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The .xyz community is home to investment firms focused on web3 technologies. Early-stage venture firm invests in foundational technologies that support decentralized businesses. San Francisco-based investment firm backs teams building generational companies and products in crypto across sectors and stages. Prominent venture capital firm expanded its investment focus to include crypto, blockchain, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 VC firm from prominent venture capitalist Amit Mukherjee: is the online home of Chainforest, a web3 venture capital (VC) firm supported by the Chainforest DAO and a community of web3 enthusiasts. The firm was launched in October 2022 and founded by Amit Mukherjee, a former partner at the global VC firm NEA and a distinguished Forbes 30 Under 30 alum.1 In August 2023, Amit also assumed the role of an operating partner at the early-stage venture capital fund Village Global.2

The evolution of VC: Chainforest DAO’s decentralized vision 

The Chainforest DAO, launched in October 2022, represents a pioneering shift from traditional VC firms. Defined simply, a DAO is a community-run organization where decisions are made collectively without a centralized authority. Unlike traditional VC firms, Chainforest DAO opened its doors to the public, allowing anyone with an interest in web3 to apply for membership. This inclusive approach helps develop a diverse and vibrant community. The Chainforest DAO consists of full-time web3 operators hailing from blockchain organizations such as Polygon, Solana Foundation, Ava Labs, Consensus, and Poolsuite. The varied array of talent enhances the strength and expertise of the Chainforest ecosystem.3 These members, known as Rainmakers, actively drive the DAO’s mission, leveraging collective resources for mutual growth and benefit. They also have the opportunity to support Chaiforest’s VC fund and earn the $RAINDROP token by contributing to investment initiatives. The culmination of this talent and collaborative spirit fortifies the Chainforest ecosystem’s strength and expertise

Partnership with SuperLayer venture studio

As shared on, their fund benefits from a partnership and co-incubation with SuperLayer, a venture studio led by Kevin Chou and Mahesh Vellanki. Kevin and Mahesh are the founders of Forte, a web3 gaming platform. This collaboration involves Kevin and Mahesh sharing their related web3 knowledge and network, derived from their successes in gaming and social sectors. Through this partnership, Chainforest has access to a range of SuperLayer resources encompassing marketing, product development, HR, and more. Embracing globally recognized web3-friendly domains

Chainforest chose a unique and memorable brand name, and their globally recognized .xyz domain puts them in a community full of web3-focused trailblazers. makes it easy for those interested in keeping up with them via their website or branded social media. They have secured @Chainforestxyz on Twitter. This makes them easy to find, and promotes their website URL right in their social media handle.

By democratizing access to venture capital through its inclusive DAO structure, Chainforest aims to influence the web3 investment landscape and foster innovation within the community. We are inspired by their interest in community-driven investment models, and look forward to more developments. You can gain more insight by subscribing to Chainforest’s newsletter on publishing platform Substack, where every week they share information on upcoming events, member accomplishments, and a round-up of the most exciting happenings in their Discord. You can learn more by following the firm on LinkedIn and Twitter @Chainforestxyz, joining the Discord, and by visiting

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Font creators, typeface designers, and branding specialists are using .xyz domains to showcase their work. Microsoft Creative Director Alexis Copeland uses to highlight her design projects. Branding and web design business promotes a unique specialty in craft beer marketing. Germany-based type design practice shares unique fonts for a global audience. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to the Los Angeles-based type foundry and design practice of Benjamin Woodlock:

Abstract Office is Benjamin Woodlock’s independent type foundry is the online home of Abstract Office, an independent foundry from designer and educator Benjamin Woodlock. The foundry produces digital typefaces for use across media, and collaborates on designs ranging from custom typefaces and branding, to motion and editorial projects. Benjamin is a Creative Director at Elastic, a design studio in Santa Monica, specializing in typography and branding. He also teaches at the California Institute of the Arts. Benjamin leads the design and development of media projects at Elastic. This includes crafting logos and custom typefaces for Amazon Prime’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” and the art direction for the title and graphics featured in Warner Brothers’ “Joker” trailer. offers 4 typefaces for sale – Safety Gothic, Reynaldo, Anomique, and McBean. Each of these typefaces features various styles, or thicknesses, ranging from light to black. Benjamin makes trial fonts available, which are versions of his typefaces with limited character sets of A-Z, a-z, and 0-9. Visitors can download trial fonts for testing purposes by selecting the “TRY” call-to-action (CTA) button, and must agree to license the full version of the font for any commercial use. To buy the full set, visitors can select the “BUY” CTA and then add the full bundle or a specific font size to their cart.

Streamlining user support with the Questions page on 

Benjamin incorporates a Questions page on, which offers several practical benefits. It provides quick answers to common questions, improving user experience and reducing support inquiries. He addresses various topics that visitors may have questions about, such as font licensing and font file delivery. For licensing inquiries, Benjamin explains that a single license covers multiple uses across print, web, app, and broadcast graphics, offering flexibility with three available license sizes. Regarding font file delivery, he explains that fonts are sent via email as a downloadable .zip file, which remains accessible for 24 hours upon receipt. If there are download issues, users can contact him for a new download link.

Easy contact via’s contact form and branded email encourages inquiries from visitors. You can reach out by visiting the Contact page and filling out the contact form. Located in the footer of each web page, you can also find the type foundry’s branded email address [email protected]. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, visitors can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact. Sharing your branded email address and including contact pages on your website can help improve the user experience by making it simple to get in touch with you.

Words from Benjamin Woodlock, founder of Abstract Office 

We spoke with Benjamin about his decision to build Abstract Office’s website on .xyz. As he explained, “We felt .xyz was the perfect suffix for Abstract Office’s domain, as a memorable address that describes the scope of our foundry business.” We are proud to have Benjamin among the thriving .xyz community of designers, creators, and makers. To learn more about Benjamin and his design practice, you can follow along on Instagram and visit

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Pioneers and proponents of artificial intelligence are using .xyz domains to help promote the possibilities of AI. Media platform shares art and interviews spotlighting the pioneers of artificial intelligence. Generative AI startup aims to increase accessibility with open-source models and services. AI platform is focused on helping foster accessibility in the field of artificial intelligence. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to the online hub of a podcast aimed at exploring the latest use cases and developments in AI:

Edge of AI, a podcast exploring the developing field of artificial intelligence is the online hub of the Edge of AI podcast, a series introduced in August 2023 focused on the developing field of artificial intelligence. Edge of AI is presented by The Edge Of Company (, “a technology media, event, and advisory venture dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential.”1 produces podcasts and events that explore web3, technology, and culture with an aim of fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration.2 Their inaugural podcast series, Edge of NFT3, is focused on web3 and blockchain pioneers.

The hosting team of Edge of AI

Edge of AI boasts a distinguished lineup of hosts, with Ron Levy at the forefront. Ron is the co-founder and CEO of The Crypto Company (TCC), a publicly traded web3 company, and the chairman of the Blockchain Training Alliance, a blockchain education firm.4 Joining Ron are the co-founders of The Edge of Company, Eathan Janney and Joshua Kriger. Eathan is a self-described “polymath in arts, sciences and entrepreneurship.” He earned a PhD in neuroscience after initially pursuing a music education. He also serves as the CEO of Piano Technicians Masterclasses, a series of interactive virtual piano training seminars. Meanwhile, Joshua Kriger is a co-founder and partner at MainChain Ventures, a team of strategic advisors that leverage entrepreneurial experience to help guide companies to success.

Exploring A comprehensive hub for episode descriptions, creator directories, and more provides a centralized platform for accessing various resources and information about web3. The website features pages dedicated to episode descriptions with key takeaways and notable quotes, a directory of creators and guests, and a Subscribe page that shares links to various listening platforms and the option to subscribe by RSS feed. The podcast aims to feature engaging discussions with AI trailblazers and provide insights into the impact and implications of AI in various industries. By exploring the intersection of technology, enterprise, culture, and AI, the Edge Of AI podcast aims to demystify the complexities and advancements of AI. The Episodes page lists each podcast episode, detailing information about the hosts, guests, synopsis, and notable quotes. This comprehensive approach allows listeners to quickly find, review, and listen to their favorite episodes.

Explore Ep. #1 – AI’s Journey: From Object Recognition to Artistic Appreciation. In this episode, host Eathan Janney has a conversation with Dr. David G. Stork, a scientist and author in the field of machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. The conversation delves into AI’s role in art analysis, highlighting the balance between using computer capabilities and enhancing personal skills. You can also check out Ep. #2 – Mastering Midjourney with Galen Oakes Of Future Factory, hosted by Ron Levy. In this episode, Ron speaks with guest Galen Oakes, Creative Director at web3 community platform, who embraces AI’s potential in art creation and discusses its impact on the world. Interested listeners can tune in using platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music, or listen directly on

The benefits of an online hub for your podcast like

An online hub like can serve as a valuable resource for promoting your podcast effectively. By choosing a distinctive domain name, you have the opportunity to reach a global audience across various podcast platforms. Launching a website like can help you consolidate your audience in one centralized digital space, offering direct access to all streaming platforms where listeners can discover your content. In addition, a dedicated website can enhance awareness and engagement by offering a comprehensive hub of your podcast and related services, catering to both your existing audience and potential newcomers. We are inspired by the Edge of AI podcast and their interest in sharing insights from the pioneers of developing technologies. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting You can learn more about The Edge Of Company by visiting

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Innovators utilize .xyz domains in the realm of digital assets, NFTs, and the blockchain ecosystem. NFT payment solution is focused on swift NFT purchases with a credit card. NFT platform aims to revolutionize the way brands interact with and retain their customers. Collectible trading card platform offers buying, selling, storing, and borrowing options. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a blockchain protocol geared towards NFT appraisals and streamlining NFT market operations: Blockchain protocol for NFT appraisals is the online home of Upshot, a platform that provides real-time NFT appraisals using advanced machine learning models. Upshot enables end users to explore and understand the value of NFTs while facilitating integration with DeFi and NFT applications. The New York-based company uses machine learning algorithms to develop a system for NFT appraisals, which serves as the foundation for its broader suite of tools. Upshot’s tools are designed to streamline NFT market operations, encompassing areas including NFT lending, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and indexes. Upshot aims to contribute to the evolving landscape of digital assets and the broader NFT market. In June 2023, Upshot announced “Upshot Indexes,” a feature assisting investors in tracking NFT market performance.1

Upshot Indexes: Valuing assets by their market cap 

Upshot Indexes” is a feature that helps NFT projects use Upshot’s API more effectively. Through this feature, project creators can create financial solutions based on indexes. Like traditional financial indexes, these allow users to monitor a group of assets, such as NFTs. Upshot Indexes employ a method that values assets by their market cap, which comes from Upshot’s machine learning NFT evaluations.2

GMI: Upshot’s wallet grading index

Another notable Upshot solution is the “GMI,” or the wallet grading index. This tool serves as a metric for newcomers and seasoned investors, and is designed to track influential NFT investors. Upshot also offers an updated alerts feature, which is geared towards providing real-time updates on various activities in the NFT market, such as changes in the minimum price of NFTs and significant investments. In volatile market situations, GMI, in tandem with the alerts, is designed to help users make informed trading decisions.

Meet Nick Emmons, Upshot CEO

Nick Emmons, co-founder and CEO of Upshot, previously held the position of Lead Blockchain Engineer at insurance provider John Hancock. Within the company’s LOFT (Lab of Forward Thinking), Nick oversaw blockchain projects, forged tech and finance partnerships, and collaborated with executive leadership on blockchain integration. In a 2021 interview, Nick explained his interest in providing security and trust for NFTs. “The ability to reprice these assets and have this constantly updating notion of what these things are worth becomes increasingly important. With marketplaces like OpenSea, as I’m scrolling through, it creates a chilling effect to have this looming notion of doubt or fear that I’m overpaying for something. Or when a time when it comes time to sell something, not knowing what price to list it at or if I’m selling it at the right price.”3 – a next generation domain name that stands out in the crowd

Upshot is harnessing the potential of the .xyz domain extension as the go-to ending for the next generation of internet users. With a focus on catering to the evolving preferences and interests of the modern digital landscape, .xyz has developed a thriving community of forward-thinking individuals, ranging from AI enthusiasts and web3 pioneers to NFT aficionados. By embracing the .xyz domain, Upshot positions itself as a standout platform in the digital landscape and celebrates the boundless possibilities that it symbolizes.

We are inspired by Upshot’s efforts in blockchain development and are happy to have them in the .xyz community of innovators. You can learn about each of Upshot’s solutions by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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EON.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to forward-thinking innovators aimed at revolutionizing industries. Web3 video platform aims to disrupt the Hollywood studio system of film distribution. Media company creates media for the digital generation, with clients such as McDonald’s and Netflix. Music technology company is aimed at changing the way music and other digital content is valued and distributed. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a retail technology company geared towards optimizing product traceability:

Founder Natasha Franck’s vision: and the revolution in product tracking is the online home of EON, a tech startup focused on revolutionizing commerce and product traceability. Product traceability tracks a product from its origin through the entire supply chain to its final destination: the consumer. This can help confirm a product’s authenticity, make its journey more transparent, and support ethical production. Product traceability can also help address recalls or production problems and protect both consumer and brand image. Natasha Franck founded the company in 2017. She previously worked at Jonathan Rose Companies and Delos, focusing on sustainable urbanism and health-centric designs. She now serves as the CEO of her company. Natasha’s career experiences helped inspire the development of EON. As she explained to luxury women’s brand Altuzarra, “Cities are really systems, and one of my biggest challenges was the fact that products couldn’t be connected or part of that system. This meant they could be wasted or underutilized. That sparked my imagination to say, ‘well, what if every product had an ID and was connected to a system?’ which led to the creation of EON.”1 In February 2022, it was reported that EON secured $10 million in a funding round led by IMAGINARY Ventures. Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter and co-founder of IMAGINARY Ventures, also joined EON’s board.2

Bridging physical products with Digital IDs for sustainability

The New York-based company embeds digital IDs into products, which helps brands track them beyond the point of sale. As stated on, EON enhances product traceability, displays real-time environmental effects, and opens new revenue streams for brands through reuse and recycling. EON’s digital product IDs consist of a physical data carrier, such as a microchip or QR code, and a cloud-based profile where data is stored, aiming to bridge the gap between physical products and their digital identities.

Luxury brands embrace EON’s Digital IDs

Luxury fashion brands including Mulberry, Yoox Net-a-Porter, and Chloé are integrating EON’s digital IDs into their products. These IDs help them track where their products end up and how they are used or recycled. By doing so, these brands can better understand their environmental impact and explore new revenue streams like resale or recycling. Notably, luxury handbag label Coach is also aligning with this movement. In April 2023, they launched a sub-brand called Coachtopia, described as a “collaborative lab for innovation within Coach.”3 Every product is equipped with EON’s Digital IDs and is made from upcycled leather scraps, reflecting their commitment to staying connected with the Gen Z demographic and embracing modern technological solutions.4

The benefits of a short and memorable domain name like

The platform recently upgraded their domain from to the shorter and more memorable A short domain like is easy to remember and spell. In today’s digital landscape, three-letter domain names are increasingly rare, making especially valuable. Whether heard on the radio, a podcast, or during a chat, it’s simple for listeners to recall and type out. Short domain names are also easier to access on mobile devices. You can learn more by following the company on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting

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