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This fall is shaping up to be a historic one for the live music lovers of #GenXYZ. The Rolling Stones played with Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, and major artists from Kanye West to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are playing to sold out crowds. It’s no secret that these headliners can put on large theatrics for their shows. On the other hand, putting on a standout show can be a challenge for emerging artists. Fortunately, our #WebsiteWednesday this week will give any artist the power to turn their concert into an unforgettable experience by adding a third dimension to their music:
Intorno creates a 3D musical experience by allowing the audience to connect with the music around them through artist-controlled speaker channels. Sound moves and changes between the speakers to create a soundscape for the audience through the physical movement of the music. Intorno’s intuitive 3D technology is compatible with all professional speakers and is fully customizable, so artists can engage with every crowd like never before.

Their most innovative tool is the control pad instrument, which is designed for the artist to control the 3D sound in the room. The 3D experience is created in real time by modifying audio levels being played through each speaker in the room. By giving artists the freedom to customize which sounds are coming from where, each audience is treated to a unique show.

We thought we could use this new domain extension to communicate even more who we are and what we do, alongside our brand name. Why pursue a traditional domain at all costs when it just doesn’t add any communicative value to your brand?  That’s why, being a project that deals with 3D Sound, architecture and acoustics, we thought that the .xyz extension could add some visual support in communicating that yes, we are about coordinates, space and three dimensions.

Also, as we try to change and disrupt standard practices in our industry, there’s nothing better than showing our people that we are about change, new practices, and new ways to use everyday tools.– Ludovico Vignaga, Founder of

Intorno was able to secure the brandable, memorable domain they wanted with .xyz, while also appealing to their biggest market, #GenXYZ. is the perfect fit for a disruptive technology that’s changing the live music experience as we know it today.

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