We’ve blogged about different businesses and apps in the #GenXYZ community, so this week, we wanted to dive into the part that comes before the business: side projects!

Usually practiced outside of your day job, side projects are a great way to explore an interest, grow creatively, and fail without risks. But even with all of these benefits, so many side projects don’t end up crossing the finish line because of the lack of time or helping hands.

That’s where this week’s #WebsiteWednesday comes in. is a community that helps you find fellow sideprojecteers to collaborate with on your latest app, website, or business idea. (Australia)


Built on the Slack messaging platform, is an online community for anyone who wants to be involved in tech projects. It’s a dynamic hub to bounce around ideas, get involved in projects, seek feedback on prototypes, or even promote your final product.

Meta funfact: is itself a side project of Hyper, an Australian app development company that caters towards startups.

If you’re working on any side projects, we’d love to hear about them. Tweet at @xyz to share!

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