What do Lady Gaga and .xyz have in common? They’re both building communities over the web through, formerly known as Backplane.

Did you know that 46% of adult internet users post original photos or videos online that they themselves have created? That means that despite the uniformity of Facebook, Twitter and the like, nearly half of all adults are creating their own unique content. Shouldn’t there be a social network that provides a creative outlet for these users?

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That’s where today’s very special #WebsiteWednesday, comes in. isn’t just any website, it’s the flexible platform for creating any themed social network. lets you express yourself, share your passions, have meaningful conversations with likeminded people, all while letting you explore and discover other networks! Their tagline says it all: it’s all about you.

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“We’re trying to create this world where your social life is not about being part of the crowd,” said Scott Harrison, the new CEO, in a recent TechCrunch article. “We don’t have one face. We have many faces. We’re trying to let you express yourself very differently in different Places.”

With the creativity and versatility offered by .xyz, Backplane was able to reinvent and rebrand themselves with a short, memorable domain name that embodies their mission and vision. And that’s how was born!

Ready to find your Place on the web? Check out and be part of the beta group today.

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