely viewed media content. Among a substantial portfolio you can review on, the company is responsible for producing the memorable Squarespace: Who is commercial. Smuggler partnered with John Malkovich and Squarespace for the spot, in which the actor and the website platform gave viewers a glimpse of John Malkovich’s fight for a custom domain for his debut clothing line’s website. The spot went on to win the 2017 Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. Smuggler also worked with Apple on the short film titled Escape from the Office, featuring four office workers daydreaming about starting a company of their own. The foursome first require a product that they can successfully take to market, and devise a plan to develop a reusable reinforced bag. Throughout the film, you can see the workers conduct meetings, hire a teenage software developer, and move into their new garage office space. As the company grows, their old boss comes crawling back and tries to buy the successful startup. The spot was among the work that helped Smuggler earn the coveted Palme d’Or award at Cannes.

Talent you may recognize at Smuggler

If you click over to the Directors page on, you can toggle between Commercials and Music Videos to see a wide range of talented directors involved in Smuggler’s productions.

Influential director and Academy Award-nominee Todd Field began at Smuggler with a trilogy of commercials for Captain Morgan, based on the real-life adventures of Captain Henry Morgan. Todd recently directed 2022’s Tár, a film that earned six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Original Screenplay, and Best Director.

Filmmaker Fiona Jane Burgess pivoted from designing posters and tour visuals to directing campaigns for advertising agencies, global fashion houses, and music videos. Fiona recently directed the Mercedes-Benz spot “One of Many,” created by the brand in honor of International Women’s Day 2023. She is also known for her work on Christina Aguilera’s 20th-anniversary music video for the song “Beautiful.”

The evolution to

The company recently upgraded their domain from to the shorter and more memorable We are inspired by the innovation and creativity demonstrated by and look forward to more entertaining content. You can learn more about the production company and view more of their work by following them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Tribes.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States)

Web3-focused developers are using .xyz domains to introduce innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and cryptocurrency tools. Cryptocurrency wallet strives to make it easier for users to buy, store, and spend their cryptocurrency in the real world. Full-stack DeFi aggregator aims to deliver a variety of decentralized finance products and related solutions all on one platform. Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet combines a simple interface with leading security features in an effort to offer a better overall experience for crypto traders. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an app designed to combine web3-native social messaging with the utility of a crypto wallet: raised $3.3 million to develop their app for crypto communities is the online home of Tribes Protocol, a tech startup developing a decentralized communication protocol and a crypto-native app for crypto communities, creators, and DAOs. The Tribes app is a web3-native messaging and group wallet app designed to help users co-own digital assets. In January 2023, the startup raised $3.3 million in a pre-seed funding round led by San Francisco-based venture capital fund Kindred Ventures and South Park Commons, an investment community founded by Ruchi Sanghvi, Facebook’s first female engineer.1

Users can co-own digital assets and chat via social wallets

The Tribes social wallets, known as “co-wallets” are digital wallets that allow people to co-own and manage digital assets while communicating directly through the wallet itself. This means that people can use their co-wallet to talk to each other and make decisions together without having to use an outside messaging service such as Discord or Twitter. The co-wallets have many potential use cases, including for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and for family members who wish to co-own property.’s wallets can send, receive, and hold all kinds of digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), memberships, and currencies. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, any sending or spending of assets from the group requires a group vote for approval.

Words from the Founder of

Founder, CEO, and former Coinbase engineer Hish Bouabdallah selected a domain that felt fitting for their unique product. As he told us, “Tribes is a web3 messenger for everything from DMs to DAOs, and because we’re crypto-native, we’re a bit different than the apps people are used to. So when we thought about where we’d like our online home to be, we wanted a domain that’d help tell the story that we’re something new, something different. XYZ felt just right for that.” We are inspired by the innovation demonstrated by Hish, and look forward to more developments. The app is currently in alpha and available in the Apple and Google app stores. You can learn more by following along on Twitter and by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

LetterA.xyzSquarespace customer – (United States)

Successful and accomplished creative agencies develop their online homes on .xyz domains. Media company creates media for the digital generation, with clients such as McDonald’s and Netflix. Creative collective offers promotional and branding services to non-profit organizations including Alzheimer’s Association and NOVA Hope for Haiti. Creative agency works with a client roster of world-renowned brands like Google and ESPN. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a branding agency with a client roster of world-renowned brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade:

Introducing Letter A, a Portland-based branding agency led by Allison Henry Aver is the online home of Letter A, a Portland-based branding agency launched in 2017. The agency was founded by Allison Henry Aver, the former Creative Director of Ann Inc. (the parent company of women’s apparel brand Ann Taylor). Allison has over 20 years of experience leading creative teams in fashion and beauty. She played an integral role in the success of several well-known brands, including and the haircare brand Bumble and bumble. In their first year, landed clients from various categories, including tech (Casetify), children’s apparel (Tea Collection), and confections (Spring & Mulberry).‘s work for Spring & Mulberry was honored as one of the Top 100 designs of 2022 by the global package design community Dieline in December 2022.1

Explore Letter A’s branding portfolio online at

You can hover over the “Work” menu option to learn more about’s projects. For Kate Spade Saturday, a casual lifestyle brand launched by Kate Spade New York, spoke with young women who wanted to have fun with fashion to help them develop the brand from the ground up. The agency helped children’s apparel brand Tea Collection refresh their identity developed over twenty years ago with a brand new voice. You can also check out their work for women’s apparel brand Ann Taylor, including the evolution from retailer to lifestyle brand and the elevation of the label’s point of view around fashion and style. A creative agency that covers A to Z, just like their .xyz domain features a Contact page, where the agency shares their address, social media handles, and a means to send them an email. This is a great resource that makes it simple for potential clients to reach out and make contact. Allison believes the .xyz domain is a great option for her agency. As she told us, “The reason we chose .xyz? Because we work with clients from A to Z!” We look forward to more exciting brand identities to be developed by Allison and her team. You can learn more and view additional examples of their work by following the agency on Instagram and LinkedIn, and by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

XYZ Registry Domains Report - February 2023

February 2023 Highlights

  • Most popular TLDs in standard sales: .XYZ, .LOL and .Monster
  • Highest premium sales:
    • $3,000/year MSRP
  • Highest aftermarket sale reported:
  • 3-letter domains accounted for 25.53% of the .xyz aftermarket sales reported at NameBio, for example:
    • Aftermarket sale for $598
    • Aftermarket sale for $590
    • Aftermarket sale for $354
  • Worldwide companies and platforms launched their websites on premium XYZ Registry domains
    • Premium domain Eden.Homes ($3,000 MSRP) registered by a real estate platform
    • Premium domain** ($700 MSRP) registered by a web3 bookkeeping and accounting firm
    • Premium domain Lite.Hosting ($400 MSRP) registered by a Poland-based web hosting provider
    • Premium domain Resonance.Security ($2,500 MSRP) registered by a cybersecurity firm
    • Premium domain Pik.LOL ($150 MSRP) registered by a poetry platform
  • Innovative blockchain pioneers launched their platforms on aftermarket XYZ domains
    • Aftermarket sale ($49,499) a cross-chain messaging protocol
    • Aftermarket sale ($7,000) a DAO-focused solution for tracking, managing, and rewarding contributors
    • Aftermarket sale ($6,000) a no-code platform to launch customizable blockchain rollups
    • Aftermarket sale ($4,944) an NFT platform
    • Aftermarket sale ($4,000) a blockchain data platform
  • Most popular SLD keywords in February .xyz registrations: app, art, tech, bet, shop, web, online, usa, gpt, lab
  • In China, 426 .xyz websites received their ICP license in the month of February, including:
    •, a marketing company
    •, a 3D building designer
    •, a reality modeling solutions provider
    • (source:
  • Notable influencers using XYZ Domains
    • Tech entrepreneur Allen Loh, co-founder of Vocinno Technology, HOLLA Group, and Monkey App, launched, a creative agency that aims to deliver organic-style content that achieves high performance results
    • New York City-based web3, crypto and NFT content creator @nosleep.eth uses as her personal website
    • co-founder Potter Li and VC firm backed developers David Fant and Lonis H.’s, a web 3-native collaboration tool
  • Freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains
    • Software engineer Felix Madutsa’s blockchain interoperability company raised $4.5M in seed funding to help solve blockchain interoperability1
    • Developer Keone Hon’s tech startup raised $19M in seed funding (led by to help grow its smart contract platform and improve the Ethereum space2
    • Tech entrepreneur Ben Milne’s DeFi startup has raised $11.1M to invest in research and development while supporting its regulatory efforts in the United States3
    • Rutgers Assistant Professor Leo Fan’s Zero-knowledge (ZK) hardware startup raised $6 million in seed funding to provide hardware acceleration solutions for ZK proof protocols4

XYZ highlights from the 2023 Global Domains Report

Registrar InterNetX and domain name marketplace Sedo have recently released the Global Domain Report 20235, a yearly in-depth analysis of the domain industry. This report provides insights into the latest developments, tendencies, and trends of the domain industry, and it’s exciting to see that XYZ domains are becoming increasingly prevalent in the reports each year.

Here are some of the top .xyz mentions in the 2023 Global Domains Report:

  • Industry highlights include XYZ’s acquisition of 11 new gTLDs in 2022: .Game, .Pics, .LOL, .Mom, .Diet, .Audio, .Christmas, .Flowers, .Hosting, .Guitars, and .Lat
  • The report shows that .xyz dominates the #1 new gTLD spot with almost twice the market share of the second most popular domain extension, accounting for 14.6% of all new gTLD registrations.
  • 4.4% of all domains registered with new gTLDs redirect to .xyz domains, according to information provided by It is shown that .xyz is the only new gTLD in the top 5 TLDs (among .com, .uk, .de, and .org) that new gTLD registrations redirect to.
  • .xyz ranks in the top 10 TLDs for market share in 10 out of 15 global regions analyzed, alongside legacy TLDs like .com, .net, and .org.
  • According to the charts in the report, 8-year-old .xyz is the 2nd most popular TLD in Japan (half as popular as 37-year-old .com), and 3rd most popular TLD in Egypt.
  • .xyz made history as the first new gTLD to make it into the top 10 of the most frequently sold TLDs in the aftermarket, according to data in the report, bypassing .io, a ccTLD historically popular with pioneers in the tech industry.
  • In a statement of opinion, an author of the report shows surprise about their findings that many of the top 10 public .xyz sales are existing companies adopting .xyz as a rebranding strategy. However, this is no surprise to us at XYZ, knowing that .xyz is the most popular new gTLD in use today among infinitely diverse industries and individuals. You can learn about the strong and ever-growing #genxyz community from our ongoing publications:
    • Every Wednesday: #WebsiteWednesday –
    • Every Thursday: #BlockChainThursday –
    • Every Month: XYZ Domains Report –
    • Follow us on Twitter @xyz for even more!

Words from #GenerationXYZ: – $1,300 (MSRP) Registration

“Your domain name is your identity on the web, and your domain extension has long been the category of that identity. Our product isn’t primarily a commercial entity or an organization, but rather a digital tool for the internet, and a .xyz domain is the only domain that we feel embodies that. We chose a .xyz domain because it’s clean, memorable, and feels very hacker-esque, and those are the exact types of feelings we want to invoke with our product.”

– John Iadeluca, CEO,

Discover a curated selection of available .xyz domains with our .xyz premiums, .xyz numbers, and CNOX search tools.

* Premium XYZ Registry domains refer to premium domains for extensions with standard and premium domains, and XYZ’s premium namespaces such as .Cars, .Car, .Auto, .Theatre, .Storage, .Security, .Protection, and .Hosting.***

** High/Low priced premium domain. Domains in this tier have a premium price for the first year, but renew at standard pricing. All other premium domains have annual premium renewal fees.

XYZ Registry Domains Report – February 2023

Top 20 Premium XYZ Domains Registered

(not ranked)** UU.Game Ageless.Beauty** BFF.Mom** Ord.Pics Law.Monster** Random.LOL
Eden.Homes Bad.Diet
VC.Quest** S3.Storage
Resilient.Yachts** Eviden.Protection
Exotic.Rent 91.Car

More Standout Premium Registrations** Ice.LOL Pin.Storage Neighbors.LOL Scrap.Car** Shared.Hosting Blue.Car
Clear.Car CJ2.Hosting Vena.Security** Just.Pics Midnight.Security 899.Mom Risk.Security lC.Homes** FMV.Auto
AKU.Audio Complete.Homes** MN.Auto
Plz.LOL Future.Boats** Fixed.Cars
402.LOL Fish.Monster** NewJersey.Cars

February .xyz Aftermarket Overview


Total dollar value: $284,433
Average price: $6,051.77
Low Price: $100
High Price: $74,888
Maximum SLD characters: 13
3L – 12 (25.53%)
4L – 7 (14.89%)

Top 10 XYZ Domains

(Ranked by volume)

  1.     .xyz
  2.     .LOL
  3.     .Monster
  4.     .Pics
  5.     .Mom
  6. .Beauty
  7. .Autos
  8. .Homes
  9. .Hair
  10. ..Quest

Top 10 .xyz Premium Domains Registered

(Price listed is MSRP)

  1.** – $3,000
  2. – $3,000
  3. – $1,300
  4. – $1,300
  5. – $1,300
  6. – $1,300
  7. – $1,300
  8. – $1,300
  9. – $1,300
  10. – $1,300

Top 10 .xyz Aftermarket Sales


  1. – $74,888
  2. – $49,499
  3. – $45,000
  4. – $40,000
  5. – $20,000
  6. – $9,888
  7. – $7,000
  8. – $6,000
  9. – $4,950
  10. – $4,944

Top 10 Trending .xyz SLD Keywords

(source: Internal Data)

  1. app
  2.  art
  3. tech
  4. bet
  5. shop
  6.     web
  7. online
  8. usa
  9. gpt
  10. lab


Cohort.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (France)

Developers are using .xyz domains to disrupt industries by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Web3 startup strives to disrupt the loyalty program industry with a decentralized rewards marketplace. Forbes-featured artist Brandon Tory’s leverages blockchain technology to change the way music and other digital content is valued and distributed. Web3 video platform aims to disrupt the Hollywood studio system of film distribution. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an NFT platform that aims to revolutionize the way brands interact with and retain their customers:’s NFT-powered platform targets customer engagement is the online home of Cohort, a B2B (business-to-business) SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that aims to leverage NFTs to revolutionize the way brands interact with and retain their customers. B2B SaaS refers to software that is designed and delivered specifically for use by businesses and is typically sold on a subscription basis. In this case, strives to provide brands with an innovative platform that allows them to engage with customers in new and exciting ways through the use of NFTs. The platform offers a unique approach to marketing, with a goal of demonstrating the practical benefits of web3 technology. recently announced a €3.2 million (approximately $3.4 million USD) seed funding round led by venture capital firm IRIS, with participation from Kima Ventures, web3 startup studio 3founders, and more. This funding will help the company to accelerate the expansion of its sales, grow its product and tech teams, and hire new team members.1

Innovative marketing solutions through’s SaaS-based platform

The platform claims that brands can now offer their customers exclusive experiences, limited edition products, and VIP services. This can be valuable in today’s digital world where customers expect more from the brands they choose to interact with. emphasizes that users own their data and assets, providing them with control over the sharing of their data with brands and businesses through built-in privacy features.

Meet the Founders: Séraphie de Tracy and Nathan Barraillé is co-founded by Séraphie de Tracy, former Chief Operating Officer of FinTech startup Stratumn, and Nathan Barraillé, founder of AI-powered insurance platform Tint. The platform has signed more than 15 clients in France and the US, including women’s lingerie brand Etam, women’s shoe brand Socque Paris, and men’s skincare brand L’Atelier Shelter. As co-founder and CEO Séraphie shared in the press, “a new era of customer engagement is emerging. Customers are demanding more from brands and want greater control over their data. With, brands can offer a new class of hybrid products, provide exclusive memberships, collaborate across brands, and create social dynamics around their digital assets, all while helping with both acquisition and retention. Marketing, as we know it, is being completely reinvented for the better.”

Learn more about

We are inspired by’s aim to leverage NFTs to offer a new and innovative approach to customer engagement. We look forward to seeing the platform grow and bring the benefits of web3 technology to the masses. You can learn more by following the platform on LinkedIn and by visiting


GabriellaLewis.xyzSquarespace customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to many skilled creatives using .xyz to share their passions and career experiences. Entertainer Ace Anderson uses to showcase his accomplishments. Political satirist Bassem Youssef uses to highlight his media appearances, upcoming shows, and press clippings. Accomplished writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished video journalist, director, producer, and editor who highlights her vast career experiences on her own domain:

Get to know Gabriella Lewis is the personal website of self-described “video journalist, director, producer, and editor” Gabriella Lewis. With over 8 years of experience, the Bay Area native creates engaging and insightful videos that capture the attention of viewers around the world. Gabriella graduated from The New School with a degree in Journalism and has since made her home in Brooklyn, New York where she spends her free time tending to her many houseplants, baking, and caring for Snacks, her pet corn snake. As a Senior Video Journalist at The New York Times, Gabriella has made significant contributions to the publication’s video content. As she shares on her website, Gabriella’s work has also been featured in other distinguished publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Pitchfork, and CNN. 

Video journalism for The New York Times

As a Senior Video Journalist at The New York Times and the New York Times Cooking division, Gabriella leads creative development and production for new and existing video series that prioritize reporting, storytelling, and entertainment. In her position, Gabriella manages the creative, production, and post-production aspects of large-scale video shoots, such as budgeting and coordinating with talent, internal teams, and external freelancers. Gabriella pitches, directs, produces, shoots, and edits video series for large audiences on tight deadlines. Gabriella’s produced videos for The New York Times and the New York Times Cooking division vary in length and are used for a range of purposes, from short news segments to in-depth features. Her videos are an integral part of the Times’ multimedia coverage, and are designed to bring stories to life through powerful visuals and compelling storytelling. 

Using to explore Gabriella’s projects for The New York Times, Wired, Vanity Fair, and more

Gabriella’s projects are easy to explore with a simple and informative website design. features a gallery of Gabriella’s projects, including many from the New York Times as well features from Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. Her projects are categorized by subject on pages such as Food, Lifestyle & Culture, Science & Technology, and Beauty, which makes it even easier to navigate her website and experience her range of work. Take a look at the Food page to learn about the different projects that Gabriella has worked on for the New York Times Cooking division. For a more detailed experience, click on a thumbnail image to learn more and watch the project. Check out Mystery Menu, a selection from the Mystery Menu series directed, produced, and filmed by Gabriella. This project is titled “2 Chefs Try to Make A Meal Out of Bananas” and features chef Sohla El-Waylly’s recipe for Banana Cream Pie. Gabriella shares the embedded video from the New York Times YouTube channel, where the video has accumulated over 409,000 views.1 On the Science & Technology page, check out Gabriella’s production for Wired. This project is titled “Former FBI Agent Breaks Down Political Body Language,” and features Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro. The video has garnered over 3 million views on Wired’s YouTube channel.2

The benefits of Gabriella’s use of a domain

Using a domain like can help make it easier for Gabriella and her work to be discoverable online. Anyone who Googles “Gabriella Lewis” will see at the top of the search results page (as of February 22, 2023). With a professional website using a domain name that matches your full name, it’s more likely that your website will show up in relevant results. We are proud to have the talented Gabriella Lewis in the .xyz community. You can learn more about Gabriella by following her on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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