Renewal sale! $6.99 to renew .xyz domains early or register new .xyz domains for 2 years!

XYZ will donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for every .xyz domain that is registered for 2 years or renewed for one year*

XYZ cares – we say NO to abuse

If you have been the victim of any form of online abuse involving an .xyz domain, please fill out the form below. Our abuse team has a zero tolerance policy for any of the items below:

  • Unsolicited email marketing (spam)
  • Malware
  • Phishing sites (attempts to hijack your personal and/or financial data)
  • Other illegal activities

Our abuse team will review each case and take the appropriate action. Please include the required proofs into your submission, as we will not be able to tackle requests which lack the supporting evidence.

Open New Ticket

(Allowed File Extensions: .jpg, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .csv, .txt, .xlsx, .pdf)

Spam Bot Verification

Multiple abuse cases

If you wish to report multiple domains or instances of abuse, please email, with all appropriate information and proof (screenshots, headers etc. depending on the abuse category)

*Renewals not resulting from the 4-year anniversary .xyz sale not included. Premium names (including 1.111B names) not included. Participating registrars only (including Names from some other participating registrars lead to donations to Tsinghua x-lab instead of the EFF. All donations made by XYZ.COM LLC. EFF logo is a trademark of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which does not endorse this sale.