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Today marks a very special day – a day that is known worldwide as a celebration of all things Star Wars and has adopted the well-known term, “May the 4th be with you.” There’s no argument that Star Wars has amassed one of the largest followings in movie history. With Star Wars’ heavy focus on futuristic technological advancements, we thought what better #WW to highlight this week than one that is lightyears ahead with it’s industry innovation:

Based out of Vancouver, is a new business unit of the decade-old mobile positioning technology company Rx Networks Inc. Fathom was designed to solve the challenges that the entire IoT industry faces with beacon deployment. With its proximity management solution, Fathom will free you from the headaches of manually monitoring your beacon infrastructure so you can maximize your beacon investment. It’s no surprise Fathom was recently shortlisted to win the award for the “Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology” in the upcoming 2016 Technology Impact Awards.

Fathom consists of two main functions: the Fathom Hub, designed to discover and locate itself and any beacon or Bluetooth device in its vicinity. The Hub provides data on average visit time, unique visits and traffic patterns. The Fathom API analyzes that data and integrates with a multitude of software applications so your company can make the most of that information. These insights are useful for a variety of industries. An example of which is retail stores: by tracking what aisles get more traffic, stores can analyze product offerings and provide improved customer service.  Another great use is in the healthcare industry, where Fathom can help hospitals save millions of dollars and lives by easily locating and tracking their equipment and staff.

Think of it as a mix between R2-D2 and C-3PO, where R2-D2 could store and manage complex data and C-3PO could help translate the data. is truly redefining the future of technology and communication, and similar to .xyz, connecting these systems with individuals to create the next revolution of interaction. Oh, and today also marks the launch of a great sale with Namecheap in honor of Star Wars Day! Don’t space out on this deal!

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