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The .xyz community is a vibrant hub for generative artists and generative art-focused platforms. Skilled creative Lisa Orth displays her generative artwork on Generative art project turns voices like’s into unique gemstone sculptures. Ethereum-based platform helps you create and share generative art. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a Barcelona-based museum aimed at bridging art and technology:

Bridging art and technology: The evolution of TGAM is the online home of Barcelona-based The Generative Art Museum (TGAM). Established in 2020, TGAM represents a convergence of technology and art through the lens of generative art forms. Originating from a collective of engineers who stumbled upon the potential of creative coding during project development, TGAM embodies the shared enthusiasm for blending the intricate worlds of art and technology. This non-profit organization is dedicated to exploring, promoting, and advancing the understanding and appreciation of generative art. It offers a platform for artists to exhibit works that bridge mathematics, computer science, and traditional artistic practices, showcasing the over five-decade-long history of generative art. TGAM’s mission is not only to present generative art to a broader audience but also to highlight its legitimacy and respect as an innovative form of artistic expression.TGAM’s inaugural exhibition, Issue #01: For the Love of Art, launched in December 2021, featuring artists like Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez and Ismahelio. Since then, TGAM has welcomed numerous artists, including Zancan and Zach Lieberman, exploring various generative art styles and concepts. In March 2024, TGAM announced that they were selected to exhibit during the renowned Sónar Festival in Barcelona, held on June 13-15, 2024. 1This forum serves as a melting pot of creative technology and innovative art, where TGAM will showcase its contributions alongside AI-generated visuals and experimental video games.2

TGAM’s leap into the physical world

In 2023, The Generative Art Museum (TGAM) ventured into the physical realm with Responsive Dreams, 3its premiere solo exhibition in Barcelona. This event featured original artworks by six international artists: Andy Duboc, Santiago, Shaderism, lilcode, Udit Mahajan, and Pawel Dudko, each bringing their distinctive approach to generative art. Held at Nau Bostik, Responsive Dreams not only displayed the innovative potential of art created by code but also encouraged interactive engagement between the artworks and the audience, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of this dynamic art form.

Founder Xavier Hernández: Fusing technology and art

TGAM founder Xavier Hernández is also a Senior Product Owner at prado, a web application supporting a wide range of NFTs across various blockchains. His work for prado reflects TGAM’s commitment to innovation and its embracement of digital art forms. Xavier’s role emphasizes customer-centric product development, underscoring the museum’s focus on creating engaging and meaningful experiences for visitors.

.XYZ: A Domain choice reflecting TGAM’s futuristic vision

Choosing a .xyz domain like for The Generative Art Museum’s website offers a modern, versatile web address that aligns with TGAM’s innovative spirit. The .xyz domain is popular for its appeal to a diverse, global audience, embodying a sense of creativity and inclusivity. This domain choice reflects TGAM’s commitment to breaking traditional boundaries, reaching a broader demographic, and emphasizing its position at the intersection of art, technology, and the future. It’s a fitting symbol for an organization that exists both virtually and in the physical world, appealing to a generation that values the blend of these realms. Additionally, opting for the .xyz domain not only mirrors The Generative Art Museum’s (TGAM) innovative spirit but also helped them to secure the branded handle @tgamxyz on X/Twitter. This strategic choice enhances TGAM’s online presence, ensuring brand consistency where it matters most. You can learn more by following the museum on YouTube, LinkedIn and X/Twitter @tgamxyz, and by visiting


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