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This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is coming to you from NamesCon in Las Vegas! Things are winding down here but we have had an amazing time. Some fantastic .xyz domains killed it at the NamesCon 2016 Live Auction hosted by RightOfTheDot and NameJet – but more importantly we had a blast. Can’t wait to come back next year!

We chose to highlight this week after realizing how much we would have appreciated using their app at NamesCon. At big, crowded conferences it can take a hero’s effort to stay up to date on the many events and meet-ups we want to attend. The ability to communicate well with individuals or groups is key to social success. With their focus on integration, has revolutionized what you can do with messaging to bring it up to speed with the 21st century.

dotell screenshot makes messaging a more comprehensive, direct experience for their users. Instead of having to leave your message window to share photos, locations, links, etc. you can do it all in the same place. If you think about how much we use messaging… this is a big deal!

Messaging is the most engaged app in the smartphone. We all use it, everyday. More than half a billion people access messaging on their smartphones every hour.” – 

Not only does this app make your messaging more efficient – it means you can be more effective with what you send. At the end of the day, finding ways to be more efficient is great…but finding ways to be more effective is revolutionary. was also able to use their new domain to align their social media perfectly with their name. When the dotell handle was unavailable, they switched from to dotellxyz – setting themselves up for an excellent marketing strategy and brand recognition with their .xyz site.

Congrats – we will keep an eye on the great work you’re doing!



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