Election season excitement is back here in the US. But did you know? Even with all the media coverage and political chatter, last national election saw the lowest voter turnout in 72 years!

Hunter Scarborough wants to solve this issue of low voter turnout with his Tinder-meets-politics app called Voter. At his previous job, he was working 12-14 hour days and didn’t have time to research quality news to make an informed vote. To help the rest of us busy Americans, he looked to technology to develop an app that would allow us to quickly (and enjoyably) make informed decisions.  

Team XYZ recently had the opportunity to meet Hunter at our SoCal Domainers Meetup where he told us the backstory to Voter. It must’ve been fate that brought us together, because he was in the midst of the transition from to!

New to the #GenXYZ family, Hunter let us pick his brain about his new company.

Voter.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)


Team XYZ: Your app, Voter, is said to be the Tinder for politics. What was your inspiration for the app?

Hunter: During the 2012 presidential race, I became frustrated by how difficult it was to find political news sources I could trust. I wasn’t going to vote based on a soundbite from an uncle or a news anchor, and the only alternative was time consuming personal research.

I thought there had to be a way to leverage technology to give me confidence in who I was voting for.

Looking at the wealth of raw political data becoming available, I developed the concept for Voter, essentially online dating, for politics :) In order to keep things fast-paced and engaging on a topic that is usually anything but, we applied a tinder-style UI, where users simply swipe cards to indicate their positions on political issues.

X: Since your product is a mobile app, why did you create a website for it?

H: We felt it was important to have a hub, where users and potential users can go to get information about Voter, where they can download it, and how it works. We are planning to expand the site into an online version of the mobile app, giving the Voter platform broader accessibility. 

X: Your site was previously but you recently made the switch to How did you decide on the switch?

H: Switching to .xyz was a no-brainer, especially after Google’s decision to put Alphabet on .xyz. is more concise, flows better, and has three important implications which help convey the company’s message:

  1. We cover everything under the umbrella of voting, from x, to y, to z.
  2. We use algorithms and objective, numerical data to find voters their ideal candidate. Xyz fits well in supporting our mathematical solution to voting information.
  3. Our target demographics are millennials and younger voters, specifically generations x, y, and z, which makes the new domain all the more relevant for us.

X: How do you think your .xyz domain will resonate with your audience?

H: I think it will resonate exceptionally well, especially considering recent .xyz press such as (HBO’s Silicon Valley) and Google’s new parent company, Alphabet.

X: Anything else you’d like to share with #GenXYZ?

H: We are big fans of .xyz, and are proud to be using the domain :) Greatly enjoyed meeting Daniel and the XYZ team last month!

Check out the newly released Voter promo video:

And that’s it from us! Don’t forget to download Hunter’s app at and find your political match.

Do you know who you’ll be voting for this season? Send us a tweet at @XYZ!

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