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Spring has sprung, #GenXYZ! The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to stash away those winter coats and jump into shorts, tanks, and sundresses. With all of the spring fashion trends, a new wardrobe is on everybody’s list. From denim to stripes, to bold jewelry and sandals – even the most seasoned shopper has trouble deciding. Isn’t that when you turn to your friends? Now you can have all your trusted comrades in your back pocket whenever you go shopping with our #WebsiteWednesday of the week:


These days there are a ton of places to store those shopping indecisions. We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking through old bookmarked sites, wishlists, likes, etc. Maybe* makes keeping track of your favorite items as easy as unlocking an iPhone. You can save images, links, and descriptions – from both online and offline sources – and organize them however you want, in one seamless interface.

Where Maybe* really changes the game is with their interactive and connected shopping experience. They’ve built a comprehensive platform that enables you to outsource those tough shopping decisions to your friends and family. You can ask questions, get feedback, and have real-time conversation, all of which enable you to feel confident about your final decision.

If you want to make your life and purchasing decisions easier, then using is a no-brainer. Maybe* creates a more connected shopping experience, and .xyz is all about connecting the dot(s) with something memorable and bringing people together to share their passions.

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