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When you’re part of a community, one of the biggest benefits is being able to draw inspiration from your fellow members and push your own ideas further with their support and input. But have you ever taken a step back to think about what you could create to help make the lives of your entire community easier? The creator of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday did just that, and used a memorable domain to bring his ingenious idea to life:

Thomas Chrétien is a developer who has spent the past year and a half gathering helpful pages for his fellow UI designers, UX designers, and coders to use for their various needs like product pricing, support, new apps to use, and more. While his diligent work creating directories of these kinds of pages was indeed a great service, he realized it could be even better. That’s when the idea for came to him; a website that would be a collection of all these helpful pages, all in one easily accessible place!

Since Thomas created, it has been used by countless designers and coders, and was even chosen as ProductHunt’s #1 Product of the Day on March 22, 2018, and later as the #2 Product of the Week for that week. The sleek and easy to use design has been a massive hit with its users as well, garnering over 2,000 upvotes on the ProductHunt platform, and countless rave reviews.

If you’re a part of a community and you have an idea that will help out your fellow members, getting that idea online is as easy as XYZ. Just like Thomas, you can secure a .xyz domain and start building the product or app that will revolutionize your community, and you can do so with all the freedom and flexibility that your new .xyz domain name will provide. So, think you have the idea that will change the lives of your friends, co-workers, or community? Make it a reality and bring it to life online with your own .xyz domain today!

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