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It’s an exciting time in the world of sports! College Basketball is down to the Final 4 and we’re all eager to see who will duke it out for the championship. However, sometimes what athletes are wearing is even bigger news than the game itself – who remembers #CamNewtonsCleats or #SoleWatch during the NBA All Star-Weekend? These players are the driving force behind a billion dollar apparel industry and fuel the growing “Sneakerhead” community. This brings us to our #WebsiteWednesday this week:

throne is a peer-to-peer marketplace that creates a centralized commerce experience for sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts. With over 300,000 users and over a million dollars worth of merchandise, their site and mobile app facilitates buying, selling, news, and discovery of the latest trends. has also launched a daily editorial, creating a platform that ties commerce to original content. Users can easily stay up-to-date on fashion, tech and lifestyle trends.With the rising popularity of sneakers and streetwear in today’s pop culture, there is high demand for a solution to the many challenges buyers in this industry face. With their comprehensive, modern user experience, it’s no surprise’s mobile app has been ranked among the Top 50 sports-related apps. Plus, they’ve made themselves extremely easy to find by creating a consistent, branded username across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: THRONExyz.

“The buying, the selling, and the discovery are centralizing the community that currently is really fragmented across all these different channels and mediums. When we centralize it, it allows for it to be a more fulfilling experience for the users because they can discover new content, new designers, new accessories and things that complement the sneaker and the streetwear that they’re already own,” – Emeka Anan, Founder of is yet another great example of a .xyz website at the heart of innovation and creativity, bringing together a community of tastemakers….one pair of kicks at a time.

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