June been a month “2” remember. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors both made their 2nd trip to the big dance in 2 years, we’re ramping up for our 2nd ICANN conference in 2 months, and .xyz celebrated its 2nd anniversary just over 2 weeks ago.

In last week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we featured some of the many artistic and talented individuals using .xyz. Since this month is all about “2” for .xyz – and we had too many great sites to choose from (no pun intended) – we decided to keep this theme up for the 2nd week in a row. Take a look at round 2 of our inspiring #GenXYZ artists:

United States I DreamHost

Peter Cochrane utilizes various art forms from photography to installations to express his unique vision. He also uses his .xyz space as a hub for a variety of other art forms and projects. Check out what he said about choosing .xyz for his website:

“As for why I chose .xyz . . . the age of .com, .net, and .org has come and gone. It’s net 1.0. Despite the popularity of those suffixes, it took me a few years to get my act together and make a website because I didn’t feel aligned with their meanings: I’m absolutely not a company, I’m not creating a network of people, and I have no kind of an organization. It’s just me! They might not carry that kind of weight for everyone, but I’m a child of the Internet and have too many strong associations with the early .com world. The only bummer is I have so much more work to put up on the site, since I dragged my feet for so long trying to hash out my dislike of popular domains! As for .xyz, it felt like a good non-sequitur; the funky end of the alphabet. They’re strange letters that are in only a few words, yet everyone can remember them. It’s like bodysurfing and kicking sand at your big brother instead of going on a lousy cruise.” -Peter Cochrane, Artist and Creator of
Austria I GoDaddy
At, you will find the artwork of a well-established artist and designer in Vienna who is using his .xyz to display a lifetime of accomplished work. His work is mesmerizing, contemporary, industrial, and intriguing. Here’s what Moritz Resl had to say about getting his

“As an artist and designer working on a broad range of projects I chose a domain that would reflect openness while being easy to remember.

expresses all of that! The domain is the perfect match for me since it is short, good-looking and generic enough to allow various content: it is my creative hub.” – Moritz Resl, Creator of

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