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Driven by advances in technology, some of the oldest industries in existence are undergoing transformational change. The food industry is receiving state of the art technologies to make smarter choices about the delivery chain. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday presents Food Supply Chain 2.0 to you –

foodblockchain uses a combination of secure sensors, blockchain technology and smart contracts to modernize the food supply chain. Farmers, producers, distributors, retailers and ultimately the consumer, can make more educated decisions about which food to buy and which one not to. By using intelligent technologies and combining them with simple QR codes, everyone in the supply chain can make educated decisions, eliminating the traditional opaqueness of this industry.

“Food Supply Chains today are fragmented, opaque and inefficient. Consumers do not know enough about safety and quality of their food, while farmers and suppliers are squeezed out of their profits by powerful buyers. Something had to be done about that.” – Angel Versetti, CEO of’s platform uses new technology to record everything about a food product, starting from where it was grown, to where it was packaged, down to where it is sold. This makes it easy for smaller operations to keep up in a huge industry and to be able to hold suppliers accountable each step along the delivery chain. This information can be viewed by consumers through’s app, which is currently in private testing. is taking the lead in transforming the food industry. They are using the domain extension that continues to disrupt and reshape its own industry, .xyz. We will be keeping an eye on as they expand and rollout their platform. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our Twitter!

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