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There are more mobile devices than people on this planet; a person’s phone is their most likely window to the world wide web. Yet we’ve all visited websites on our mobile devices only to be greeted by poor UI and content obscuring ads. What use is a beautiful desktop website when a poorly optimized mobile site can kill traffic completely? That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is working to make the mobile ad experience more user-friendly –

playground is an Australian ad-tech firm that specializes in creating a user-friendly mobile experience. allows designers to select from several different ad-delivery layouts, all of which integrate into mobile websites in an aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive way. All of the designs are reactive and keep out of the way as a viewer browses a website. Not only does this make for a better viewing experience, but also integrates metrics into their ad platform, so the success of each campaign can be measured.

“Playground is, of course, a popular name so we knew we had to augment it to make it unique to us. As we were searching for options the .xyz domain came up. The connotations of the extension are perfect. We like to think xyz means a variety of different things to different customers of ours – width, height, depth, variable 1,2,3 and so on. Ultimately it’s added an extra dimension to the overall brand.” – Rob Hall, CEO at

The name choice of this awesome domain stems from a tool which they call their ‘Playground’. Designers can create and preview in real-time what their ad will look like on the final website through These layouts can then be easily saved and delivered through’s platform. found the perfect home for their intuitive ad delivery platform on .xyz, and even incorporated the xyz brand into their company name and social media branding. We love both the name and the innovative technology behind

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