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Happy March, #GenXYZ! We have been seeing so many innovative and creative uses of .xyz websites that it was almost impossible to pick just one! With .xyz becoming the go-to domain extension for startups to launch their new initiatives, we decided to feature a business that recently rebranded using their new .xyz domain: (previously

rise.xyz1 provides businesses with the tools to foster a culture of happiness and success in the workplace. They streamline HR software that manages your payroll, scheduling, time off, and benefits, and integrates with a range of tools to help you build a world class culture, all connected through one central hub. With their user-friendly and modern interface, makes employee engagement simple by allowing you to create a culture of collective happiness and empowerment. When discussing what inspired this new idea in an age-old industry, the CEO of stated:

“We wanted to reimagine the space of workforce management. In a mature industry, there’s not really a lot of room for some crazy ideas. People have been doing payroll since the days of the abacus. It’s really been more about looking at the industry through a different lens than it’s been looked at to date.” – Wissam Abdulla, CEO and Founder of


Why did they choose to rebrand to According to their website, Rise felt,“the first step in breaking the chains of human resources is discarding outdated language and using a modern lexicon to declare new possibilities.” appeals to the forward-thinking companies of today and the leading companies of tomorrow, and they believe that “people and culture will rise” in the place of antiquated HR software and resources.

Your team’s ability to collaborate amongst all levels and departments is paramount to achieving success, and the technology introduced by makes it easy for any business to incorporate those principles of employee empowerment. So whether your business is brand new or has been around for decades, let help you foster the next generation of workplace environments with the X, Y and Z’s of HR practices.



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