Amaz.xyzGoDaddy customer (Hong Kong)

The .xyz community is filled with innovative new apps and startups that aim to make everyday life better. Autonomous delivery robot company is making touchless food delivery possible at colleges all over the United States and Europe. Browser-based video service lets you stream TV shows and movies to watch with your friends online. Viral sensation creates entertaining products, stories, and stunts that are sure to make you LOL. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features another company that specializes in brightening its customers’ days by giving new meaning to the phrase “perks of the job.” is a Hong Kong-based employee benefits platform that aims to make work a better place. Through their local business partnerships, they provide employers a wide range of perks to help attract and retain their employees.

The employee benefits platform is meant to be flexible and simple. The perks offered are customizable, so companies can decide what works for their teams and culture. By consolidating the perk management process in an all-in-one platform, aims to make it as easy as possible for company leaders to “set it and forget.” After customizing the types of perks they would like to offer their employees, their work is basically done. Companies no longer would need to worry about reimbursing each employee for their benefit purchases.

For those who enjoy shopping and dining-out, grants access to special discounts with local restaurants, bars, brands, and retail stores. Employees can find working from home even more comfortable with discounts on organic produce boxes, high-quality bedding, and homemade bubble tea. If experiences are more their thing, offers tickets to concerts, wellness classes, and immersive pop-up events. Employees looking to get some exercise can go stand up paddle boarding or take a yoga class. Companies can even book workplace events with their AMAZ Events program, which offers customized events for companies to entertain their employees with. has partnerships to offer perks from a number of growing companies, and it’s easy to see why. Their direct sales channel helps these perk providers reach over 60,000 income earning clients, making the platform a potentially powerful driver for growth. By partnering with the platform, local businesses are able to increase traffic to their establishment by generating awareness of their services through benefits they offer to local employees. Through, businesses can also test the market by offering new products in limited quantities to a controlled user base of income-earning workers.

By connecting local businesses with employees, is creating a win-win-win situation. Employees get to try out new businesses, companies can entice employees with attractive and unique benefits, and local businesses enjoy a new channel to reach customers with.

If you are in Hong Kong and would like to offer perks to your employees or want your business available on the platform, go to their website to set up your 30 minute meeting.

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