GrowthEngine.xyzKey-Systems customer (Poland)

So, you have a great idea. You’ve gotten your .xyz site, and you’re all ready to bring your business online and grab your share of the market. But, you find marketing is a slog and getting traction for your business is a huge challenge. For startups this is a familiar nightmare, which is why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, is here to help them acquire users, generate traffic, and grow their business. is a growth marketing agency whose team combines their depth of experience, proven marketing methods, and a data-based approach to target high potential opportunities for a business to grow its user base and, subsequently, its market share. GrowthEngine was founded by Adam Weselowski, a former Google employee and marketing expert, and Tomek Duda, an experienced marketer with a background in analytics and technical marketing.

Together with their team of analysts and strategists, they will help your business gain traffic and customers by taking it through 3 phases; 1) an audit of your data and target market to determine the path you’ll take together, 2) implementation of analytical tools that will help your business grow, and 3) ‘High tempo testing’, which tracks users and channels to draw valuable insights. Once you’re armed with this in depth breakdown on your target market, you’ll be ready to grab all the “low-hanging fruit” and build your market with a sizable new, and solid, user base.

“Marketing is broken. The only way to make an impact is to rely on the data and look for optimizations throughout the entire funnel – not just the acquisition side. My cofounder and I were inspired by The Lean Startup, Brian Balfour, and the growth hacking community to start the first Growth Marketing agency in Poland. We were inspired to build our site on a .xyz domain by both Google ( and the show Silicon Valley ( to have the Silicon Valley touch given to our domain, and it turned out great and very memorable!”
– Tomek Duda, COO and co-founder of

Having a truly innovative idea is at the heart of all great businesses, and all it takes is a well laid out marketing plan to help that idea reach its full potential. set out with a mission to help make business’ dreams a reality and, like .xyz, they are fostering an environment where the bright minds of #GenXYZ can succeed and thrive.

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