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Thousands of music fans will unite this weekend at the 17th Annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. More than just music, this festival is a meeting grounds for lovers of art and culture looking to connect and discover. So what do musicians, artists, and the #GenXYZ community all have in common? Passion and aspirations! This brings us to our #WebsiteWednesday of the week: is a platform dedicated to music discovery with a focus on independent art and urban culture. features articles/interviews and highlights fresh tracks and videos from new artists and notable industry players. Emerging artists themselves, knowing firsthand the thirst to be discovered, the team behind DreamrXYZ is innovating to make content more accessible to others. They are continuing to amp up their site with the latest mixed media art techniques and short films, so stay tuned! will really be turning up the volume this spring when they release their new video streaming app, bringing the stage to your screen. The app is designed for music fans to easily discover unique music videos replete with your favorite artists, directors, and ready-made playlists to jam out to on your upcoming road trip to the Governor’s Ball. Think of it as your lifetime pass to every musical festival and more, without the lines. DreamrXYZ has established their brand across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook marking a clear and recognizable name for themselves.

Music is the universal language that every generation can speak. Just like .xyz, music has no barriers and brings together communities across the globe. DreamrXYZ recognizes the transcendence of music and found a way to make it easier for you to discover your next favorite song. How do you like the sound of that? 

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