Socian.xyzGoDaddy customer (Bangladesh)

One of the most important things a business can do is to establish a strong online presence. That means having a memorable domain name relating to your target audience, a well-designed website, but it also requires developing a strong social media presence and actively posting engaging content. That’s why this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is giving you a tool to both manage and improve your social:

Socian_Home, a clever combination of the words “social” and “analytics”, is a social media analytics platform based out of Bangladesh that aggregates all of a business’ data in one place. Socian’s platform allows businesses to track the performance of keywords, hashtags, identify leads based on these tags, and even to identify the top influencers within a company. Socian also alerts you when a business you are tracking is mentioned in the press.

In addition to these features, Socian provides robust comparison tools. Businesses can compare their social media accounts to any company of their choosing, or even their industry as a whole, to gather intelligence and improve their own social media presence.

“We believe that .xyz will define the future and .xyz will be the most widely used domain. So if you are thinking about a smart company which is technology related, then .xyz will be the best choice for your domain.” – Tanvir Sourov, Co-Founder & CEO

Socian has ambitious goals and aims to have over 500 clients by the end of 2017. They make it easier for businesses to connect with their users in a meaningful way by providing them with hard action-oriented data. Socian understands the importance of a strong online presence, so to market their own product they chose the extension that is recognized internationally – .xyz.

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