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One of the best ways to feel greater satisfaction from working on your creative passion projects or hobbies is to share your work with others through a personal website. Even if you have many varied interests and skills, you can increase the joy you get from what you are most passionate about by creating a website dedicated to it. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, is the perfect inspiration for building a website that shows off your work and brings you closer to your passion.

Zachary Kemper is an LA-based photographer, filmmaker, and actor who uses his portfolio website to share his photography work. Zachary’s journey as an artist began with acting. He studied theatre at Los Angeles County High School and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. He also wrote and starred in “A Song for your Mixtape“, a short film about confronting difficult mental health issues as an LGBTQ+ youth. It went on to receive over 100,000 views, recognition as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and a screening in the Boys Short Program at Outfest. Now as a sociology major at University of California Irvine, Zachary’s interest in people and personalities guides his art and the expressive way he portrays humanity and relationships in his photos.

The area Zachary explores most often in his photography work is the ability of our physical bodies. His interest in sociology and human behavior is apparent in the overall style and feel that his photos convey. He favors shooting his subjects in creative, visually striking, and sometimes vulnerable situations. His photos are often compelling scenes depicting subjects’ bodies in motion. He rarely chooses to show someone in a photo simply standing or facing the camera without doing something else that is eye-catching and unique. This stylistic choice is another way Zachary’s sociology studies appear to influence his art. Some of Zachary’s most stunning work shows subjects seemingly defying gravity by floating, standing upside down, or even balancing their entire body on one arm. By centering the viewer’s attention on a human body in extreme motion, Zachary gets them to explore their own concept of what is possible for a human to do.

Zachary says he chose photography as his primary form of creative expression because he “feel(s) most in control of the work I create, which fulfills me more than any other form of art I have ever practiced.” That fulfilling artistic work seems to draw inspiration from his time spent acting, as evidenced by the photos featured on his website. Zachary’s site features vivid headshots and introspective yet revealing self-portraits that one could easily imagine seeing in a magazine promoting his appearance in a film. Zachary’s work bears a cinematic quality, as well. For example, some of his photos seem as if they are stills taken on the set of a movie in the process of filming.

Zachary recently showed his acting skills in his first feature film, “Hollow Bedroom,” which is currently in production. Though he focuses his website on his photography work, his decision to list his achievements in theatre and filmmaking in the About section helps his website visitors get a full picture of his creative inspiration. It also shows his many talents while not distracting from the photographs which are the main focus of his website.

Zachary is still early on in his career, but his art is already making waves. His photography work garnered him a profile from Los Angeles city guide magazine VoyageLA. While he is pursuing his sociology degree he plans to continue to express his artistic creativity through his photography. He is currently working as a freelance photographer, and wisely shares his portfolio link in his Instagram bio so that he can promote his work to potential collaborators, employers, and fans.

Zachary uses his personal website to exhibit his photography work and share the passion he has for it with others. As he continues to grow his career and his personal brand, his memorable .xyz domain is ready to grow with him. Whatever your passion or hobby is, sharing it with others through your own website creates a closer connection with that hobby and gives you the freedom to display your work in the way you like.

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