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During the Middle Ages, it was common for unmarried women to get work by spinning yarn or thread as a means of financial independence, referred to as spinsters. At that time a person’s occupation was often used as a sort of surname in legal documents. By the 17th century, unmarried women were generically referred to as spinsters, eventually evolving into the insult it is today. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is reclaiming the term to represent female freedom and autonomy for their women-centric website, homepage is a social media platform meant to provide a safe space for feminist dialogue. While it’s open to all genders, the rules set in place are meant to protect women and feminists specifically. The platform has strict policies against the use of slurs, messages of misogyny, stalking, and harassment. The site’s moderators strictly enforce these rules to ensure that feminists have a platform to connect without being targeted and harassed. was recently founded by software engineers Mary Kate Fain ( and Alex Gleason ( Also a writer and grassroots organizer, Mary Kate faced backlash online for her popular articles on feminism. Mary Kate and Alex saw a need to give internet users a place to discuss feminism without feeling censored or afraid. They took to the Fediverse, a decentralized web of social networking applications that communicate with each other (including fellow Fediverse site, to start, and knew that .xyz would be the perfect domain to brand with.

“We chose .xyz as our top-level domain for two main reasons. First, it is short, snappy, and easy to say, spell, and remember.

Second, we liked .xyz because it felt tangential to the content of Spinster. As a feminist social media platform, we regularly deal with questions of identity, biology, what it means to be a woman. Since “X” and “Y” are the human sex chromosomes, we thought .xyz was a bit of a cheeky reference to the extravagance of modern gender discourse.”

– Mary Kate Fain, Co-founder of launched on August 15, 2019 to an outstanding reaction. Within one week, the site was overloaded with 4,250 users and over 74,000 statuses posted. was also featured in an article on Reclaim the Net, and Mary Kate was interviewed on the Feminist Current podcast. is designed to work similarly to Twitter, and allows users to post up to 3000 characters in public or direct messages. The posts can include photos, videos, and polls, and posters can tag each other through their “” handles. Where Twitter has only one feed, has three feeds on the homepage. The Home feed lists updates from those you follow, the Spinster feed includes updates from all the platform’s users, and the Fediverse feed houses updates from the connected network.

All of us at XYZ believe in equality and celebrate the profound impact women have on our society every day. We’re proud that Mary Kate and Alex have chosen to share their innovative platform with the world on a .xyz domain.

You can head to to request access to the network, or follow them on Twitter @spinster_xyz.

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The path to being a successful entrepreneur requires much more than having a great idea. You may have a genius business model and truly innovative product, but if you don’t have the network-building skills and fundraising know-how to secure backers for your startup, you may never get the chance to introduce that idea to the world.

Our mission for .xyz is to provide a platform for rising innovators and makers to build that essential community behind their businesses. That’s why we are proud to have recently started sponsoring this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, who has created an educational program that could teach you what it takes to establish your global network of collaborators and make your startup dreams come true. homepage

Founded by a team from diverse work backgrounds, is a month-long entrepreneurial program that gathers 25 driven individuals and places them on five startup teams. Participating entrepreneurs present their startup ideas at the start of the journey, then form teams and work together through the steps of the program. Once the program is complete, each team creates and pitches a business plan in front of a curated panel of investors.

In the many steps throughout this journey, participants work their way through the key moments in any startup’s life cycle, including analyzing the market to determine product viability, outlining a target market and goal position within it, and mapping a plan for growth and expansion. The teams’ core task of creating a viable startup idea is supplemented throughout the program with hands-on workshops on founding a company and how to set your business up for success, as well as advice from expert coaches and business advisors that help guide the teams and share knowledge. program’s program is unique in that it takes a complete approach to teaching entrepreneurial success, and that includes personal health and well being. Regular fitness, yoga, and meditation sessions are built-in so that participants stay sharp mentally and offer their best work. The program also includes great team building activities, like an outdoor adventure and tribe nights that help the team mesh on a professional and personal level.

Everything in’s program is set up to help the participants build strong networks, learn the hustle required for success, and improve their knowledge and personal well being, so that when those entrepreneurs bet on themselves and their ideas they can end up with a winning hand.

.xyz sponsors

Entrepreneurship is a dream for many, and’s program is a fantastic way to pursue that dream while gaining the knowledge and network contacts needed for success. We feel a shared mission between .xyz and Just as .xyz has created a global community of innovators and makers that are pushing the Internet forward, is molding tomorrow’s leaders and giving them a head start on the path to success. That’s why we are proud to be sponsors of the program, and participants will now receive .xyz domains on which they can brand their startups and broadcast their message to the world.

Get entrepreneurship tips on’s blog, see their detailed breakdown of what the program entails, or apply to be a part of OkInvent’s program yourself.

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Fast growth has become the true measure of success for startups, and so it makes sense that one of the most talked-about marketing terms today is “growth hacking.” This marketing strategy is designed to get massive growth in a short time through rapid experimentation and innovation. So how do you determine which marketing distribution channels you should experiment with first? And how do you measure that your efforts are working? Startups without a growth marketing expert within their ranks can look to this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, for help with that. is a privately held growth marketing agency based in Pune, India. Their team of digital marketers, growth hackers, data analysts, and content specialists offer startups and businesses the expertise and tools they need to help them grow quickly.

You can find real-life examples of the effect has had on businesses in the Case Studies section of their website. Fitato, a membership solution that gives users access to multiple gyms and fitness studios, sought the help of to gain memberships to their platform. Through a mix of digital marketing techniques and website optimization, has been able to quadruple Fitato’s monthly app installs and increase revenue by 25%. can help businesses at a few different stages of their growth: Prototype, Product/Market Fit, and Growth. As part of the Prototype stage, can help businesses create their minimum viable product and launch their idea through market research, defining a go-to-market strategy, and even helping them find the right product development team.

For businesses that have successfully created and launched the first version of their product, can measure what’s working and what’s not by defining key tracking metrics and implementing a tight feedback loop as part of the Product/Market Fit stage. Finally, the Growth stage can benefit businesses with a well-tested product, as helps them figure out their most valuable user acquisition channels and refine their strategies in order to push that product to achieve maximum growth as quickly as possible.

Another example is their work with Yuyutsu Systems, a holistic IT system and Admin Service Provider that hired to position their company in a non-traditional way that would appeal to a digital audience. To do so, created a series of quirky illustrations that visually explained Yuyutsu Systems’ offerings in a humorous and engaging way. We especially liked how depicted the issue of unauthorized access using an illustration of farm animals exploring an office’s cubicles.

For marketing tips and tricks, visit’s blog. The articles cover content marketing ideas, like finding the right typography for your brand and how to successfully take risks with copywriting, as well as ways to optimize your website and blog. They also provide guidance on marketing trends, such as marketing to millennials and the keys to approaching content marketing.

If you have a business that needs help growing, you can reach out to on their Contact page or email them at Connect with on LinkedIn to see the latest new blog posts and get updates on job openings.

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While it may not seem so long ago that 3D printing was first making its way into our public consciousness, the industry has been taking huge strides forward both technologically and creatively. You can see the progress made in both these areas woven together beautifully by this week’s #WebsiteWednesday;

Founded by classically trained sculptor Rob Arps, is a specialized 3D printing company that offers a full menu of 3D printing services like 3D scanning, 3D sculpting, “machining” (using CNC milling for larger scale projects), and of course, 3D printing. Those services alone would make a leading 3D printing option for any project, but where truly stands apart is through their team’s impressive artistic knowledge and skills.

After you’ve commissioned a project with their team employs the use of dimensional forms, or scaled versions of print projects. Next, they use a sculpting-influenced method to shape and design your print by hand. This model is then scanned and designed in the computer and 3D printed at scale. So, whether you asked for a massive life-size 3D print of a cowboy riding his horse or an intricately designed bust of a pharaoh in full dress, the end result will always be an ultra-realistic masterpiece.

The secret behind’s beautiful designs and industry-leading products lies in the team’s love of sculpting and commitment to preserving creativity in printed art. practices what they preach, and hold frequent workshops and events that teach tech and art fans alike about 3D printing tech, the advancements it has seen in recent years, and the ways they can utilize 3D printing to add success to their businesses.

Seeing as is made up of a team of skilled artists, it’s no surprise that the site is a work of art unto itself. Each page features a pastel-colored border around an equally brightly colored page background whose color combination changes upon each visit.’s branding prowess is also seen at the bottom of each page, where their visualization of a 3D graph shows the x, y, and z axes that are critical to 3D printing (pictured above). The short paragraphs and welcoming font make each page easy to read, from their about section to the list of services, to lab updates announcing fellowships and awards won by’s team.

By combining a passion for art with a deep knowledge of printing tech, is pushing their industry forward and breaking new ground in the creative and business worlds. Sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on their latest creations, or start shaping your own artful website by getting your .xyz domain today.

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The most successful freelancers know that a strong online presence is crucial for securing projects consistently, and that a professional portfolio and personal brand will distinguish you against the competition. A competitive advantage is especially important with self-employment on the rise, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of self-employed workers will grow to 10.3 million by 2026. Budding freelancers can gain major inspiration from week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, as an example of an online presence done right. is the online portfolio of San Francisco-based writer and independent journalist, Melissa Hung. Melissa mainly covers culture, race, and immigration, and as the daughter of Chinese immigrants, she’s able to address these topics with an especially shrewd lens. You can find Hung’s essays and reported stories in NPR, Vogue, Catapult, and Pacific Standard, among others.

We especially like “Filet-O-Comfort,” an essay she wrote for, an online publication created by Shonda Rhimes (creator of popular ABC dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal). In the piece, Melissa explores her personal soft spot for McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish. She recalls visiting the fast-food chain on road trips as a child, and her mother insisting that their order be comprised solely of Filet-O-Fish value meals because she “regarded hamburgers with suspicion.”

Before becoming a full-time freelance writer, Melissa was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Hyphen, an award-winning independent magazine that the San Francisco Chronicle called “the smartest, most interesting, and most important thing to happen to Asian American media.” Hyphen’s past cover stars include popular comedians Ali Wong and Maragaret Cho, as well as acclaimed Hawaiian ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro.

Melissa was also the director of WritersCorps, a creative writing program that mentors low-income, immigrant, and incarcerated youth through a social justice framework. The program supported 900 children a year and became a national model for arts education. Melissa’s incredible work with the organization garnered significant recognition in the form of the 2010 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, for which she was given a $10,000 grant and invited to the White House to receive the award personally from former first lady Michelle Obama.

You don’t need a resume as robust as Melissa’s in order to have a personal site as superbly edited and designed as hers. The especially effective home page communicates the most significant information clearly – her name, profession, and photo – and spikes your curiosity to see more with a quirky fact – “I really love chilaquiles.” The site’s top navigation expertly organizes the content into five pages, ordered by hierarchical importance. Viewing the About page offers a summary of her experience, featured press, past projects, contact information, and a place to sign up for her newsletter. You can also easily find pages containing Melissa’s essays, journalism, editing, and personal blog, where she shares her latest endeavors.

If you’re a fan of Melissa’s, stay updated on her work by following her on Twitter @fluffysharp or on Instagram @melissahungtx. If Melissa’s outstanding personal site inspires you to create your own, then head to to register and get started building your new online home!