Artists, inventors, writers, sculptors, photographers and composers are the people who move us and open our horizons to experience the world from a fresh perspective. Leonardo da Vinci, Annie Leibovitz, Duke Ellington, Andy Warhol, Sidney Poitier, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Billie Holiday and thousands of originators have brought us to our knees in awe, lifted our spirits with their melodies, and deepened our understanding of humanity through their works. These originators continue to inspire other brilliant individuals to pursue their dreams and to inspire the next generation of creatives.

In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we highlight brilliant artists from #GenXYZ, a couple of whom express why they chose to use a .xyz domain to share their creativity.
United States I GoDaddy


Get ready to be visually WOWed with Patrick McHugh’s artwork portfolio at Patrick uses his .xyz as the online home for his stunning work in art, music, photography and poetry. More importantly, Patrick uses his .xyz to “express his own love of the creative process, and share that with you.” We can’t wait to see what other forms of art you explore, Patrick.
United Kingdom I 123 Reg


Field of Play is the collective imagination and creation of Julie Kim. She says, “Design begins by asking ‘what matters and why?’ It is a process of seeking the right questions to unlock energising visions.” These visions are brought to life through her combination of code, art and ingenuity, resulting in visually stunning and insightful pieces. It’s easy to spend moments and hours perusing her digital installations. Keep up the beautiful work Julie!

“With my graphic design practice name being ‘Field of Play’, I chose the domain .xyz to reflect the dimension, depth and playful sphere that my work inhabits… each project passing through different X Y Z coordinates. For me a field is a very three dimensional space. As someone engaged in typographic experimentation I also enjoy the typographic connotations to the domain. Not ABC which hint more at learning the alphabet but XYZ. I also wanted a more quirky feel than any other domains. Less, corporate but also having lived my life equally across three different continents I didn’t want the domain tied to a country or city.” – Julie Kim, Founder and Creator of
United States I Tucows


How does one create pieces in an intersectional realm? You’ll find your answer at, where Ann Liu uses her .xyz to connect the dots between language, metaphors, homophone, and the current social landscape. Her distinctive artwork includes a variety of mediums including, installations, videos, graphic designs, comics, illustrations, urban art, and even GIFs. Way to take your .xyz website to hold the X, Y and Z’s of your atelier, Anne!
France I Network Solutions


Charles Leval is a French artist who uses a wide range of mediums to express his work. He has exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona, Penang, Berlin, Montreal, and Singapore, to name a few. His outdoor and indoor murals will cause you to look again and again at the inventive placement and story being told in the imagery absorbed into the city landscape.

“I choose .xyz because it’s fresh, young and unusual. I think .xyz is perfect for a young artist like me because it fits with the virtual identity I want to create, it sounds good and it’s easy to remember.” – Charles Leval, Artist and Creator of

#GenXYZ, thank you for inspiring us through your creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship!

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