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Everyone in the business world knows how important your online presence is. There are people who build websites (and you can too!), there are people who do graphic design, and some do copywriting. Well this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a one stop shop for all your online design and marketing needs! is located in Telangana, India and is a fresh new face in the online marketing world. Starting up in October 2017, they’ve already worked with a dozen clients on multiple projects. They do everything from web design, to graphic design, to video stories. They’re currently developing new projects in copywriting, digital marketing and brand identity as well. With such a talented team they’re sure to find the right plan for you to take your company to the next level. You can contact them for one service or multiple, they’re ready to help with whatever you need! came into existence owing to the leap of faith taken by its two founders- Yashaswini Sharma and Myself. Leaving the safety net of our cushy and well -paying jobs without any security, we put our trust in each other’s domain expertise and decided to put our cumulative industry experience of 18+ years to work for us.

[Our goal is] to make our presence felt in an industry which is dominated and pushed over by big firms with deep pockets. And to make awareness among the general masses on the importance of the right outlook of their brands and the difference it could make.”
Pushpit Kohli,

The team here at xyz is full of creative people, just like And we never seem to run out of new, exciting designers joining the #GenXYZ squad! We’re happy to support new xyz-ers on their endeavors and give them that boost of originality by breaking off from a .com world. Ready to join the squad? Get your own .xyz here! And check out all our adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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