This past summer, we challenged internet users from across the country to submit their best .COM or .XYZ domain name. After a great Round 1, we’re excited to announce the winners of Round 2. Things definitely heated up with this final batch of submissions!

But before we announce the winners, we want to give a huge thanks and a digital round of applause to our 3 judges who spent this past weekend picking out our 2 winners.

  • Konstantinos Zournas – He’s a seasoned veteran in the domain space and is most known for his blog, OnlineDomain. You probably also recognize his name because he judged both rounds of The Challenge!
  • Morgan Linton – Such a versatile guy. Not only does he run a successful domain blog, he also runs a fashion startup with his wife.
  • Jason Thompson – If you live in Southern California and are involved in the domain industry, you’ve probably met Jason. When he’s not busy with DNPimping, he organizes the SoCal Domainers Meetup group.

Time for the winners

Drum roll please…


When asked why this domain is the best, this .COM winner said:

“Reflective Sunglasses” is a popular exact match keyword with 1,080 Monthly Searches, High Competition and $1.37 suggestive bid from Google Adwords.

And the best .XYZ domain goes to CRUNCH.XYZ

When asked why this was a winning domain, Morgan Linton replied:

“I like because it is a solid generic one-word domain that could be used in just about any industry. It’s easy to remember, easy to spell, and has great branding potential.”

Having registered many domains in the past, this Challenge taker is in-the-know with what makes a good domain.

Curious about the other submissions?

There were so many great submissions (and by great we mean everything from short, brandable domains to clever, quirky, and just straight up unique domains), we would be doing a disservice to #GenXYZ if we didn’t share.

Along with some interesting survey findings, we will publish all submissions in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

What do you think of the winners? Leave a comment or tweet us @XYZ!

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