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What happens when an obsession with the unknown turns dangerous? Writers Victor Mathieu and Corbin Billings sought to find out in their new feature film: The Monster Project. Set in an abandoned mansion and filled with iconic monsters, the movie explores the human side of them, as well as their sinister origins. But it doesn’t reveal everything. For the full picture, you’ll need to check out this week’s is the augmented reality game prequel paired with The Monster Project feature film. The film has been generating significant buzz, getting written about in horror-specific publications like Blumhouse and Horrorpedia, as well as major publications like Entertainment Weekly. has also been getting press in Dread Central, as horror enthusiasts across the internet search for clues about this future found-footage classic.

While The Monster Project movie focuses on its human subjects and the monsters they’re researching (and running from), sets up the film with a labyrinth of clues to get fans of the horror genre excited and engaged. Whether it’s messages hidden in audio files, or notes written on the characters’ bodies, presents a suspenseful interactive experience that enhances the film, and could only have been done on a .xyz domain.

“I think everybody is familiar with .com, but there’s something cryptic about .xyz. What does that mean? I thought that from that aspect it was intriguing to almost be a lure, another part of the mystery. Where is this being hosted? How is the game existing? And for me that was another part of the puzzle.” – Corbin Billings – Writer, Producer for The Monster Project, Game Developer for

XYZ didn’t just make sense for, it was also a natural choice for the creative pair as well. Fans of horror movies from the time they were children, The Monster Project is a direct result of the pair’s love for properties like Goosebumps books and Cloverfield (2008). Choosing .xyz for let the pair directly tap into their influences.

“I think that .xyz is new, it’s growing, it’s cool, and it’s definitely targeting that millennial generation – you know, bringing together generations x, y, and z. So it’s really neat for us to be millennial filmmakers, independent filmmakers, allied with an up and comer. Just look at and you’ll see where XYZ is going.” – Corbin Billings- Writer, Producer for The Monster Project, Game Developer for & Victor Mathieu – Director, Writer, and Producer for The Monster Project

The Monster Project will be distributed by Epic Pictures and released in theatres across Los Angeles and Video on Demand services on August 18th. is up and running right now. Follow XYZ on Instagram for live-streams, stories, and more awesome content .xyz users.

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