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Just 3 months ago, we met Hunter Scarborough at a local event called the SoCal Domainers Meetup. This name might ring a bell for several #GenXYZ readers, because Hunter is the CEO of a recent #WebsiteWednesday, – also known as the matchmaking app for politics.

Since featuring this next generation app on our #WebsiteWednesday – which launched in September this year – Voter has gone off to quickly gain 30,000 users and caught the attention of huge publications like TechCrunch, Fast Company, and the Daily Dot.

Voter Is Tinder For Politics TechCrunch

We couldn’t help but highlight these accomplishments by and Hunter – a young and ambitious CEO at only 24 years old – with a #WebsiteWednesday to congratulate and wish them even greater success to come!

With their Android version launching in February, the Voter team has a lot to look forward to. Catch up with all of the latest Voter news in the publications listed right above, and don’t forget to download the free app yourselves. Who knows – you just might meet your perfect political candidate match today.

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