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Your personal website gives you the perfect space to share your career accomplishments and personal interests with audiences around the world. It’s where you have complete design control to show off anything you’re proud of. Whether you want to display your previous work experiences, photos of your pets, or tales from the job, your website is where you can share what you want, when you want. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a website that shares the personal interests of a healthcare professional: is the website of recent Colorado transplant Zach McCluskey. A few months after settling into his new life, Zach began blogging on about his life in Colorado, and his passion for his hobbies: running, music, and healthcare. “I created after moving across the country to Colorado as a way to continue to share my multifaceted life with family and friends, as well as followers,” Zach explains. “The posts are a great creative outlet for me, and the website has become a place where I can go long-form with my stories and thoughts–something that isn’t easy on social media.”

Zach grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His family lived in a house in the woods, which helped create his strong love of the outdoors. He began running cross country in junior high, and hasn’t stopped. While in college, Zach began focusing on writing songs and playing shows with his band, and also remains a central interest in his life. Once Zach realized his career aspirations were in the healthcare field, he began an accelerated nursing program, which ultimately led to an exciting nursing opportunity in Colorado Springs. As an added benefit, Zach is thoroughly enjoying the abundance of scenic running trails in Colorado.

On his homepage you’ll notice his creative use of a logo that incorporates the “Y” of his last name into the .xyz domain, helping viewers to remember his URL. But that’s not the only synergistic aspect that attracted him to this XYZ Registry domain ending. “I chose to build my personal website on .xyz because I wanted to have a concise domain name with some personality. Plus, it didn’t hurt that there was a Z in it. You know, for Zach.”

Zach uses his blog to share powerful stories regarding his healthcare journey, his love of running, and his passion for making music. He started writing about healthcare when he moved to Colorado to begin his nursing career, when his first position was on a Surgical/Trauma Step-Down Unit. He writes that after caring for the trauma population, and the extensive studying to obtain his national trauma certification, trauma had evolved from a curiosity to a passion. He shares insights on a memoir he read, titled “Trauma Junkie,” about a California flight nurse in the Bay Area, where he was inspired by stories of life-saving attempts. He also shares stories of his various, impressive certifications and insightful experiences resulting from the pandemic.

For inspiration to pull your running shoes out of the closet, read Zach’s thoughtful posts about running, including stories about finding great trails, tips for new runners, and stories of first experiences with the trails of Colorado. A post from the end of last year details an awesome virtual running challenge that Zach accepted in lieu of the interrupted Chicago Half Marathon he was originally signed up for. The virtual challenge called for running the distance of Chicago’s elevated train lines over the course of eight weeks, which amounted to 131 miles. Exceeding that goal, Zach ran an impressive 283 miles and lived to write about it as well as share a few scenic photos from the trails.

Zach’s music blog posts range from stories of musical inspiration, newfound musicians that have sparked his interest, and posts about making his own music. One such example is a post titled “One More Kiss,” where Zach shares a newly recorded version of a holiday song he wrote in 2010. He is not alone in publishing music on a .xyz name – joining many melodious .xyz end users who are making contributions to music.

Zach uses his website to illustrate his personal brand online by showing his passion for his career and his favorite hobbies. He welcomes his friends, family, and anyone intrigued to learn more to reach out. Zach writes “I will continue to share more about my experiences in healthcare here on my blog, including education and certifications, interesting articles/books related to medical and nursing subjects, and new developments in health care.” You can reach him on Facebook, or his similarly named Instagram and Twitter @mccluskey_xyz.

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