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In our past #WebsiteWednesdays, we’ve covered how .xyz customers from around the world are transforming the marketing industry,’s in-depth product launch strategies in the Netherlands, and the award-winning promotional campaigns marketing agency develops right here in the US. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’re taking a look at a group of young professionals who are using their technological skills to help businesses in China:


Deer Network Technology is a marketing company in Foshan, China, that provides businesses in their community with everything they need to develop a strong online presence. The Deer team is made up of young developers and computer engineers that use their passion for internet technology to create beautiful websites and develop intuitive apps for their clients. One of their main services is marketing specifically for WeChat, one of the most popular social networking apps in China. WeChat marketing offers access to a wider audience than traditional marketing, and the Deer team are experts in creating marketing campaigns through this platform.

Deer also has a deep connection to their .xyz domain. They secured because Lu actually means Deer in Chinese. They even have a page on their site dedicated to .xyz and the ways that the Deer team identifies with .xyz’s mission to bring the next generation of internet users like themselves online!

“We are not afraid to embrace change. .xyz is in line with our core corporate culture, which is flexibility, freedom, innovation, and passion. [By] putting our customers first, we are committed to making the internet be of greater value to enterprises. Just like .xyz, we strive to become successful in our own industry.”– Aaron, CEO of Deer Network Technology

We love finding the many members of #GenXYZ around the world that are motivated to establish themselves in a community they love. Deer was able to get online with a short, memorable, relevant domain name, and with the international reach of .xyz, they can share the work they do in China with a global audience.

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