Think you can register the best .COM or .XYZ domain name? And win $1,000 while you’re at it? Then take The Challenge!

Go hand-register the best domains you can find and submit your entries on the official contest site at

Submit your entry, along with a short survey, and you’ll enter your chance to win $1,000!

Since there is one .XYZ and one .COM domain winner for each entry period, your chances of winning are the same, regardless of which domain extension you pick.

What’s considered a “good” domain?

A lot goes into finding a good domain. For The Challenge, a domain industry expert will select the person who’s most skilled at finding that great, available domain. So what is the expert judge looking for in your domain? Here’s exactly what:

Size matters. A concise, one or two word domain almost always beats out a five or six word domain.

Your domain is your online brand. Can you say the domain to a stranger and they’ll remember it?

Does your domain identify what you’re using it for? Does your domain include dictionary words without any typos? Will it pass the radio test?

The judging criteria are described further in the Official Contest Rules.

When will the winners be announced?

On August 10th and September 7th, will announce one winner for the best .XYZ and one winner for the best .COM domain submitted during the applicable entry periods.

You can even enter more than one .XYZ and/or .COM domain. Just submit each one individually.

Are you ready for The Challenge, #GenXYZ? Get your creative domain juices flowing and let’s see what you got!


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