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Skilled musicians are using .xyz to develop online hubs and showcase their music. Rapper Ken Carson uses  to highlight his music, tour dates, merchandise, and more. Musical artist Talia Goddess uses to share her music, videos, and merchandise. Indie pop duo Cafuné uses to showcase their music and videos. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a collective of artists and musicians built by musician and notable entrepreneur Ashutosh Desai: is an online hub for the Studio Collective, a community of musicians and visual artists based in San Francisco, California, and brought together by musician and entrepreneur Ashutosh Desai, who uses the stage name Tōsh. Launched in 2021, the Studio Collective has performed live at various clubs all over San Francisco, produced an album of live concert recordings called Introspect, and held a showcase event combining music, food, and visual art.

Beginning his career as a mobile app developer while still in his teens, Ashutosh co-founded Make School, a coding academy, 1to help young people from underrepresented backgrounds launch careers in the tech industry. He then dedicated a year to serving as a visiting partner at startup accelerator Y Combinator, where he immersed himself in studying the traits that distinguish exceptional founders and organizations across various industries and geographies. Ashutosh was in his late twenties before music became a much bigger part of his life. Inspired by the music he heard in clubs and other venues in San Francisco and New York City, Ashutosh immersed himself in music theory and production, which led to DJing gigs in San Francisco and Burning Man clubs around the world. In 2019 he transitioned from DJing to producing and performing live electronic music. As a successful entrepreneur, Ashutosh also operates a business dedicated to coaching “founders of impact-oriented startups and nonprofits,” which he showcases on, his personal website.

Live performances, a live album, monthly meetups, and more

As highlighted on the Collective page, the goal of the Studio Collective is to “foster a diverse community of producers and instrumentalists, with an emphasis on exceptional sound quality and musicianship.” One of the group’s earliest offerings was a monthly dance party featuring house and techno music called Thursday Therapy. Held at a San Francisco venue called F8, these events were livestreamed for those who were still under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the city reopened in June 2021, the Studio Collective started to perform live sets of experimental, improvised music aimed at getting people dancing. You can access videos of these sets at

The Studio Collective also created an experimental live album called Introspect. Released on vinyl in Fall 2023 under the Studio Collective’s label SC001, the album is comprised of live recordings from several Burning Man events, featuring music performed by Tōsh and guitarist Nicholas Paul. includes an embedded player featuring the full album, which the group makes available for free “in the spirit of decommodification.” The website also features a description of the album’s concept, album art, and photos from the live events.

Additionally, the Studio Collective has held a series of monthly meetups aimed at helping instrumental musicians and producers improve their craft. Each meetup featured a live interview with a guest musician, followed by a live music performance and social gathering.

One online location for a diverse array of projects

The Studio Collective is an umbrella brand for a wide array of music, musicians, projects and events. provides a single, convenient online location for displaying the full breadth of what the Studio Collective is and does. Visitors to can not only get a taste of San Francisco’s electronic music scene but also be a part of a collective that celebrates exploration, improvisation, community, diversity, and music through technology. Additionally, Studio Collective has registered, a domain that redirects to their primary website, This strategic move to utilize the concise and catchy domain aligns perfectly with the trend of memorable, minimalist .xyz domains. For visitors seeking a swift and straightforward way to navigate to their site, especially when on mobile devices and seeking quick access, typing into their browser offers an efficient shortcut directly to Studio Collective’s online presence. Moreover, Studio Collective cleverly uses as a link shortener. Ashutosh links in his personal Instagram bio as a short link to the Tōsh profile page. You can learn more about the collective by joining the Discord, following them on Instagram, and by visiting


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