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March is almost here #GenXYZ, and that means one of our favorite events of the year is coming up: SXSW! The World Wide Web is buzzing about new technology and innovation that’s being highlighted at this forward-thinking event. In honor of SXSW (which will feature the #XYZsquad), we wanted to pick a #WebsiteWednesday this week that can help you digest all of the updates in emerging technology today:

Created last September by the minds behind How It Works Magazine, is the official website for Gadget, “the next-gen tech magazine” that features all of the latest, coolest, and most exciting tech. With their curation of news about hot items such as drones, 3D printers, wearables, sports tech, smart homes, and VR, can be your one stop shop for innovation today. Not only does this magazine stand alongside Imagine Publishing’s impressive portfolio of online digital publications, you can have it delivered to your doorstep!
Our favorite part about is that they aim go above and beyond with their .xyz website. According to their about page, “Gadget has re-invented the tired formula of existing tablet-obsessed tech magazines with a fresh approach that celebrates fun technology and real-world application.”

You can get updates and buying advice on all the new tech out there, and goes even further by explaining how it works and how to use it. With this practical, hands-on approach, has made it easy for anyone to understand what makes the newest technology tick. And all that new tech they’ll be introducing at SXSW? You can read all about it on


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