1.111B Class Search

The first-of-its-kind segment of domain names

Use the search tool below to innovate on the affordable class of .xyz domains made up of 1.111 billion possible 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric combinations, between ‘000000.xyz’ through ‘999999999.xyz,’ now 99¢ per year, every year.

1.111B Class domains are ideal as an affordable platform for Internet of Things device connectivity, vanity identification, digital currencies, and any other creative uses #GenXYZ can think of. Visit our Premiums page for more search tools

Suggested Use Example
App testing 0000001.xyz
VoIP number 9998422.xyz
Dates 06022017.xyz
Sequential blocks to pair with serial numbers 12300000.xyz – 12399999.xyz