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The .xyz community is home to many visual creatives and design professionals using .xyz to further their career and showcase their work. Font foundry displays experimental, high-quality fonts from emerging type designers. Visual effects specialist showcases his professional film and television experience. Programmer shares their Unity3D, C++, JavaScript, and Ionic-based gaming projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished creative who displays his freelance typeface design experience on a personal website with a memorable .xyz domain: is the online portfolio of Oakland-based font designer Dave Bailey. According to his website, he has been designing typefaces and lettering for 15 years, including fonts for RedHat, Magic: The Gathering, Root Insurance, Starbucks, and Dropbox. He is currently collaborating on custom fonts and letters with clients such as Dot 3 Studios, a San Diego-based visual effects studio, and KiloWatts, an electronic musician from Philadelphia. His specialties include font design, font production, lettering, and logo design. 

Dave’s Twitter account @davebaily_xyz shows that he is a fan of flying kites and riding bikes around Oakland, spotting classic cars, developing his plant care skills, and promoting opportunities for underrepresented designers. He was able to get his firstnamelastname Twitter handle by adding “_xyz” to the end – a great “life hack” for when you have a relatively common name. He uses his account to share his excitement for how popular his font creations have become in the real world. An especially popular font is Prospectus, which is described on as a crisp, bold, and contemporary choice. It’s in use by a wide variety of businesses and organizations including craft seltzer brand Stowe Cider, independent bookstore Upstart & Crow, and Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing Company. He also uses his platform to bring awareness to causes he believes in. He recently shared information about The Malee Scholarship, which provides grants, creative mentorship, and professional guidance “to advance and empower women who are part of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in the type design field.”

Check out Dave’s Fonts page to see a visual representation of his font work. You can select any of the seven typefaces from the organized grid of fonts to read their description and the inspiration behind them. Some fonts are even available for download. One example is a font called Blkltr, which Dave explains was conceptualized in 2011 when he was working on some bold, flourished, blackletter caps for a freestyle logotype t-shirt design. Another, Prospectus, is described as a bold, contemporary serif family with four optical sizes to choose from. 

You can then visit the Lettering page to see examples of Dave’s letter-based logo designs. Click on each option to see the full image of the design with a description. An example is Fun To Death, which Dave explains is a logotype for an electronic music producer, inspired by the funky system of stencil typography used on city streets.

Using a domain like can make it easier for prospective clients to find him online. When searching for him, they are most likely to use his full name. With a professional website using a domain name that matches his full name, it’s more likely that his professional work will show up in relevant results. Additionally, there is an immense benefit to a branded email address like [email protected] A lot of his work-related communication will probably be conducted over email, so it’s a great idea to use a custom email address that can generate trust and appear professional. Customers can use that professional email address to find your website and feel confident that they’re reaching out to the right person. Find your own and get your custom email address when you register your .xyz domain.

We are excited to have in the .xyz community of talented creatives. We end the alphabet with xyz, and we think that the .xyz domain ending is perfect for a letter-centric professional who was taught, as he shares on his About page, that practical function matters and that everything has its place. You can see more of Dave’s typeface design work by following him on his well-branded Instagram and Twitter @davebailey_xyz, or by visiting

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