Discover Parisian street art at

This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is extra special – you might have already even spotted this amazing artist and website yourself! Last week, CNET’s Stephen Shankland tweeted his .xyz discovery in the wild: First .xyz domain I found in the wild without looking for it: Artist Charles Levalet. Fantastic street art in Paris. — Stephen Shankland… Read More

"I love your passion and the fact you are out promoting your extension. That puts you above 99% of the rest." -Chris

".XYZ is the PERFECT extension for Domaining!" -MainDomains

".xyz is actually more generic than most others and i find it more ergonomically pleasing to type" -Vincent

"The good thing about XYZ is that it is generic and unlike many new TLDs it works with pretty much any keyword." -Leonard

"I personally like the pure generic nature of .XYZ and the fact that it comes with no pretense and no expectations." -Andrew

"Now with .xyz you have novel and fun approach to becoming popular with a very important demographic of internet users, 15 to 30." -Jeff