Hey there, #GenXYZ! It’s that time of year to reflect back on the amazing year and plot away for the even better year ahead. Today, we’re excited to announce our very first Buzzfeed quiz and celebrate with a #WebsiteWednesday that will soon grace your bookmarks.

As a GenXYZer, we’re going to go on a limb and say that you just might enjoy the latest in tech news. With so many tech blogs that cover the latest and greatest, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with well, everything. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday solves this little conundrum for us:

Brought to you by the folks behind Minion Made, an innovative web development company based in New York, curates the best of the freshest tech news with the help of their very own developers and technology buffs.

When asked why they chose their domain name, Vinny Galiano, CEO & Project Manager said:


“We think our domain name showcases our intentions of covering technology from A to XYZ and beyond. We love our .XYZ domain‎ and more than anything, we think a .XYZ domain really shows just how the Internet is evolving for the better.”


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And finally, we present to you, our very first Buzzfeed quiz! Take this quick personality test and we’ll match you with your new favorite website that you never knew existed.

Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram your results and what your new favorite website is!

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