Judge Konstantinos has spoken!

The best .COM domain goes to GREATBUDDIES.COM

When asked why they thought this would be the winning .COM domain, the registrant said:

“It’s an exceptional easy name to remember that EVERYONE has used at sometime in their life-in any country worldwide.”

And the best .XYZ domain goes to TRANSCRIBE.XYZ

When asked how they would use this awesome .XYZ domain, the registrant explained:

I’m going to be launching a free, online, automatic transcription service, and releasing the source code open-source. Transcribe. That is what the site will do.

Like most open-source projects, they tend to pick the name based on the primary function. It’s short and sweet. Every iteration of Transcribe I could think of was registered. .XYZ gave me the most succinct solution!

It’s not over!

The slate is now clean and Round 2 of The Challenge is open for submissions! The drill is the same. Register and submit the best .COM and .XYZ domains you can find through September 3, and you’ll be entered to win $1,000!

People must’ve been shy because there were about 30 total entries. With great deals like $1 .xyz domains at Namecheap, it makes it that much easier to participate in Round 2 of The Challenge!

For our international #GenXYZ’ers, what domains would YOU submit to The Challenge? I know you might not want to share your stellar domain ideas, but if you’re in a particularly sharing mood, tweet us @XYZ and let’s see what you got!

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