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Change is in the air, #GenXYZ. We’ve been seeing big changes all around the world lately – the United Kingdom made the bold decision to leave the European Union, America is on its way to electing a new president, and even a popular rideshare titan announced a new logo. In one way or another, these changes are all done in the pursuit of improvement and innovation, whether it be institutional, cultural, or personal upgrades.

Successfully carrying out any major change takes careful preparation and communication. So for our #WebsiteWednesday this week, we are highlighting a company that seems to be doing everything right. Highlighted by DNgeek for closing on $4 million in Series A funding, Practice – formerly Apprenet – is following best practices (no pun intended) for their company’s big rebrand to their perfect domain:

Everyone knows the saying “Practice makes perfect,” which is why the change from Apprenet to was the perfect move for the learning platform:

“No longer will you need to contemplate the proper pronunciation.  We have taken on a new identity. It is one that is both easy to pronounce and truly captures our pursuit to deliver the most effective online skill development and assessment platform available.” –

Rebranding from a hard-to-pronounce made-up word (or words?) to a competitive keyword domain is a home run. Not only is “Practice” easier to pronounce, but it is descriptive and unforgettable. Their technique is also spot-on with ample marketing on their current website, social media, and announcement about the switch to Their old website also alerts visitors of the change with a big banner across the top of every page. In other words, Practice is ensuring that their current audience will have no trouble following them to their new URL.

It’s always great to see businesses rebrand to a .xyz domain that embodies their mission. As an innovative learning platform that measures skill development, we couldn’t think of a better suitor for this domain. Two thumbs up for the good work and successfully funding, Practice! isn’t the only .xyz enduser who raised capital recently. Be sure to keep an eye out for even more startups in the near future who are using .xyz domains for their newly funded projects!


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