WHOIS protection for your .xyz domain

Privacy lock

.xyz supports your privacy

When you register your shiny new .xyz domain name, your domain registrar asks you to provide a lot of personal information like your full name, physical address, email address, and phone number. Just like any other domain extension, this information is listed in public WHOIS records.

Don’t want your personal information public?

Great news! Opt-in for WHOIS Privacy Protection when registering your .xyz domain to keep your information extra safe from solicitors and spam. Most, but not all, registrars provide WHOIS Privacy Protection to their customers. Some offer this as a complimentary service, while others may charge a small annual fee. Contact your domain registrar for more details.

Want to check your WHOIS record? Visit whois.nic.xyz.

Unprotected Registrant Contact Record


John Doe
1234 XYZ Street
Your Real City, CA 98765
Phone: +1.3105555555
Email: [email protected]

WHOIS Privacy Registrant Contact Record


Registrar Private Customer
1234 Registrar Street
Registrar Town, State 12345
Phone: +1.8005555555
Email: MyDomain.xyz@WHOISPrivacy.xyz