Ian Clark conquers Mount Kilimanjaro

In our last post, we mentioned how Team XYZ was everywhere. Whether it’s on your TV, at SXSW in Austin, or in one of the biggest news publications in China, it was hard to miss us. And to top it all off, did you know we were also at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro? Representing… Read More

"I love your passion and the fact you are out promoting your extension. That puts you above 99% of the rest." -Chris

".XYZ is the PERFECT extension for Domaining!" -MainDomains

".xyz is actually more generic than most others and i find it more ergonomically pleasing to type" -Vincent

"The good thing about XYZ is that it is generic and unlike many new TLDs it works with pretty much any keyword." -Leonard

"I personally like the pure generic nature of .XYZ and the fact that it comes with no pretense and no expectations." -Andrew

"Now with .xyz you have novel and fun approach to becoming popular with a very important demographic of internet users, 15 to 30." -Jeff