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Happy Wednesday #GenXYZ! With the excitement of ICANN 55 in Marrakech, World Hosting Days in Germany, and the big plans we have in store for SXSW, we wanted our #WebsiteWednesday this week to be BIG. And what’s bigger than a member of the “Big Four?” That’s right – one of the largest international professional services networks in the world is behind this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:


Brought to you by Deloitte, is a hub for technology trends and news so that leaders can learn about exponential technologies and apply them to the world’s biggest challenges. Their site features content about artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, and advanced computing, among other cutting-edge topics. These fast-paced exponential technologies fuel innovation and can have significant impacts on businesses, industries, and even the global population.

How do tech trends make the cut for Exponentials are innovations that are accelerating faster than the pace of Moore’s law. In other words, these are technologies whose performances double every 12 to 18 months, relative to their cost and size. This kind of advancement has been observed in tech like brain image resolution, drone sensors, and autonomous cars, to name a few. Disruptive organizations such as Airbnb and Uber also take advantage of these kinds of advancements to scale organizational structure to exponentially increase their margins.

To sum it all up, inspires organizations and their leaders to drive innovation with the most cutting-edge technology. Instead of rejecting exponentials or denying their impact, embraces the opportunities they present to reposition and grow within an industry. According to Salim Ismail, coauthor of Exponential Organizations, “either you are the disruptor or you’re the disrupted.” Deloitte is making sure they do their best to be the disruptor with their .xyz website,

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