We had a blast co-hosting the Southern California Domainer Meetup at the XYZ Santa Monica office last week. The turnout was great and more than we imagined. With over 80 attendees – and Armin van Buuren blasting in the background – it was a happening night, to say the least.

Amongst the mingling, we had made-to-order tacos, refreshments, and a speech from our CEO Daniel Negari, who also announced the judges for the current round of The Challenge.




Judges revealed

For this round of The Challenge, we’re excited to announce that we have 3 amazing judges who not only have knowledge and expertise, but also a passion for the domain space: Konstantinos Zournas, Jason Thompson, and Morgan Linton.

You probably recognize Konstantinos’ name from Online Domain, but also because he was the judge for Round 1. Being the industry celebrity that he is, we just had to invite him again!

Jason Thompson is the organizer of the SoCal Domainers Meetup, and also runs and DNPimping. Naturally, he’s a great fit to be a judge.

And last but not least, Morgan Linton is a veteran in the domain namespace and is busy running his Austin-based startup, Fashion Metric. He wasn’t able to make it in person, so he surprised us by calling in to say hello to the Meetup crowd!

Fun fact: Morgan and Jason are the founding fathers of the SoCal Domainers group! Their first Meetup had less than 10 people in a small bar in Downtown LA.

Home stretch to win $1,000

#GenXYZ, there’re only 1.5 weeks left until submissions for The Challenge close! Remember, there will be a winner for both a .COM and .XYZ domain.

What would do if you won $1,000? Tweet us @XYZ!

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